A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 12 – The Captive @juliebellon @LovingtheBook

The Captive

By Julie Coulter Bellon

Griffin Force, Book 1

Former Navy SEAL Jake Williams is the newly appointed head of a task force assigned to rescue a kidnapped American diplomat. Their only hope is Mya Amari, the daughter of a notorious Algerian hostage negotiator, but she is full of secrets and complications–something Jake takes as a personal challenge. As they grow closer, the threat to the mission escalates and time runs out for the hostages. Can Jake unravel the web of deception to save them all without getting caught in the crossfire?

Mya Amari has been in hiding nearly her entire life to escape her father’s enemies. But when her sister is kidnapped along with an American diplomat, she’ll do anything to bring her home–including walking into the enemy’s lair. She doesn’t trust anyone, especially the too-handsome-for-his-own-good Commander Williams, but when all her careful plans explode out of control, he’s the only one she can turn to with the truth about her family. Is it too little, too late?



Julie Coulter Bellon is the author of more than a dozen romantic suspense novels. Her book All Fall Down won the RONE award for Best Suspense and Pocket Full of Posies won a RONE Honorable Mention for Best Suspense.

Julie loves to travel and her favorite cities she’s visited so far are probably Athens, Paris, Ottawa, and London. She loves to read, write, teach, watch Castle, Hawaii Five-O, and eat Canadian chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

Julie offers writing and publishing tips as well as her take on life on her blog ldswritermom.blogspot.com You can also find out about all her upcoming projects at her website juliebellon.com 

Author Newsletter http://eepurl.com/g48Pz


Facts About the Author:

  1. I will never forget that I am accident prone and shouldn’t go anywhere near a trampoline.
  1. The best thing about writing is all the people I meet.  Most of my books involve law enforcement and I have been lucky to meet several military and law enforcement people that have helped me make my books as authentic as possible.  In order to give back in a small way, I partnered with Operation Care and Comfort and did a Skittles for Soldiers food drive at my book signings.  I collected over 900 lbs of food and hygiene items to send to our troops overseas to let them know that they are never forgotten and always appreciated. 

Connect with the Author:



Snippet #1

“The Admiral listed my background, and I’d like to hear more of yours. Do any of you have any experience overseas?” Jake asked. 

Nate spoke first.  “I served two tours in Afghanistan under Colt before I was promoted to Captain myself.” He jerked his thumb toward Colt. “He’s served four and is the captain of our troop in Joint Task Force 2.”

Colt nodded his head in acknowledgment.  “I believe our troop’s equivalent in JTF2 is a SEAL team.”

Well, at least they’re qualified, Jake thought.  “Mr. Smythe and I have served overseas together in the SEALs, but now he works for the CIA and I’m with Homeland Security.” That summed it up without going into any detail. 

Ryan gave him a sardonic smile. “You can call me Ryan. Mr. Smythe sounds so formal.”

Jake resisted rolling his eyes and instead opened the bag the Admiral had given him and took out the phones to pass them out.  “These are secure so we can be in contact with each other from now on.”

Taking the last one, he started to approach Ms. Amari, but her folded arms and the irritated look in her eye made him pause. What could I possibly have done to offend her already? He left the phone on the table and stepped back, flipping past the first few pages in the folder to find the contact protocols. “Looks like we have a transport plane that will take us to Algeria leaving in three hours. We’d better get going.”

Ryan nudged him, his eyebrows raised as his head tilted toward the woman.  “Not to be rude, Jake, but you seemed to have forgotten one introduction.” His tone was borderline mocking, especially when he’d said his name, but Jake decided to let it go. He’d just told the Admiral he’d try to figure out a way to put their personal issues behind them and he was going to keep his word.

The woman shook her head as she reached for the phone he’d left for her on the table. Sliding it into her pants pocket, she crossed the room toward the door.  “The only thing you need to know is no matter what your name or title is, I’ll be the lead on this team. And I expect to be included in every briefing from now on.” She turned to face him with a nod.  “Commander.” And then she walked away, closing the door behind her with a soft snick in her wake.

