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Dreamlike State

by  Macy Farmer

The Magic of Black Forest #1

Audience: Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Shifters, Vampires
Formats: E-book and Paperback
Publisher: BookRhythm
Pages: 363 pages
Date Published: December 15, 2014

Natalia spends her days in her dreamlike world fantasizing about love to escape from reality.

Bradley has it all except for the one thing he wants most, a soul mate to spend eternity with. After tragically losing her parents, Natalia takes a vacation that leads her on a journey, which brings them together.

Together they face the challenges of a jealous ex-lover, an estranged father and a sadistic friend. They all have one thing in common, to keep Bradley and Natalia apart. And they’ll do anything to end their relationship, even murder.

Will Bradley and Natalia’s love be enough to defeat all who wish to destroy it?

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Although this is a new song, the more I hear this beautiful song, the more I think of Bradley’s love for Natalia:
The playlist below is the music I played in the background while I wrote The Magic of Black Forest:
· Bring Me To Life
When I was having difficulty I would listen to this song. This song best describes what they felt when they first saw each, before they actually met, before they even spoke to each other.
The moment he saw her, from across the road, before even meeting her… the very vision of her, ‘Woke him up inside.’
That same evening she saw him from across the bar for the first time, stirring up feelings she never knew exist… his sexy crooked smile, “Woke her up inside.’
· Stutter (A LOT)
· Hands All Over (A LOT)
· Get Back In My Life (A LOT)
· Give a Little More
· Misery
· I Can’t Lie
· Runaway
· Never Gonna Leave This Bed
· Brighter Than Sunshine by Aqualung (Repeatedly)
· Hands of Time by Groove Armanda (Repeatedly)
· Look What You’ve Done by Jet
· Breathe (2AM) by Anna Nalick (Repeatedly)
· Mad About You by Hooverphonic
· Trouble by Ray LaMontagne
· Maybe It’s Just Me by Butch Walker
· Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
· Walkin’ on the Sun by Smashmouth
· I’ll Be There for You
· Have a Nice Day
· Lay your hands on me
· Livin’ on a Prayer
· You Give Love a Bad Name
· Bad Medicine
· Can’t Go Back
· Silver Springs
· Rhiannon
· Sisters of the Moon
· Gypsy
· Dreams
· The Chain
· Go Your Own Way
· Second Hand News
· I Don’t Want to Know
· Landslide
· Sara
character bios
Bradley and Natalia
Macy Farmer introduces Natalia Middleton, the heroine, in The Magic of Black Forest: Dreamlike State. The Magic of Black Forest is a series. Natalia tells her story throughout the first four books: Dreamlike State, Awakening, Fate, and Destiny.
Date of Birth: October 31st
Originally From: Lower Bucks County, Pa
Physical Description: A young woman with green eyes and long wavy brownish blonde hair with natural blonde highlights that flows, all one length, down past her mid-back. Wears make-up on special occasions but other than that prefers the natural look. Not a girly girl, Natalia’s nail are manicure free. She’s rather play in the mud than have her nails painted.
Special Talents: Has limited telepathy, psychic visions, and the ability to know when she met someone from one of her past lives. Strangely, with all this supernatural skills she doesn’t know the how, or even what ‘lifetime.’ When it came to men, her ability to see someone else’s thoughts by touching them left her inexperienced. Their impure thoughts always had her running away.
Family Members: Father-Joshua, mother-Lillian, her best friend Melissa and her dog, Seager.
Nick Names: Natty and Nat
Personal History: At the age of 24 is where Natalia’s story begins. Close to her parents, she lived in the apartment above their garage. Her limited telepathy gave her little desire to socialize with acquaintances or strangers. If she wasn’t at work, she was with Seager; the puppy she rescued from a local shelter, and Melissa; her best friend, or her parents. Tragically, her parents were killed by a drunk driver, turning her life upside down. After the funeral, Natalia couldn’t decide whether she should go on the four week vacation she had planned just months before. The need to escape had her packing her bags. With Seager by her side, she headed to Black Forest, Pennsylvania. It’s there, in Black Forest, where she is awakened inside, forever altering her life.
about the author

clip_image008 Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania. The youngest of three, Macy started telling stories at an early age. As a young adult she began writing poems and short stories.

Today, Macy, a romantic with a creative imagination spends most of her free time writing. If she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys riding ATV’s with her husband on the trails of upper Pennsylvania’s State Forests.

Her love for writing romance, reading and life, led her to fulfill her childhood dreams of becoming a Paranormal Romance Writer.

