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Sunborn Rising:

Beneath the Fall

by Aaron Safronoff


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Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall is the best vivid fantasy YA book of the year.”Entrada Publishing


Sunborn Rising Winning Art Work

On a distant world of forests floating on an ocean around a star,

a blight threatens to plunge all life into darkness.

But three friends seek the light.

Together, they will Fall and be lost.

And at the very Root of darkness, they will find themselves.

But will it be enough to help them find their way home?

Characters of Sunborn Rising


The world of Cerulean

Light and water flow from the ocean into the roots of the Great Trees, up through the boughs, and out over the lush canopy. But the once vibrant treescape has grown dim over generations of arboreal life, and the creatures of the forest have forgotten the light.

Barra, a young, willful Listlespur, finds her late father’s hidden journal, and reads about the old world and the mysterious plague her father believed destroyed it. He wrote that he warned the Elders. He urged them to take action. Those were his last words.

Together with her two best friends, Barra will explore every bark, wood, and leaf of the Great Forest to relight her world and complete her father’s story, even if she has to travel beneath the Fall.

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Guest Post

Congratulations, Patricia, on the changes coming to your Room with Books website! I sincerely appreciate your invitation to guest post before you transition to more reviews than tours. Good luck! Okay, let’s get started.

Inspiration is an odd concept. I never seek it out. I don’t know what it would look like if I ever found it. And no one thing has ever been entirely responsible for anything I’ve created. Inspiration is less about “that thing” that inspires, and more about your receptivity to being inspired. While it’s true that an inciting event or sight might affect you tremendously, your insides have to be unlocked and unguarded to experience it. People frequently ask me about my inspirations, and I do my best to answer in a straightforward manner, but having this guest post opportunity, I thought it’d be fun to give a more complete, albeit less straightforward answer: Everything and nothing. From a dust mote hanging just so in a ray of light to firemen rushing headlong into a burning building, on a given day, either could make me weepy — though I’ll never admit to it: *sniff* “Allergies.” On another day, with a syringe full of liquefied emotion plunged straight into my heart, the most effusive response leaving my lips might be, “Ouch.” Hyperbolic maybe, but I think the point is clear. Inspiration depends on me.

External factors definitely matter too, but as collections of moments strung together over time instead of a single instantiating event. Space exploration, rather than walking on the moon. Travelling, instead of that one trip to Germany. So, while stories almost always occur to me as flashes of inspiration, the experiences responsible are varied and numerous, and in that precious flash, they’ve come together in a new way, that I was lucky enough to observe. After all this time of writing, I can unreservedly say that music and stand-up comedy are always close to my heart, and that I’m more open to those forms than any others. I’m listening to Hum, The Very Old Man, right now, and I’m absolutely positive that demarks the end of this post.

Thank you so much for reading, and for indulging in this roundabout explanation. I guess I was inspired. Did anyone see what did it? 😛


Book Trailer


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Sunborn Rising Wins Art Award!

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Meet the Author

Aaron Safronoff 2Aaron Safronoff is author of the Discovery Award winning science fiction novel, Spire. Since his debut, he’s published a sequel, Fallen Spire, and a novella of literary fiction, Evening Breezes.

Safronoff’s diverse background includes the formal study of computer science, bio-chemistry, and culinary arts. However, most of his career has been in the videogame industry in quality, production, and design.

Today, Safronoff is the co-founder and Chief Storyteller of Neoglyphic Entertainment, and is busy writing his fifth novel, the second installment of the Sunborn Rising series.

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  1. Five winners will each receive a signed hardback copy of Sunborn Rising AND a free signed CD of the original musical soundtrack (open to USA only)
  2. One winner will also win a 16’ x 20’ high quality (giclée) printed piece of the original art on canvas, signed by author Aaron Safronoff as well as Christopher Chamberlain the Art Director (valued at $100) – open to USA only
  3. Ten winners will each get a gifted Kindle copy of Sunborn Rising with a $10 Amazon gift card AND a free digital download of the original musical soundtrack (open international)

Giveaway ends Aug 6, 2016.

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