Jake stared at the door.  Well, that’s a wrinkle I didn’t expect.


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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 11 – Where Shadows Dwell @Juliek222 @LovingtheBook

Julianne Kelsch is an author and freelance writer who picked up the pen after the birth of her second child. A mother of four, she believes words have a special kind of magic all their own. With a word you can open the heart or break the soul; you can breathe life into love or distinguish the final flame. For her, reading is a place to experience worlds unseen and lives never lived; writing is the place to create them. 




For Lily Frost, love is a double edged sword. She craves it, she needs it, but the asking price for love may be her life.
After her mother’s apparent suicide, Lily receives a terrible warning: leave California or run the risk of death. Afraid for her life, she flees. Her only hope for safety lies with her father, a man who abandoned her when she was five. But while she searches for him, she discovers love and safety in the arms of James Prescott.
James is a man tormented by his mother’s unsolved murder. More than anything he wants to see her killer lifeless, lying in a shallow grave. When Lily enters his life, he realizes that he hasn’t been living. Lily shines for him, a light that finally pierces the darkness. For the first time in years, he feels hope. Their relationship blossoms and Lily discovers that she is worthy of love. However, she soon realizes that the safety she craves and the love she’s found may be short lived.
The past James carries and the life Lily left behind collide, throwing the couple into the path of the murderer. Secrets long buried come to surface and threaten to destroy everything. Will they face their demons together or will they let the past tear them apart?


Ready for a snippet!?!

“I don’t know what this is Lily. I don’t, but I want to find out. Will you give me that chance?”

He had moved even closer, a feat I hadn’t thought possible. His face was four inches from mine, his sweet breath fanning my lips. My poor heart felt like it was going to flutter right out of my chest, and lift me away with it.

“Yes,” I whispered. I had forgotten Ryan, forgotten all the pain and guilt associated with him, forgotten everything. James was the present, the here and now. And right now, James was the immediate future. “Yes. I’d like that.”

He smiled, his eyes lighting up. “Thank you,” he answered, “For giving me a chance.”

I nodded, still trying to calm my heart.

He moved his hand, laying it gently on the side of my face, caressing my cheek with his thumb. My efforts at calming my hapless organ were wasted; it erupted in a new set of flutters.

He leaned in, pressing his lips softly to my forehead in a gesture not of longing, not of passion, but of the most intimate, tender care. My fluttering heart quieted, the night sounds stopped, the world faded into the distance. My eyes filled with tears which spilled over onto my cheeks.

And for once, I wasn’t ashamed.
And here are some great Q&A’s with the author!

  1. Readers would be surprised to know… Lily was a college student in my original draft, and James spoke fluent French.
  2. I have always wanted to… drive a race car or chase tornadoes. Adventure calls to me.
  3. I will never forget… The moment I began writing. My second child was a couple months old and I was feeling empty. I started writing to fill a void, and I’ve been grateful ever since. Writing rekindled a passion I had lost.


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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 10 – Broken Deeds, Broken Hearts @CindyDragonfly @LovingtheBook

Broken Deeds, Broken Hearts

by Cindy A. Christiansen

At the age of fifteen, Carly Sue McCluskie ran away from the family farm to escape her abusive great uncle Ezra and the torment of her classmates only to end up homeless on the streets of Salt Lake City. Eight years later, she reluctantly returns to oversee Ezra’s estate and is not surprised to learn someone killed the old codger. What she didn’t expect is someone attempting to kill her.

Seth Wakely and his family have been feuding with the McCluskies for a lifetime, but that doesn’t stop him from helping a neighbor in need. Seth is as surprised as a pig laying an egg when he learns someone in their little country town might have killed Ezra and now Carly Sue’s life is in danger.
Seth finds himself torn between protecting her and the bitter memories of the past, including what he did to Carly Sue. Good thing he can send his Border collie, Jewel, over to protect her.
Will their Hatfield and McCoy relationship continue, or will Carly Sue and Seth be able to conquer the anger which corrals them and, instead, learn to love?



