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BLOOD BROTHERS: Escape To Creeporia

by Dean C. Moore

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About the Book

MEDIA KIT Blood BrothersFraternal twins are separated from birth, and raised to be assassins.  They were never meant to meet.  But even when kept apart, they’re just too powerful.  Their paranormal abilities cease to be an advantage when they can no longer be controlled.  So they are scheduled for cancellation.

Their paths cross before they can be taken out.  It is only then that they discover the true depths of their betrayal.  Not only are they stronger when they’re together, they’re half-breeds, sired by an all-powerful warlock.

The question is, are they strong enough even together to take him on now that he’s coming for them?

They have an ace up their sleeves they are not aware of.  Drawn to the same kind of women, they find themselves married to a pair of sorceresses whose magical abilities are only now surfacing.

But one encounter with dear old dad is all it takes for them to realize, they’re still the underdogs.

From the back of the book:

“The series is called Blood Brothers, but this adventure is really a family affair: the brothers, their partners, children and even their old man in a starring role as the villain.  Think Disney’s Incredibles, but in a violent and bizarre fantasy world.”  Rob May, Dragon Killer

“With incredibly detailed world building and action scenes, this story seems like it would make a phenomenal film or TV series.

Moore pulls out all the stops with dragons, telekinesis, shapeshifters and insurmountable odds in this battle of good versus evil – and a villain who just won’t lay down and die.” Demelza Carlton, Ocean’s Gift

“When you read a Dean C. Moore novel, you can expect rich, original characters, witty dialogue and unexpected plot turns.  Blood Brothers doesn’t disappoint.”


Jared Rawlings fought to keep up with his wife Ellen, the predatory animal that was the real him threatening to break free of the placid, domesticated creature on the surface that held him prisoner.

They made their way to the latest stall, past the body odors and the dust kicked up in the dirt road by the relentless march of harried shoppers.  The Moroccan marketplace was teaming with life; not all of it for sale, at least on this side of the display tables.

Ellen’s eyes darted to the curios, his to the latest constellation of attackers.  Whoever had sent the first one after him had abandoned subtle and understated methods.

One fez-wearing assailant, in the window two stories up, aimed his rifle at him.  Another assassin, lurking in the shadows the booth over, reached for a Yemeni Janbiya under his vest.

Jared picked up a frying pan, and deflected the bullet from the shooter at the man with the short curved-blade dagger the booth over.  The gunfire and ricocheting sounds were swallowed up in the mayhem of the marketplace.

He gazed at the back of the frying pan—with nary a scratch—impressed.  Thrusting the pan before Ellen, he said, “I like this one.”

Having missed what was going on with him entirely, she pointed to the miniature brewer and the Arabic coffee.  “A few shots of that are what you need.”  Addressing the peddler, she said, “I swear, he sleepwalks through life.”


It is my pleasure to welcome Dean C. Moore, author of Blood Brothers: Escape To Creeporia, to Room With Books.

Please tell us about Blood Brothers: Escape To Creeporia and what inspired you to write it?

With Blood Brothers, I wanted to take The Bourne Identity idea and switch up the genre; I thought, let’s see how well it does as a fantasy!  There was just something very compelling about the idea of someone whose life had been shaped by outside forces beyond his control and without his knowledge, and with total disregard for his human rights that got under my skin.  Anyone who’s ever held a corporate job for any length of time can definitely relate (ha-ha).  And being a fan of conspiracy theory thrillers, it was just that much more provocation to start writing.

After making some other tweaks to make the concept more my own, I found myself writing a novel about fraternal twins who share very similar assassin-grade training and aptitudes with the Bourne character, and likewise comprehend little about how they came to be who they are, and in fact know nothing of one another.  Drawn to the same kind of women, they both marry a pair of budding sorceresses, who are shocked by their own surfacing ability to wield magic.  While the paranormal abilities of the husbands take an entirely different course (they are more psychic and telekinetic than magical), as the men start to discover what they’re made of under pressure, it isn’t long before the idea occurs to them to team up with the wives.  Together they hit on an other-worldly solution to their dilemma of how to survive a covert government program determined to do the brothers in, once the brothers discover their connection to one another, and once their abilities have become too powerful to manage.

