16 February 2015

Shadow Garden Blues Book Blitz

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Shadow Garden Blues



91M84a7pmhL._SL1500_Never forget where you came from. I didn’t.

My past ravaged me once. Tortured me a long time. Sleepless nights, a withering soul, horrors. But I endured. I stayed the course, and it almost cost me everything.

So this is my reckoning, flawed perhaps, but I beat back the demons. I lived.

Share my steps as I trudge through knee-deep snow to a stupid day job. Live in a rusted out junk of a car for a summer, with mosquitoes whining in your ear. Walk out of a neighborhood library with me, penniless, except for the stolen donation box under my coat.

Joys, hopes, troubles and sins delivered with such prose you’ll wonder why it took so long to find this book.

And why it took so long to forgive yourself.


Ever feel less than good enough?

Like your life isn’t going as planned?

We all do sometimes.

Come with me as I travel back in the hopes of letting go.

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About the Author


Michael Romeo was born August 12, 1980 at 1:17 a.m.

He grew up. Stuff happened.

He wrote Shadow Garden Blues about some of it.






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