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Tour Schedule – One Week Blog Tour for
Dreamlike State by Macy Farmer
The Magic of Black Forest #1
from Jan 12 to Jan 20, 2015.
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Destiny Book Blitz


The Tranquilli Blood Line Series #2

By Celia Breslin


Published:  November 3rd, 2014

Publisher:   Champagne Book Group

Word Count:   74,000

Cover Artist:   Ellie Smith

Genre:  Urban Fantasy Romance

Content Warning:  Sexual situations, violence, and profanity

Recommended Age:  17+


About the Book

Picture of a fast moving cars at night


In HAVEN, San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli survives a vicious attack by her vampire family’s longtime archenemies. Several weeks later, as she struggles with PTSD and survivor’s guilt, supervillain Dixon resurfaces and kidnaps two of her best friends. To save them, Carina must comply with the evil bastard’s unusual demands. The kicker? She must tell no one what she is up to.

Meanwhile, she has a new dance club to open for the preternatural community, a fated soul mate acting secretive and distant, and a sexy, new, undead friend who’d love to take Alexander’s place in her heart and bed.

Blackmailed, betrayed, tempted…sometimes destiny has a wicked sense of humor.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads



My day moved from ordinary to interesting when the deliveryman handed me a box that smelled of blood.

The scent made my mouth water. Pungent iron mixed with, of all things, lavender. My thoughts flew straight to Tessa, my surrogate vampire mother. When she pulled out one of her specialty powers, the one I fondly referred to as vampire valium, this relaxing, floral herb scented the air and reduced friend or foe to a boneless, helpless puddle.

I shut the front door on the retreating back of the deliveryman and wiggled the box. Nothing rattled inside. Not particularly heavy, less than ten pounds.

A peace offering, perhaps? Tessa certainly owed me one.

She’d commanded her minion, my boyfriend Alexander, to star in a two-month classical music tour of Italy, performing nightly for vampire dignitaries and their lucky minions. While I, the good little predestined, vampire apocalypse averting, Chosen One in training, remained behind in San Francisco to learn how to kick naughty vampire ass with my latent and rather unwieldy fire power.

“Hey boys,” I called up to the second floor where my friend Adrian and his lover, my mentor Jonas, took their sweet time descending for breakfast. “Bloody prezzie just arrived. And I do mean that literally.”

Silence answered my shout, followed by the whoosh of water in the master bathroom shower and a husky laugh from Adrian. Given that sexy sound, I could expect a delay. Jonas tended to make their showers last forever.

A jolt of jealousy stabbed my stomach. Wish I could enjoy some fun and sexy time with my guy. I shrugged off the sensation and strode into the kitchen. “Fine. More for me.”

I parked my ass in a chair and slid the box onto the table to study it. No return address or package info. Not that surprising. Vampires tended to aim for stealth and subtlety, to fly under the radar of the general human populace. One of Tessa’s minions probably compelled the delivery dude, or he belonged to the circle of humans already in-the-know.

I ripped off the tape in one pull and peeked inside. No packing peanuts, but rather a nest of lavender branches speckled with droplets of blood, as if the branches themselves bled. Beautiful, aromatic, and so very vampire.

A wine box large enough for two bottles rested in the nest. Cold to the touch, indicating recent refrigeration. I lifted it out, trailing my fingers over the gold latch, the dark, glossy wood, the Celtic knots carved into each end, and finally over the initials on top. My initials, C A T. Short for Carina Agostina Tranquilli.

What a well-crafted and thoughtful gift. I bet the wine inside would be equally well-made.

I flipped the latch and opened the lid. My brows collided. Not wine.

Nine vials of blood about the size of my ring finger rested side by side in black velvet bedding.


About the Author

Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for vampires, werewolves, and the Fae. When not writing, you’ll find her exercising, reading a good book or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

Connect with the Author

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Website | Blog



There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:

  • One lucky winner will receive an eBook copy of Haven (Tranquilli Bloodline #1) and Vampire Code

Giveaway is International.

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The Chosen One Trilogy Book Blast

The Chosen One Trilogy

*This series contains adult situations not suitable for younger readers*

Life for
Hayden had never been overly exciting and that was the way she liked it,
so when she meets the gorgeous Jasper on a trail in the woods it never
occurs to her that life as she knows it is about to change. Quiet and
mysterious, Jasper draws her attention like nothing she’s felt before.
Suddenly, she finds herself a part of a world she never would have
guessed existed and learns of a future she isn’t sure she’s ready for.
Is or not she believes it, there are many who do and this makes life
dangerous. Hayden must find a way to escape being captured, save the man
she loves, and decide where she stands in the balance of good and

I turned my attention to Braw.

“Tomorrow night, we will have a small demonstration of your power. You
will help me liberate five beings from their demons. If all goes well,
we will wait four nights until the moons align with the star of Juns and
when the magic of this world is at its peak, we will channel the power
of Laif through the entire world, whereupon we will rid the world of

My jaw dropped. “You’ll kill them all!”

Braw shook his head. “No dear. We will free them.”