Using the magic of their wives, the families flee into a fantasy realm to escape persecution and hounding back at home.  But wouldn’t you know, dear old dad, who sired the boys by a human woman, is considerably more powerful than his half-breed sons and has no trouble following them to this other realm, where the real action and fun starts.

When you start writing a new novel, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

I always outline the story and the characters always take over anyway and take the novel where they want.  Luckily for me, they’re almost always smarter than I am about what twists and turns the plot needs to take, and what they need for their own character development.  I describe my writing process as akin to trance-channeling, lol.  It really does feel that I’m just a puppet on a string, being made to dance to the tune these voices are singing in my head.  Only, it’s not a dance, it’s a book, or to be more precise, one novel after another.  The choir of voices in my head clearly have one heck of a repertoire, as I’m constantly having the latest “tunes” downloaded to me often well ahead of my ability to keep up with getting them on paper.  Of course, in some circles this is referred to as schizophrenia.  Let’s hope I have the milder version that just happens to be very conducive to sustaining an author’s career.

Alternate theory:  these are all guardian angels that are writers and actors and directors and editors I knew in former lives and did awesome things for who now take pity on me and my total inability to get a word written without them.

Do you ever have arguments with your characters and who usually wins?

When I was younger they often took the form of fierce arguments.  But back then I didn’t know how to coordinate both sides of my brain.  When I was on the right side, the dreamy, intuitive side, the stories flowed and flowed with a vivid imagination and detailed world-building, strange, alien, but engaging characters, but it was all a bit formless, like a run on sentence that went for 300 plus pages.  The books lacked structure.  I would switch over to the left side of my brain come time to edit and just scream to high heaven.  “What a mess!  I’ll never lick this into shape.”  Often, many drafts later, the doubting Thomas proved correct.  Or, once I got around to the editing, I would over-correct, and end up with a very structured, well-organized novel, but one that lacked some of the charm of the original.  After years of learning to wrangle my fast and loose writing style, it’s still fast and loose, but now it also holds together.  The stories are solidly plotted and structured.

As the mature writer, I’m less inclined to argue with my actorss and more inclined to direct them.  “Okay, the action sequences are going great, but we really need to cut back to the love story now.”  Or, “Hey, I love you, I know you’re the hero/heroine and everything, but it’s time to shine the spotlight on someone else.  It can’t all be about you.”  And I’ll walk the poor wretch off the stage to complete heartbreak and quite the backstage drama.

Still, being in greater control is also about knowing when to be out of control.  In sum, like I say, it’s just a better coordinating of cerebral hemispheres that gets the job done.  I read a book by a Sufi spiritual adept that said we alternate between sides of the brain every eighteen minutes or so, but for two minute intervals in-between, we’re perfectly balanced.  I’ve never gone in for the biofeedback studies and the brain scans, but I’m guessing that over the years, I learned to extend that brief two-minute, perfectly balanced brain period over a much larger swath of the day.  So possibly I’m enlightened now but really don’t know for sure because I really can’t be bothered; just so the writing is always getting better.

What is something about you your readers would be surprised to know?

In my youth we didn’t have the Burning Man celebrations that go on in the desert for weeks and months at a time.  But we had something very similar to it.  For decades after Woodstock, the hippies gathered in the mountains.  Each year in a different state.  I attended two festivals in California, one in the Shasta Mountains, one in the desert highlands outside of Los Angeles.  These alternative lifestyle types came together, much as they do with Burning Man, to explore the prospect of building Eden on Earth.  To steep in creative anarchy and what might be possible in a nobody-in-charge world, just a lot of wildly creative people celebrating life together.  Carnival galas held annually around the world are probably the closest real life parallel.  It’s a way of life, it’s an altered state of consciousness, and if it’s madness, it’s divine madness.

While easy to mock if you haven’t been a part of these gatherings, I can assure you, once you’re there, you never want to leave.  And you wonder what in the heck went wrong that “real life” back at home just doesn’t taste as sweet.  Those who believe we’re born angels and just learn to be human by way of all sorts of defective upbringing, colossally self-destructive memes, and just horrendous brainwashing into the “true” nature of reality, will find it very easy to prove their theory by going to one of these jubilees.  I encourage you to do so even if you’re a non-believer.  Sometimes fantasies can be made real; you just have to change your outlook.

If you could write with any other author who would it be?

