8 February 2014

The Shelf Life of Linda Boulanger

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I am being joined by a stellar group of authors for this celebration! This list reads like a who’s who of authors:

Alison Pensy, Beverly Preston, Carmen DeSousa, Cathy Collar, Darlene Kuncytes, Elodie Parkes, JD Nelson, Jennifer McMurrain, Julia Lake Mills, Kim Cresswell, Lia Fairchild, Michael J Evans, Morgan Kearns, Parris Afton Bonds, Patrick Sipperly, Rachel Rossano, Robert W. Walker, Shawn Inmon, Tiffani Baxter, Kira Sayuri, Marie Knight, and Ursula Gorman!

A special giveaway is being held as well and each other these authors has donated one or more books to make it a wonderful day for Linda, and for you!

Winners have 48 hours to contact roomwithbooks.com@gmail.com

or an alternate winner will be chosen.

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