“You don’t get it!” I could feel panic taking a hold of me. “The
Namaels, the Majs, they’re not possessed! That’s just who they are! It’s
genetic!” I looked up at Brice and was shocked by the blank look on his
face. “Brice! You have to explain to him. It will kill you!”

Brice turned slowly to look at me, his eyes wide.Hayden has made up her mind. If she doesn’t pick sides between the
Namaels and the Majs then innocent beings won’t die because of her. Of
course, things can never be that simple and when she is taken prisoner
by the humans a whole new problem arises. It doesn’t take long before
everything she thought she knew no longer makes sense. Could it be
possible that the prophecy was wrong?

Rainen looked up in time to see my horse come crashing into the ground
just a few feet away from her. Her eyes widened as she gazed into the

“Hayden! Shield!”

I threw my shield out to cover everyone who was closest to me. I felt my
energy touch Rainen’s and I glanced at her before looking up to see
what had made the screeching sound in the sky. My first thought was
about dropping my shield and to welcome the dragon flying over us. My
second thought was that this was no dragon. The creature in question had
to be to same size as Faren, the fire dragon I was bonded to, who was
about thirty feet long. Well, the same length as Faren. Whatever this
was it was lacking the bulk of a dragon. It looked more like a snake
with wings and ten sets of legs. It was covered from head to tail in
oily looking brown feathers.

I felt the push of magic come from up above and I pushed against it with
my own. The energy receded as the creature flew past us. I started to
pull back my shield and felt Rainen doing the same. The screeching sound
came again. Rainen swore under her breath.As the final battle draws near, Hayden must deal with personal loss,
unexpected good news, and the usual attempts on her life. Was the
prophecy right and can she do everything that is expected of her? Can
she go through with her plan when just one mistake could wipe out
everyone she loves?


All of Mireille’s books can be found here

**December Sale**

For the month of December, Crossover will be free and Journey & Destiny will be just .99 cents each!


Chester is a stay at home mom of three children and wife to an
amazingly supportive husband. Her time is spent playing with the kids,
reading, writing, and watching movies with her hubby.

is a fantasy author who loves to spend time in made up worlds filled
with magic. She is a firm believer that no hero is perfect and that all
villains are burdened with a tiny shred of humanity. While she writes
her Adult and YA novels under the name Mireille Chester, she is now
writing a middle grade series under the name M.G. Chester.

Amazon | B&N | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

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Dangerous Beauty Series Promo Tour

Dangerous beauty Promo

Dangerous Beauty Part 1:

Destiny Synopsis

Dangerious Beauty pt1 destiny

One day in a beautiful garden a young half Italian, half Russian boy met the daughter of his father’s African American business associate for the first time. Nineteen years later destiny brought them together for a second time.

After the tragic death of his mother, Nathan Salerno decided to live a life devoid of love. His only goal in life was to live up to the expectations of his highly feared Mafia Boss father and make him proud to have him as an heir. As the anniversary of his mother’s passing drew near Nathan prepared to do what he did every year— disappear. When his childhood friends convinced him to join them on a vacation instead, Nathan’s life was changed forever.

Carter Steele couldn’t remember her mother and thought she would never heal from witnessing her father’s murder. After that tragic night she moved to Hope Beach under a new identity. Her new life was far different from her previous one and hiding her true identity was harder and lonelier than she’d ever expected. That was until she spotted the handsome blond in the BMW.

Will Nathan and Carter’s love survive the obstacles they face?

Dangerious beauty Teaser



Chapter 4: Beautiful Stranger

The plane ride to Hope Beach was the most fun Nathan had experienced in a long time. He’d forgotten how much fun it was to hang out with Mickey, and even though he didn’t say it out loud, he was kind of looking forward to the trip with his brothers.

When they got off the plane Nathan was greeted by the warm winds and sunny sky. He was glad they made it to Hope Beach before dark so he could look around the “little piece of heaven,” as Kyle called it. And he was right. Hope Beach was beautiful. The sunny sky, warm breeze, the beautiful luxury homes, manicured lawns, and the gorgeous Hope Garden, all took Nathan’s breath away. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful assorted flowers that gave the garden a rainbow effect. It made him remember his mother. She loved gardens and she’d spent most of her time tending to her own. Gardening was a skill she had taught Nathan when he was very young. His father would always tell her that it wasn’t a skill that a man needed to possess, but his mother continued to teach him anyway. Nathan didn’t mind it at all, as a matter of fact, it brought him peace. Together-with the help of professionals- he and his mother built a beautiful garden that Nathan hadn’t visited since her death.

Nathan was still admiring the beauty as he waited for the stop light to change. When he looked up he saw the light was still red, so he turned his attention back to the garden. He noticed a large rose garden full of beautiful roses of various colors and his eyes settled on the yellow patch, those were his mother’s favorite. He remembered how she used them as decoration in their home and on his favorite big white gazebo, and the memory brought a smile to his face. It was memories like these that made him miss her even more.