Actually, I’m in the process of collaborating with two other novelists now on a book called Sentience (a mix of sci-fi and paranormal fantasy.)  They’re indie authors like myself.  Victor Bruneski is coming out with Steamboro (a steampunk novel) shortly.  I worked with him helping to edit that and two other marvelous novels, one entitled, One Big Problem (a comedic mystery), another entitled The McConnell House (a comedic horror).  Ken Magee has a trilogy out, the first installment of which is entitled Dark Tidings (a darkly funny sci-fi/fantasy hybrid).  Asides from being great friends, our writing styles really mesh.  Each of us has a dry, dark sense of humor that pervades our novels.  Think of the way they use humor to take the edge off in films like Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, even Jaws, and you’ll pretty much be right on target for how we use humor in our novels.  The emphasis remains on the drama, but there’s no denying the seasoning of cheeky one-liners.

Sadly, the collaboration is on the verge of falling apart.  I may end up having to carry the ball across the court myself.  While I can’t imagine three more compatible writers, I think the timing of this project could have been better.  Victor and Ken have just too much going on in their lives right now to keep up with my prolific output.  But it’s a concept I’d like to revisit later, teaming up with them again possibly when they have a few less balls they’re trying to juggle in the air at one time.

When you were little what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

For a time I wanted to be a doctor.  This was a fantasy that actually came upon me in my early teens.  I’ve always had my head in the future (hence why I write mostly sci-fi and fantasy.)  And I read scientific journals prolifically to this day.  Perhaps because I have some ungodly fantasies of living forever, boosting my IQ a 100 or more points with a pill, or possibly a nano-potion, being able to think at the speed of light, and all those crazy things that I’m convinced we will be able to do in the future.  But of all the sciences I follow, biology is the one where I have enough of an aptitude to seriously consider medicine or medical research, depending on whether I wanted to go the MD or the PhD route.  And the pace of change in the field is just fast enough to possibly keep a sci-fi lover like myself engaged, feeling comfortably ensconced between the world As It Is and the world As I’d Like It To Be.

But at the end of the day, scientists and artists have very different constitutions.  And while I can pretend to be a scientist as much as I want in my stories, living the life is a bit more painstaking.  You need the patience of a saint, for one.  Many medical researchers dedicate their lives to making a single breakthrough that may never come.  Or if they go the MD route, are ground down by routine, seldom seeing too much by way of creative outliers, medically speaking; the “oh my God!” stuff doesn’t come along nearly as often as the common cold and far less dramatic daily discoveries when walking into a patient room.  These two factors alone pretty much disqualify me.  Writing books, I get to make a medical breakthrough in less than 350 pages, far more suiting to my degree of patience and commitment to the undertaking.  With less fickleness, I might be able to commit a lifetime to a single drama; but as it is, I can only commit at the most the six months to a year it takes me to crank out one of my dramas on paper.  Chalk it up to weakness of character, or possibly to the fact that in the final analysis artists and scientists really are two entirely different beasts.

When did you decide to write and what prompted you to start?

I was taking a film class at UC Berkeley and the first thing to occur to me was, this is way more fun than all the other subjects I’m studying.  I switched my degree to film studies, and somewhere in the curricula I was made to take a screenwriting class or two.  Once I’d done one, I was hooked.  I wrote screenplays for years, many of which are still stacked at the bottom of my closet begging to be turned into novels.  And while I enjoy the medium to this day, at some point you run into the medium’s limitations.  Novels have them too, but as a rule they’re far less confining.  Screenplays are basically short stories.  So as you can well imagine, anyone itching to tell a tale that wouldn’t fit into that format is going to feel straight-jacketed after a while.  Stir in the fact that the publishing renaissance is happening in novels, and not in screenplays, and it was an easy decision to remake myself as a novelist.  I’ve never regretted the decision and never looked back.  Though, without a doubt, my past as a screenwriter influences my writing.  My novels read like fast paced action adventure films (regardless of the sub-genre, such as fantasy or sci-fi that I might be grounding the story in.)

What music inspires your writing?