Bestselling author, Cindy A Christiansen, has combined her love of dogs with her joy of writing to create an award winning combination. Her novels always include canine characters both in the pages and on the cover, an extension of the credit she gives to her extraordinary rescue dogs for their part in helping her overcome numerous challenges. In a reciprocal gesture for their love and devotion, a portion of the proceeds from her books are donated to assist abandoned and abused dogs.

She lives in Utah with her loving husband, two creative children with autism, and a pack of rambunctious dogs.

Fly into a good book!

Facts about the Author

  1. I will never forget the first review I received–a harrowing experience but an awesome review.
  2. The best thing about writing is escaping into the healthy body of my heroines and doing things I can’t do.

Connect with the Author:




Water came flying out of the window, not giving Carly a chance to flee or duck. The cool liquid hit her right in the face and soaked the front of her blouse. She gasped.

“What in the name of Beelzebub—” a voice came from the house. “Is that you, Jewel?”

Carly couldn’t catch her breath to answer. Something moved behind her. She whirled around, her hair dripping water, to face a growling Border collie. The right side of the dog’s face was black, the other white. Carly noticed the graying muzzle and light brown eyes. The screen door squawked and slammed.

A cowboy—hat, boots, western-detailed shirt and all—rounded the house and stopped cold. Carly had never had anyone stare at her with such intense emotion. She didn’t know what to make of it. The dog let out a small growl again and looked at the man.

“Jewel, leave it,” he said, his expression quickly changing and his lips pulling into a smile. He pushed his hat back and then folded his arms across his chest. “Well, now. Mighty sorry about that.”

If she hadn’t been so angry, she might have noticed his broad shoulders, bulging pecs, lean hips, wavy dark hair, and dusty brown eyes. Wait a minute. She had noticed.


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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 9 – Banished @KimberleyGLittl @LovingtheBook

When I was a kid I read a book a day, scribbled stories, and dreamed about having my very own book on the library shelf. I grew up in San Francisco, but now live in an adobe house on the banks of the Rio Grande with my husband and sons. I’ve stayed in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland; sailed the Seine in Paris; ridden a camel in Petra; shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria, and anything old and musty and ancient with a secret story to tell.

I’m the author of 10 award-winning middle-grade and Young Adult novels, I make way too many cookies when I’m writing – and I’ve got the best book trailers in the universe – for reals! www.kimberleygriffithslittle.com.

Awards: Southwest Book Award, Whitney Award for Best Youth Novel, Whitney Award Finalist and Association of Mormon Letters of Art Award, Bank Street College Best Books of 2011, 2013, and 2015, a Crystal Kite Finalist, and New Mexico/Arizona Book Award Winner. Three Top 10 Lists from BOOKLIST: Top 10 Romance, Top 10 Historical, Top 10 Religion/Spirituality for 2015.

Website: www.kimberleygriffithslittle.com
Twitter: @KimberleyGLittl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimberleygriffithslittle
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KimberleyLittle1

BANISHED is the epic sequel to FORBIDDEN, set in the unforgiving deserts of ancient Mesopotamia. Jayden’s courage will be put to the test as she fights for her survival and the one she loves.

Jayden thought she had lost everything. After months of traveling in the desert, she discovers her beloved Kadesh is injured but still alive. However, the two must flee immediately, for the vengeful and jealous Horeb is on their trail, desperate to take Jayden back to be his bride.

The trek to the southern lands comes with heartache and danger, and as Jayden and Kadesh draw closer to their destination, she realizes that even he has been keeping secrets from her . . . ones that will change everything.

Kimberley Griffiths Little’s riveting sequel to Forbidden will leave readers begging for the final installment.







Snippet Time!

