2123: Dawn’s Early Light Cover Reveal @karljmorgan

2123: Dawn’s Early Light

by Karl J. Morgan

I wanted you to be the first to hear about the upcoming release of my new book, 2123: Dawn’s Early Light. It is the third book in the Revolution series. These stories tell the tale of Jack Kennedy, a teenager living in the early twenty-second century, when our country has fallen to pieces when the national debt and corruption in Washington became too much to handle.

We have already seen him facing terrorists and cannibals. The residents of the co-op were eventually forced to abandon their homes and head west. The situation only became worse when they discovered the Orenites, a tribe of cannibals who had taken over Southern California. In the second book, the fight between Jack and the cannibals became personal. Only with the best of luck did he survive his bout with the maniac cannibal leader, Henry Marshall.

Nothing gets better in book three. While the cannibals leave the area, not all have forgotten their vendetta. While Henry’s daughter attempts her revenge, the rest of the cannibals end up running the United States.

To add some extra craziness to the tale, I introduce the Olympians, a city of really old people who live in what had been Seattle. They were primarily scientists and business people, and they managed to create an army of flying sentient robots. Even their help seems unable to stop the final destruction of the farmers from the co-op and the country.

You are the first to see the cover reveal here. I also can send a PDF of the first four chapters if any of you are interested.

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I have spent my whole life inspired by words on paper and the magic of movies. I wrote poetry in my tortured high school days, but that was long ago.

This has been one heck of an adventure for the last few years. I have now published fifteen books, and am always working on more. As well, my stories have been published in two anthologies.

Throughout my stories, I keep my heroes heroic and my villains evil. I hope to make readers happy by letting the good guys come out on top, even though they may face the most horrible circumstances along the way. Using the science fiction and fantasy genres really sets my mind free to create unbelievable situations, life-forms, and new science. Along the way, I try to remind readers of two of my favorite thoughts, which are: while there is life, there is hope; and the universe is a much more magical and mysterious place that we can imagine.

I hope you can join me on this adventure.

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