Mozart.  As classical music goes, I’m also a big fan of piano music.  Virtually nothing else does it for me while I’m penning a novel.  My musical tastes are actually quite eclectic, but not while writing.  While writing, everything else is just noise.  I read somewhere that scientific tests have been done that demonstrate that classical music is far more conducive to exalted states of mind.  If I were a hard rocker, I’d probably be offended by those studies.  But my own writing bears it out.  Then again, if you’re not a fan of my writing, you might be inclined to say that I’ve just proven the hard rocker’s case for him.

Fun Facts

What is your favorite breakfast? I start with Bob’s Red Mill Muesli, this complex, multi-grain cereal with various seeds and nuts and fruits.  That’s just the base.  I have to complicate it further with additional frozen fruit, largely a smorgasbord of low-glycemic berries.  Then I stir in the nonfat yogurt, the cinnamon…  If you feel like you’re getting an idea of what it might be like to read one of my novels, you’re not too far off. J  Hopefully my plotting is every bit as intricate, and my characters every bit as rich and engaging.
What is your favorite color? It changes day to day with my moods.  While I love to see homes that have each room painted in a different color—I think it’s very designer and aesthetically pleasing—it would drive me out of my skull.  I guess I’m very color-sensitive and would feel oppressed by the room attempting to dictate my mood for the day.  My closet looks like I kidnapped a rainbow and forced it into indentured servitude as clothing.  I’m not exactly sure what the implications are for my soul.  But I do know that there’s something in there to accommodate whatever I feel like when I wake up.
What is your favorite movie? Owing to that fickleness alluded to above, that changes day to day.  But you can find a homage to my favorite films in the banners of my website.  Not surprisingly, they’re films with a certain tone that I feel echoes my own writing.  Dramas but with a bit of a comedic edge:  Star Trek Into Darkness, RED, Godzilla (the one with Matthew Broderick), Ghostbusters, Mary Poppins (yes, one never outgrows Mary Poppins) are all good examples (along with some of the other ones I cited above.)
What is your dream car? Anything in Jay Leno’s garage.  Owing to that fickle nature of mine, any one alone would bore me.  But all of them together, yeah, I might be able to handle that.  I agree this is a strange form of Zen-like non-attachment.  Rather than possess so many things, I’ve chosen to live a modest lifestyle without any such baggage.  Admittedly my modest budget may play a small part in my “enlightenment.”

Thank you, Dean. This has been a most enlightening chat and thank you for allowing Room With Books to be part of your tour!

About the Author

MEDIA KIT Author PhotoI write sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventures and thrillers, or some combination thereof—usually with a strong vein of dark humor.  Though, my works are dramas first; the humor is there to take the edge off as with the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Transformers, and Jurassic Park franchises.

I wrote screenplays for a while, and while enjoying them, I found them a bit confining.  After a while you just need the extra page count to flesh out characters better and do additional world building, especially when considering doing anything epic in scope.  I also took a run at future forecasting and trend tracking, being as I always had my head in the future, things like Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock.  I also relished this, and can certainly see myself releasing a few titles accordingly in the nonfiction area.  But since delving into novels, short and long, I’ve definitely found my home and my voice.  For the first time I feel the restraints have been taken off of my imagination.  I suppose all mediums have their limits, so I may end up doing a mix of things, but I suspect I will continue to spend most of my time with novels.  Series add an additional dimension, allowing for even more depth and development both in the character and world building departments.  But I remain at heart a divergent thinker, so, no surprise, I seem to have more series going than follow up installments at this point.  That too may change over time; we’ll see.  Until then, it may be best to just think of these books as one-offs if you’re fond of my writing style and some of the themes I work with.

My current catalog of twelve books represents a little over five years’ worth of work.  I’m currently averaging a couple books annually.  Of my existing franchises with multiple installments, The Hundred Year Clone books can be read in any order, while the 5 books of Renaissance 2.0 must be read in sequence as they form part of a singular story arc (much as with A Game of Thrones.)

I live in the country where I breed bluebirds, which are endangered in these parts, as my small contribution to restoring nature’s balance.  When I’m not writing, or researching my next book, I may also be found socializing with friends, or working in my organic garden.

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Rollins, Rebecca and Cantrell, James: Innocent Blood

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William Morrow

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10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022



continue the saga of the order of the sanguines in



“Behold, God received your sacrifice from the hands of a priest—

that is to say from the minister of error.”