            A dirty, callused hand slapped down over my mouth and the stale breath of a man hissed in my ear. “Don’t move or I’ll slit your pretty, little neck.”

            Shrieks gurgled in my throat as if I was drowning, his hand cutting off my air.

            Only one day into my journey to find Kadesh and I was already dead.

            The sharp tip of a blade pressed against my neck, and I whimpered.

            “Give me the frankincense of the stranger we killed.” The man’s foul breath dragged across my face. He was referring to Kadesh, the boy I loved, who’d been murdered by Horeb, the prince of my tribe.
And let’s get to know the author better! 

  1. Readers would be surprised to know …it took 11 years from the first inklings of inspiration for the FORBIDDEN trilogy to published book. 2003 – 2014. Whew!
  2. I have always wanted to … travel to Egypt. Me and King Tut go way back.
  3. I will never forget … receiving my very first acceptance in the mail for a short story plus a check for $15 bucks. Heady stuff!


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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 8 – Changes of the Heart @LovingtheBook

Changes of the Heart

by Debra Erfert

A coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.

Buying the 1920s farmhouse south of Phoenix, where the rumors of John Dillinger’s gang hid out in the 30s, is supposed to be Grace Evanheart’s way of escaping an old romance. When she finds an ancient diary with a map under the bedroom’s floorboard, the rumors solidify into fact. She doesn’t know who to trust with the news; Micah Stevens, the handsome deputy and the great grandson of the original landowners with whom she’s attracted, or Jerry, the young historian who seems too intent on learning about her new home?

Micah seems convinced their paths cross exactly at the right time and in the right place for them to fall in love. Now he just has to convince Grace of the same thing before suspicions of his real motive have her running again.   


Debra lives in Southwest Arizona, and has been married to Mike for 36 years. She’s the mother of two awesome sons, who married their forever loves, and she’s a grandmother to three beautiful grandchildren with one more on the way.

Debra wrote her first novella thirteen years ago just for grins. That brief taste into the world of an author started an undeniable writing obsession rivaling only her love of chocolate. She’s an award-winning fine artist, and loves traveling with her husband.

Facts about the Author:

1.      I will never forget … seeing my sons marry the loves of their lives.

2.      The Best thing about writing is … being transported to another adventure. I’m a discovery writer. For the most part, I follow my characters, and only gently guide them where I’d like them to go.


Connect with the Author:



With the doors opened I couldn’t use the candles, but I left the flashlight off, not wanting to use the batteries up all in one night. The bedroom I’d declared as the Master sat closest to the kitchen. Charlotte told me the house was built in the early 1920s, and although it had been renovated in the seventies, the owners hadn’t thought about adding a master bathroom.

A floorboard squeaking froze me in the mid pump. My first thought was Chelsea had changed her mind about staying the night, but why, then, didn’t she say anything? Then I noticed faint illumination in the hallway. Whoever came in must’ve had a flashlight; my heart leaped against my ribs in panic. 

I listened. Were the footsteps getting closer? Or maybe they got farther away into the dining room? I couldn’t tell for sure with how my pulse beat loudly in my ears, interfering with my hearing. My cell phone was inside my handbag by the fireplace. Considering I only had the plastic pump and a half-inflated vinyl bed, I didn’t have anything to defend myself with—or hide behind. I knew I needed to get outside and run to a neighbor for help. 

I just had to get my body to agree with my brain. 

Fear had an ironic way of paralyzing important muscles. With my mouth open, I took a slow, deep breath—at least I took in a breath and convinced my feet to turn toward the bedroom door. The floorboard in the dining room creaked. I took off and rounded the corner, heading for the open front door. Heavy footfalls ran behind me.

“Stop!” a man shouted. 

I didn’t stop. He grabbed my arm, slowing me down. I threw my best punch at what I hoped would be his head. His flashlight hit the floor—and so did I. He tackled me face first onto the dusty hardwood floor with my arm shoved up my spine. When I took in another breath, I realized the frantic screaming I’d heard a moment before had been my own.