 Ornate Ditzel

InnocentBloodHC. c

Advance Reader Praise:

“Rollins and Cantrell turn what we think we know about vampires on its proverbial ear and will leave you thinking and wondering about what you know about the Christian religion.

I LOVE a book that makes me THINK and wonder, and research myself. If an author can stimulate my brain like that, I am more likely to come back and read ALL of their books!”


Ornate Ditzel

Last year James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell left readers on the edge of their seats at the end of The Blood Gospel, the debut novel in “The Order of the Sanguines Series” about an ancient Vatican order who seek the answers to a mystery found within the pages of a gospel written in Christ’s own blood.  Reviewers praised the first in the new series as, “captivating” (Military Press), “a page-turner” (Associated Press) and “The Da Vinci Code meets vampires” (Booklist).

Now the winning writer-ly duo opens the next chapter in a world of shadow and light, of salvation and damnation, where the fate of the heavens is locked within a child of INNOCENT BLOOD (Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, on sale 12/10/2013, ISBN: 9780061991066, $27.99).

A vicious attack at a ranch in California thrusts archaeologist Erin Granger back into the folds of the Sanguines, an immortal order founded on the blood of Christ and tasked with protecting the world from the beasts haunting its shadows.  Following the prophetic words found in the Blood Gospel—a tome written by Christ and lost for centuries—Erin must again join forces with Army Sergeant Jordan Stone and Father Rhun Korza to discover and protect a boy believed to be an angel given flesh.

But an enigmatic enemy of immense power and terrifying ambition seeks the same child—not to save the world, but to hasten its destruction. For any hope of victory, Erin must discover the truth behind Christ’s early years and understand His first true miracle, an event wrapped in sin and destruction, an act that yet remains unfulfilled and holds the only hope for the world.

The search for the truth will take Erin and the others across centuries and around the world, from the dusty plains of the Holy Land to the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, from the catacombs of Rome to an iron fortress in the Mediterranean Sea, and at last to the very gates of Hell itself, where their destiny—and the fate of mankind—awaits.

With The Blood Gospel, Rollins and Cantrell breathtakingly combined science, myth, and religion and introduced a world where miracles hold new meaning and the fight for good over evil is far more complicated than we ever dreamed. In INNOCENT BLOOD they again take us to the edge of destruction . . . and into the deepest reaches of imagination.

Ornate Ditzel


One of the most thrilling novels I’ve read this year to be sure!

She knew all too well the prophecy concerning [The First Angel] that mythic figure. She pictured the words inscribed on the first page of the Blood Gospel, words written by Christ, a prediction of a coming war–and a way to avert it.

A great War of the heavens looms. For the forces of goodness to prevail, a Weapon must be forged of this Gospel written in my own blood. The trio of prophecy must bring the book to the First Angel for his blessing. Only thus may they secure salvation for the world.

This novel is the continuation of the story begun in The Blood Gospel, which I haven’t read YET. Even without the previous novel as background, Innocent Blood was very easy to get caught up in.

The tension begins at the first page and doesn’t let up through the ending of the novel and I find myself wishing for the next book in this series before my mind has truly digested all I have read. The conspiracies and adventure abound and I highly recommend Innocent Blood to anyone who enjoys  intrigue mixed with ancient lore and action.

3D 5 Gold Stars

~Patricia, Room With Books~ © December 18, 2013

Ornate Ditzel

About the Authors:

Rolllins James credit to James RollinsJAMES ROLLINS is the New York Times bestseller of thrillers translated into forty languages. His Sigma series has been lauded as one of the “top crowd pleasers” (New York Times) and one of the “hottest summer reads” (People magazine). Acclaimed for his originality, Rollins unveils unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets–and he does it all at breakneck speed. Find James Rollins on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and at

Rebecca Cantrell credit to Angela MarklewREBECCA CANTRELL’s Hannah Vogel mystery novels have won the Bruce Alexander and Macavity awards and been nominated for the Barry and RT Reviewers Choice awards; her critically-acclaimed novel, iDrakula, was nominated for the APPY award and listed on Booklist’s Top 10 Horror Fiction for Youth. She and her husband and son just left Hawaii’s sunny shores for adventures in Berlin. Find Rebecca Cantrell on Facebook, Twitter, and at

Ornate Ditzel


 by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

Q. You now have co-authored two books in “The Order of the Sanguines Series”, how did you decide to join forces? How do two prolific minds work together during the writing process?

Jim:  The seed for this series came during a trip to a museum in Los Angeles, where I found myself staring at Rembrandt’s painting of “The Raising of Lazarus.”  It’s a macabre and dark imagining of this miracle of Christ, and it struck me strange how scared everyone looked in the painting.  This moment started me down a road of reflection about early Catholicism, vampirism, and a story began to unfold, a story that examines the line between faith and science. I knew this could be a huge and groundbreaking new mythology, a story so epic in scope that I knew I didn’t want to tackle this alone.

Rebecca: I met Jim at the Maui Writer’s Conference just before my first novel, A Trace of Smoke, was published.  He was my instructor in a thriller-writing course and we kept in touch after that. I’d just put the finishing touches on my fourth novel when he called me out of the blue about this series with vampires who live on transubstantiated blood.  We spent a long time on that call talking about the world of the Sanguinists and the strigoi. We had very similar visions of that world, and could see what we each would bring to it. The writing process involves a lot of talking on Skype, rewriting, and driving each other generally crazy.

 Q. INNOCENT BLOOD is a terrific blend of supernatural, mystery, and thriller. Which one of these aspects did you develop first in the genesis of the book?

Rebecca: All of them at once, I think. We had already created the supernatural world and the characters that inhabited it, so for the second book we wanted venture further afield in that world and more deeply into the psyches of the characters.

Jim:  It certainly had to be all worked out as a whole, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, every piece had to be examined and turned until if fit just right.  We thought this was important so that the paranormal elements of the story didn’t overwhelm our characters.  Though this series deals with immortal beings and creatures both light and dark, we didn’t want to lose that exploration of the human condition.  To touch a reader emotionally, the story and characters must be accessible and relatable.  To achieve that required all the elements of the story to work in harmony and as a whole tapestry.

Q. Did you face any challenges with writing the second book, INNOCENT BLOOD, that you didn’t face with the debut in the series, THE BLOOD GOSPEL?

Jim:  During the creation of the first book, it was all about world building, creating this landscape where vampires existed and found themselves folded within the cloak of the Catholic Church.  It was also about discovering our main characters, how they were going to engage and react.  With that all established, we were free to build and expand upon that world and more deeply explore our characters.  We initially thought it would be easy, since the groundwork and mythology was already in place, but we quickly learned of a new challenge.

Rebecca:  The new challenge was figuring out how the characters had grown and changed as a result of the events in the first book. They all had strong personalities, but they went through a lot in their search for THE BLOOD GOSPEL, and they haven’t had time to process it all.

 Q. What was the biggest challenge in further developing the characters that appeared in THE BLOOD GOSPEL, for the second book in the Sanguines series, INNOCENT BLOOD?

Rebecca: I answered this one early, didn’t I? Sorry about that. The characters had some intense experiences in the first book, especially Erin, and that leaves a mark. She realized that everything she thought she knew was incomplete—monsters existed in the world and had been leaving their mark on history for thousands of years. This shook up her intellectual worldview, and I think she’s still grappling with it. Plus, of course, the nature of her relationships with Jordan and Rhun changed a lot in the first book, and that makes all of their interactions more complex and emotionally charged.

Jim:  Exactly.  I always dislike books where characters escape great peril with barely a scratch and have no lasting effect.  They get shot in the shoulder on page 4 and are perfectly fine by page 6.  And it’s not just the physical aftermath, but the emotional aftermath of such trauma.  That’s something we explored deeply in this second novel.  Everyone was drastically changed by events in the first book, surviving a trial by fire.  Now they have to put their lives back together, while facing a new and even greater threat.

Q. Christian is such an interesting and dynamic character, is that why you chose to write a prequel, BLOOD BROTHERS, about this character?  How did this character come to life for you both?

Jim:  Christian is first mentioned in passing in THE BLOOD GOSPEL.  Even in that brief reference in the first book, readers were offered a hint that something was different about him.  We knew we always wanted to introduce a “younger” vampire into the Sanguinist fold.