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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 7 – Dangerous Obsession @MMRoethig @LovingtheBook

Dangerous Obsession

by M.M. Roethig

Author M.M. Roethig is a ‘happily-ever-after’ author whose guilty pleasure is a swoon worthy romance. Growing up, she spent her youth on various Air Force bases in many different states, which encouraged her imagination and love of make believe stories with each new city, scenery, and situation.

Finally settling in Idaho, M.M. Roethig finished her schooling years and eventually met and married her very own Prince Charming. A recent move took her to Northern Colorado, a place she has instantly fallen in love with and embraced as her home.

When she’s not swooning over romance stories or writing, M.M. Roethig enjoys spending time with her husband and son who also call Colorado home. With two grown daughters and one son-in-law living in Idaho, she finds every excuse to travel back as much as possible.

Other hobbies M.M. Roethig enjoys is running, photography, baking, watching her son swim, trying new board games, and cheering on the Denver Broncos. 



A dancer and a Marine—two worlds collide.

Chloe Johnson is no stranger to the spotlight. A prestigious member of the LA Laker Girls, she’s in the public eye regularly. Her world is perfect.

Eric Taylor, on the other hand, is damaged, both body and spirit. Injured overseas, he returns home with fresh physical wounds, invisible emotional scars, and a bad attitude.

When Chloe becomes the object of affection to an unknown stalker, she must leave her life behind and rely on a total stranger, and the only man she’s ever met who’s never happy to see her—Eric. Can she trust this hardened soldier with her life?

Adjusting to civilian life hasn’t been easy for Eric. Swearing off women forever, all he wants is to be left alone. However, his world is thrown into chaos when Chloe appears on his doorstep as an invited guest of Eric’s twin brother. Bewitched by her innocent charms, Eric fights to keep her at arm’s length, putting his No More Women resolve to the test.

Everything soon changes when Chloe’s stalker trackers her down, making her a pawn in a cat and mouse game of Dangerous Obsession.

**Included at the end of this book is the short story, Reflections.** 


“I was whisked away into Chloe’s life of glamor, and submerged into the harsh horrors of Eric’s. Suddenly, when a stalker believes Chloe must be his, her life no longer seems so glittery. Thank goodness for safety behind the pages of a book! Thank goodness for excellent writers as Roethig who had me whipping the pages for the next exciting turn!” ~ Elizabeth Mueller, author

 Let’s look at the Prologue!

Neon red flashed intermittently through the slit in the curtains. The parking lot sign threatened to go out only to flash once more. She didn’t know how long she lay next to him on the bed that was more springs than mattress, but loud snores filled the quiet room, letting her know he’d finally fallen asleep.

She’d been tugging on the bindings around her wrist for what felt like hours, to no avail. In a silent fit of frustration, she yanked hard and the rope slipped past her thumbs, releasing her bleeding hands. Stunned, she stared at the ropes, the prospect of freedom now a possibility. Her heart hammered in her chest as she slipped cautiously from the bed, praying the shift in weight would go unnoticed. If she could make it out of the room, she had a chance. If he woke before—she pushed the thought from her head.

Kneeling on all fours on the dirty, worn carpet, she held her breath and waited for any sign that he’d woken. His loud snores continued uninterrupted.

With slow, methodical movements, she opened the top drawer of the nightstand enough to reach inside for the phone he’d put there hours before. Her hands shook and her insides quivered with anticipation. It seemed silly, her need for her phone, but it was a lifeline to the only person who could save her.

Her breath came in shallow pants as she slipped her hand inside. Sweat dripped down her forehead as she closed her eyes and carefully felt around for the familiar object. Wrapping her fingers tightly around her phone, she pulled it from its confines and turned for the door.

Still on all fours, she crawled closer to freedom, stopping short of her destination when the rustle of sheets made her blood to run cold. Cautiously she turned and watched the sleeping form roll over to fondle her now vacant space. When he grasped nothing but air, his eyes popped open, scanning the room until he focused on her. His features contorted when he let out a massive roar, and launched himself from the bed like a man possessed.