Rebecca: We introduced the older, more experienced Sanguinists in THE BLOOD GOSPEL. Rhun is hundreds of years old, and his mentor, Cardinal Bernard, has been around at least since the Crusades. Even as they live forward in time, their thought patterns and beliefs are based on a very different world. We thought it would be interesting to show what a modern, irreverent Sanguinist might add to the mix. Christian was turned in the late 1960s, so he’s part of the same century as Erin and Jordan. This drives Rhun a bit nuts, which is always fun to watch.

Q. In the INNOCENT BLOOD and its prequel, THE BLOOD GOSPEL, you introduced elements of a ‘mystical and otherworldly’ nature: religion, Scriptures, apocrypha, angelology. Has anything in your research completely shocked you and changed the way you thought about religion or spirituality?

Rebecca: I was surprised by how easy it was to create the Sanguinist/strigoi mythology by using references to existing religious documents. I don’t think there is a vampiric sect in the Catholic Church, for example, but it does dovetail well with many of their traditions: turning wine into the blood of Christ, wearing hoods during the day, rules on chastity. It’s endlessly fascinating.

Jim:  The basic premise started with a simple supposition:  If vampires existed, how might have Christ dealt with such a scourge?  How might the early Church have been changed?  How might it look today?  Rebecca and I attempted to answer those questions, which was a great deal of fun, and in the end, like Rebecca mentioned, it was illuminating how much of the trappings of the Church could be folded into the mythology of vampirism.

Q. In an article published by The Telegraph (UK) few days ago, a fellow suspense writer (Patricia Cornwell) claims she has uncovered one of history’s best-kept secrets: the true identity of Jack The Ripper. Is there an unresolved mystery that you would like to investigate together?

Jim:  I always love dabbling into historical mysteries, those pieces of the past that end in a question mark.  In INNOCENT BLOOD, we attempted to explain the “lost years” of Christ’s childhood, that gap in His chronology between the Slaughter of the Innocents by King Herod and Christ’s appearance as a young teenager.  Where was He before that? Why that gap in Christ’s history?  During our research into this topic, we uncovered many suppositions and tantalizing hints.  That’s what I love best about digging into the past (something I think our main character Erin shares):  that continuing quest for the truth.

Rebecca: Jim’s right.  I tend to be fascinated by ancient mysteries—the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the Voynich Manuscript—and how people have been affected by their quests for knowledge about these objects.

Q. What’s in store for readers in the next book in “The Order of the Sanguines Series”?

Rebecca: I don’t want to give too much away, but the forces unleashed at the end of INNOCENT BLOOD must be battled, and the power contained in both good and evil blood will not be easily contained.

Jim:  Yes, there are some huge surprises in store both for the characters and for our readers.  Some of them even shocked us.  Then again, when you’re dealing with the apocalypse, no one should be safe.

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(Morrow Impulse e-original, on sale 10/30/2012, ISBN 13: 9780062262561, $.99)

Rollins and Cantrell deliver a disturbing short story of vengeance, bloodshed, and creatures that hunt the night while introducing readers to Sergeant Jordan Stone, who is featured in THE BLOOD GOSPEL, the start of the Order of the Sanguine series.  In the haunted war-torn highlands of Afghanistan, amid the ruins of Shahr-e-Gholghol, an archaeology team is massacred in the night. Sergeant Jordan Stone and his crack forensic team are called in to examine the site, to hunt for the perpetrators of this horrific act. But the discovery of a survivor—a child of ten—will shatter all the team knows about life and death.



(Harper mass market, on sale 8/27/13, ISBN: 9780061991059, $9.99)

In his first-ever collaboration, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins combines his skill for cutting-edge science and historical mystery with award-winning novelist Rebecca Cantrell’s talent for haunting suspense and sensual atmosphere in a gothic tale about an ancient order and the hunt for a miraculous book known only as THE BLOOD GOSPEL.  A bold gothic story about an ancient cryptic order and the hunt for a miraculous and forbidden book— a book rumored to have been written by Christ’s own hand, in His own blood, a tome that is said to hold the secrets to Christ’s divinity and miracles.