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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Countdown Day 6 – Vanishing Act @EricaRockKiefer @LovingtheBooks

Vanishing Act

by Erica Kiefer

In a journey for retribution, lines blur between courage, justice, and revenge.

A fresh start at college is exactly what Kate needs to ease the burden of her family secrets. When she meets the confident and charming Aaron Jackson, she weaves a new history for herself to fit into his seemingly perfect life. But the past refuses to stay where it belongs, causing a rift between their contrasting worlds.

When Ben reappears in Kate’s life, she is only pulled deeper into the childhood that she’s tried to forget. Driven by the abuse and pain that still lingers within him, Ben seeks Kate’s help in making a change. But in this journey for retribution, lines blur between courage, justice, and revenge.
Bound by their shared and damaged youth, Kate is forced to choose sides, and fast. The final act is almost here, and time is running out.

Erica Kiefer’s debut novel Lingering Echoes was published by Clean Teen Publishing in November 2013. She continued the series with Rumors (A Lingering Echoes Prequel) and her newest release Vanishing Act. All of her books can be read as stand-alone contemporary YA fiction, touched with romance, emotional drama and suspense. With a degree in Recreation Therapy from Brigham Young University, Erica’s experiences working with at-risk youth have influenced the realistic and relatable nature of her writing. Her first inspirational non-fiction entitled Borrowed Angel (published in April 2014 with Currawong Press) describes the loss of her infant son and her journey towards healing.

Married since 2005, Erica resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her four children and can often be found satisfying her sweet-tooth with chocolate-chip cookies and a glass of milk. One day, she hopes to dust off her collegiate rugby skills and dive back into the game.

Facts about the Author

  1.  I will never forget meeting my first child, Ty. There is nothing like all the emotions and firsts that a newborn brings! 
  2. The best thing about writing is tapping into emotions and experiences from my past and inviting imagination to bring it all back to life in new light.

Connect with the Author:



Chapter 3

She didn’t recognize me, but I figured she wouldn’t.  

After seven years, I wasn’t the same scared kid hiding behind locked doors. I would never be that boy again.

Kate had grown up, too. If I hadn’t done my research, I don’t know that I would have recognized her off the street either.  She wore make up with deep purple eyeshadow that emphasized her pale blue eyes, and her lips were touched with pink gloss. Her face had lost the childish roundness that I remembered, fading the young innocence of the eleven-year-old I once knew. But I was well aware that the loss of innocence had more to do with life’s cruel blows than mere aging.

 Even now, she still carried that protective tension in her expression. I had seen it resurface when I’d been so absorbed with the picture of Luke.  I hadn’t meant to stare. But it was crazy to see him so big now—at least, in comparison to the seven-year-old boy I’d known. He must be fourteen now, and even still, I’d caught the fierce change in Kate’ demeanor when I’d held onto the photo too long. She had always been a shield to her little brother. That, obviously, had not changed.

I stepped out from behind the bus where I’d been hiding. Kate had crossed the mall parking lot by now and was entering through the double doors on her way to work. I had every intention of telling her—reminding her—of who I am. But maybe our shared past was not one she cared to remember, or deserved to relive. My plans were set and I would follow through with or without her. But if I could trust her—if she wanted to help—I would tell her everything.

But that would be for another time.

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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 5 – One Winter @BatesNatalie @LovingtheBook

One Winter

by Natalie Bates

Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author.
Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia.
She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.

Goodreads : https://www.goodreads.com/Natalie-Nicole
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BatesNatalie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natalie-Nicole-Bates/352610728138768
Blog: www.natalienicolebates.com
Amazon Author Central Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0071MP0DC

After her mother’s sudden death, Rory Lane is home again. It has been fifteen years since she escaped Mount Pleasant and everyone and everything in it. Now she must oversee the closing of her mother’s affairs.
The only bright spot is Rory’s blossoming friendship with boarder CJ Rausch. Rory senses that CJ just might be her soul mate, but the handsome excavator is somewhat of a standoffish loner.
After an unthinkable event, Rory’s life spins out of control, and she must deal not only with her grasping, selfish sister, but also a manipulative, wannabe suitor. CJ offers Rory a way out, but at what price? Beware: Everyone has secrets in Mount Pleasant…And they enjoy them!

One winter








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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 4 – Just Over the Horizon @SusanDRush @LovingtheBook

Just Over the Horizon

by Susan Rush


Is it possible for a traveling hospice nurse to find romance in a small southern town? After all, she is only passing through and needs to focus on her job–a job that requires compassion and dedication. She can’t afford to have any distractions.
Since her grandmother’s death, Sarah has been alone. No family. No friends. No distractions. Just the way she likes it. Traveling from town to town is an adventure, meeting new people, exploring new places, but could her solitary life be growing lonely?
Much to her surprise, two vastly differing men compete for her attention in the quaint, historic town of Camden, South Carolina. Nate, the adopted son of one of Sarah’s patients, is a true Southerner with a sarcastic wit and genuine warmth. On the other hand, Dr. Joseph Thornton is a caring oncologist who is known as the best catch in the state. Who could say no to his Hollywood smile and emerald eyes?
No distractions. This is her goal as a hospice nurse. But distractions is exactly what she gets. Will she be tempted to put down roots in the small town?
It’s a good thing Sarah’s eccentric Nana left her a mysterious box. Nana’s gift provides the guidance and comfort Sarah desperately needs as she faces heart-wrenching trials. Not only does she have the stress of caring for the dying, she has to visit patients in the ghetto. What dangers await a beautiful young nurse making home visits at night?
Enduring sadness and trauma, Sarah’s childhood faith is shattered. She tries desperately to hold onto Nana’s godly legacy, but it is slipping away. When a bizarre stranger appears at her door with devastating news about Nana’s past, can her cherished box continue to provide answers and deepen her faith or will Sarah realize her life has been based on nothing but lies? 




Susan grew up in Charlotte, NC and has a psychology degree from Furman University and masters in social work from the University of South Carolina. She jokes that God didn’t lead her to a career in hospice; He took her kicking and screaming the whole way. Now passionate about end-of-life care, she loves providing care and counseling for those who are writing the final chapters of their life story. She presently serves as a hospice director in Columbia, SC where she lives with her adorable hubby and three phenomenal children. Her family of five are all fluent in sarcasm and on any given day, you can find them bantering away.

Connect with the Author:


10 Favorite Things

Movie: The Hunger Games (all three of them!)
Book: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Song: Oceans by Hillsong United
Color: Teal
Dessert: Chocolate truffle cheese cake
Food: Pollo fundido
Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
Game: In a Pickle
Vacation Spot: Charleston, SC
Past ­time: Spending the day on the lake with my family.
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A Valentine’s Day Book Blitz Count Down Day 3 – Becky’s Kiss @NicholasFisherA @LovingtheBook

Becky’s Kiss

by Nicholas Fisher

Nicholas Fisher is a college professor and a sports enthusiast. He writes adult horror under another name, but thought of the idea for Becky’s Kiss while coaching his son’s baseball team. Since the story involved high school drama he decided to write his first young adult piece. When not writing or teaching, Nicholas Fisher enjoys pizza, reality television, and playing the banjo. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and his son goes to Arizona State University.


Becky Michigan meets the boy of her dreams on her first day of ninth grade, a gorgeous blonde baseball player named Danny with crystal blue eyes, but no one else in the school ever heard of him. To make matters worse, Becky starts having dreams that she is the greatest pitcher on the planet, and when she throws an orange in the cafeteria at more than 90 miles per hour, she has some questions for the boy who keeps disappearing.