(Morrow Impulse e-original, on sale 10/22/13, ISBN: 9780062326621, $.99)

From bestsellers Rollins and Cantrell comes a dark story of murder, mystery, and a brotherhood steeped in a bloody past. As a young reporter, Arthur Crane exposed the secrets behind the Orchid Killer, a cult murderer from the late ‘60s whose crimes blackened the end of the Summer of Love. Half a century later, Arthur wakes to find an orchid resting on his pillow, a symbol of death from a killer connected to his estranged younger brother, Christian. To discover the horrifying truth, Arthur will risk all-even his very soul-for Christian may not be the brother that Arthur remembers…

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InnocentBloodHC. c

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Arden, Susan: Blood Brothers (Rocky Mountain Shifters, Book 2)


Title: Blood Brothers (Rocky Mountain Shifters #2)

Author: Susan Arden

Genre: Werewolves, Vampire, Ex-military

Publication Date: September 22, 2013

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

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Blood Brothers1600x2400As wolf shifters, Tristen and Fin’s loyalty knows no bounds. Yet these close shifters lack the ability to speak from the heart. This pervasive silence leaves them without the means to overcome problems plaguing their relationship. Tristen suffers from PTSD and refuses Fin’s suggestions for help. Fin becomes a shifter of fewer and fewer words. As lovers, they meet each other’s beta needs until Fin craves a rougher edge. A kinky edge.

Santo, another ex-soldier and vampire is looking for work, a place to belong after he swears off bloodsucking, given his battlefield experiences. Running security for the head of the local shifter’s council seems perfect. Cue Fin and Tristen to help.

Now, the three come together for a night of kink, learning that sex can be a means to discover deeper desires. Fin and Tristen must decide if they will stay together, or if sex with a seductive vampire is the doorway to the end.

Caution: This tale will tantalize, causing flaming fantasies to the point of searing. Be ready to sweat

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Fin watched as Santo lifted his jacket off the seat of the booth, and extracted an envelope. He slid it across the table to Tris. “My references.”

As a wolf shifter, Santo had lost that sensual allure that had captivated Fin. He was still a powerfully built man, but the fluid, seductive qualities that had fascinated him originally were gone. The wolf was earthy while the vampire was air.

Fin swung his gaze to his partner. Tris’s skin glowed and he appeared pumped, ready for action. Excitement lashed around Fin’s chest. Pulled tight. Tristen was fire, burning and blazing, his heat so consuming it was hard to be next to him without being overtaken and incinerated. It became easy to acquiesce to Tris’s suggestions.

It was also the reason Fin wanted to have a third for one session. Someone who’d make Tristen understand his needs that typically got shoved aside as his lover fucked him every which way except what he needed. Now it was like being in a home pack, a very cagey clan that made him think of running up the valley and along the southern range, and he’d be low man. He had no desire to be a wolf tonight. He wanted seduction in his human form.

What he wanted was candlelight, hot oil, and chilled vodka shots while they explored each other’s bodies.

He glanced at his partner and did a double-take. Tristen casually rubbed his hands down the front of his body, over his very prominent hard-on, and a growl worked up his throat as he smiled that mesmerizing smile of his at Santo. Fin didn’t need to be a mind reader to know Tristen liked what he saw. Goddammit. His lover was actually excited. Now the condom might very well be on the other dick.

Without another thought, he stroked downward along Tristen’s crotch and sure enough, he was ragingly rigid. The man rocked against his fingers, their eyes snapping together. Fin didn’t know if he should laugh or punch Tristen.

“Now who’s ready and willing?” Fin asked dryly.

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Games, goodies and lots of fun. 5-11 PM

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Author Bio:

Author Pic“I don’t write about sex to solely titillate. I write about being in love and that consuming emotion is expressed at every level of human understanding. Whether it’s a paranormal shifter romance weaving a primal instinct into the tension of the story or a woman learning to trust again. This instinct to connect exists and binds us together.”

Susan Arden is a third generation Floridian. Previously, a teacher in the field of special education and biology, now Susan pursues her dream of writing fiction with several releases this year. Crafting sweet and spicy tales, she writes crazy-hot love stories across romance subgenres including contemporary (erotic), Western, fantasy/paranormal, and rock star. Susan also writes under the name of Susan D. Taylor when it comes to mermaids and evil twin sisters.

Susan currently lives in TN along with husband, two cattle dogs, two outlandish cats, a gecko and a corn snake. Having lived through the 70’s, she is currently on a mission to bring back glam rock.

“I love to laugh. More than anything in the world, humor is food for the spirit.”

Connect with the Author:

Blog | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Playlist | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon

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