The stronger Becky’s feelings grow for Danny the faster she throws, and the faster she throws the less he shows up! Suddenly she is offered the opportunity to try out for the varsity baseball team, a shot at being popular for once, but does this mean she has to give up the hope of ever finding true love? All answers come to light out behind the high school at midnight, on an old overgrown ball field in the woods behind the real one, fifty feet off the third baseline. It is a magic field. One of dreams. Or possibly nightmares.






Snippet Time!

Excerpt from Becky’s Kiss. The boy of Becky’s dreams keeps disappearing and no one at school even knows he exists. Becky sees him while walking home fromschool and chases him until she catches up. He seems to know more about her than she knows herself, and then he makes a strange request. 
“Hi,” he said when she finally made it to the top of the hill, panting.
She bent over, hands on her knees, and put up her index finger. “One second.”
“You run kind of fast,” he said.
“Thanks.”  She pushed up, wiped her forehead, and then wiped her hands on her pants.  Too late, now, to be polite.  She looked at him, and the sun was behind his head, making him look like a silhouette, like an angel.  She put up a salute hand to her forehead to shade her eyes.
“Are you a pitcher?” she said.  Yeah, it was awkward, but she had to start somewhere.
“That’s funny.”
“Is it?”
He smiled softly.
“You’re really pretty.”
“Am I?”
His smile widened.
“Well, you’re a lot prettier than you think, anyway.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I don’t know.  What’s anything mean?”
Becky shrugged, disgusted with herself over the gesture.  She’d been doing it a lot lately, and she wanted to remove it from her repertoire, like yesterday.  She gazed at him then, full stare, and for a second she really did feel kind of pretty.
 “The Principal wants me to go to this fall ball baseball practice—“

“I know.”
“Are you going to be there?”
Something flashed in his eyes, and Becky couldn’t tell if it was humor or pain.
“I wouldn’t miss it,” he said slowly.  “But you’re going to have to do me a favor.”
“Run,” he said.  “Every day, home from school like you did today.  Up and down the hills with equal speed, total burn, until you can run the whole length of King Avenue without wheezing.”
He moved closer and looked at her deeply, as if it was the most important promise she’d ever make.
“Because pitching is all stamina, all legs, all push and follow-through.”
Becky felt her lips working into a smile.
“Then you want me to make the team?  You really do?”
He backed off a step and tilted his head.
“The Tigers?  Yeah, for exercise, I suppose.”
“What’s that mean?”
“What’s anything mean?”  He started to walk away toward Stonybrook Road, then stopped and turned.
“You’ll build up fast,” he said.  “Faster than you’d ever believe.  One day of running will be like half a month, trust me.”
“Why am I not surprised?” she said out the side of her mouth.  His grin made a half moon as well.
“You’ve seen a lot of weird stuff lately, haven’t you?”
“Oh yeah,” she said. 
“Well, it’s only gonna get weirder.” 
“Oh yeah.”
They both laughed.
“Don’t go,” Becky said.  He gave his own shrug.
“Have to.  I’m on a timer.”
“Tough parents?”
“Something like that.”
Becky crossed her arms along her stomach and a leaf blew against her ear.  She shook it out and moved a strand of hair off her lip.
“Will I see you after the baseball practice?” 
She looked down at the street. 
“Like, only if you want to, I mean.”
“Like when?”
She looked up and he had moved off a few feet, standing there at the corner of King and Stonybrook.  He had turned the baseball cap around backward now, and the way it framed his face and his neck made him look even more gorgeous than ever, if that was at all possible.
“Run the avenue,” he said.  “Every day, both ways.  Add two more textbooks and a couple of bricks to your backpack. Really hoof it.”
“Do I have to?”
“Because you’re throwing hard, but not hard enough. Because great ones do the work. Because I’ve waited…”
He looked away down Stonybrook Road, and blinked like he was going to cry. “Because I love you.”
He said it with a hitch in his voice and then ran down the street, out of sight past some high bushes. By the time Becky reached the corner and turned the hard left he was gone.

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