He was enjoying the good memories of his mother when he noticed a pair of gorgeous brown legs appear in front of the yellow roses directly in his line of sight. His eyes began to journey upward to see the owner of those beautiful legs only to find a woman with her back toward him. She bent forward and picked up a rose that wasn’t rooted in the ground, giving Nathan a mouthwatering view of her incredible ass in the pair of khaki shorts she wore. Damn, he thought biting down on his bottom lip. She had the perfect ass, round, plump, and it looked soft as hell. Nathan was sure it would fit so perfectly in his hand.

When she stood up, she flipped her beautiful long hair over her shoulder. Nathan didn’t know if he had ever seen hair that beautiful before; it was like a thick black cloud that made its way down, ending in the middle of her back. It looked so soft; Nathan yearned to feel it against his skin. His eyes traveled to her beautiful legs again and he admired her gorgeous skin tone. God, her skin looked as smooth as silk, and so sweet like a rich Hershey’s chocolate bar. He really wished she would turn around so he could see her face.

And he got his wish.

When she turned around, for the second time in minutes, something in Hope Beach had taken Nathan’s breath away.

He was stuck, gazing at the stunning woman standing in the rose garden. She looked to be far away in thought as a small smile appeared on her beautiful face. She brought the rose up to the most beautiful full lips Nathan had ever seen, and placed a soft kiss on it. Nathan’s breath caught as a rush of memories flashed through his mind of him and his mother in their garden. His mother would pick up one of her roses and kiss it then recite something she made up that Nathan just couldn’t remember at the moment.

Shaking his head of the memory, his attention went back to the beauty in the garden. Her hair blew in the wind, and the sun kissed her smooth milk chocolate skin perfectly. She looked like an angel. Nathan was fighting to stay in the car, but it was like an invisible force was pushing him to jump out of the car, take her in his arms, and kiss her senseless. He wanted to know her name. No, he needed to know her name. He needed to know the memory that put that beautiful smile on her face. He needed to know w-

“Nathan! Hello, earth to Nathan!”

Nathan blinked rapidly and shook his head. What the fuck was wrong with him? Was he actually considering jumping from his car to run across the street and confess his love to a complete stranger? Holy shit…

He looked at Mickey, who was giving him a striking What-the-Fuck look. Nathan frowned. “What?”

Mickey pointed to the traffic light. “It’s green. It’s been green. Where the hell were you man?”

He could hear the horns blare from the drivers behind him but he wanted to steal one more peek at the beautiful stranger. When he looked her way once more, his breath caught in his chest. She was looking at him! She had a confused expression on her face, most likely wondering why the idiot in the black BMW was holding up traffic. Their eyes met, and damn it, Nathan was stuck again!

Her eyes were the most beautiful hazel with a hint of green and they held him captive, he was powerless against them. A slow smile appeared on her beautiful face and Nathan couldn’t help but mirror her smile. She raised her hand and waved at him which made him smile wider. She let out a shy giggle and shook her head, and Nathan could have sworn he swooned like a little bitch.

Nathan was completely captivated by her. Her smile was warm and her eyes were expressive, it was like they were having a conversation without even speaking to one another. He was going to run to her, he needed to run to her. God, why the hell did he want to run to her? What the fuck was wrong with him?….

Purchase Links

AMAZON US ~ http://goo.gl/ljZ6rX

AMAZON UK ~http://goo.gl/DeYYhe


Dangerious Beauty Teaser 2



Dangerous Beauty Part 2:

A Mafia Princess

Dangerious Beauty Pt1


Carterina Anastacia Stone wakes up from the most terrifying experience of her life to find that her life has been totally flipped upside down. Nathan Salerno is her gorgeous fiancé she can’t remember even meeting, and the mother she thought abandoned her, is demanding to be a part of her life.

Lies. Secrets. The truth. Each of them has a deadly consequence that seem to guarantee that Nathan and Carter will have to spend their entire lives looking over their shoulders. Carter feels like a walking target and Nathan’s determined to make her feel safe again. While revelations threaten to pull them apart, Carter and Nathan fight hard to keep their love strong.

This and more in Part two of the edge of your seat trilogy Dangerous Beauty Part Two – A Mafia Princess.

Dangerous Beauty pt2 Teaser



Chapter 1: I Love you…

No one ever warns you about what happens when you fall in love. But why would they? There’s no point. When it happens, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

When you fall in love, you don’t just give your heart, you give your entire self. You put your heart in the hands of another, and that person becomes a lifeline. Your heart beats for them. They are the air you breathe. They are your smile, your laugh, your joy, and your sadness. That single person has the power to build you up until you feel a hundred feet tall—or shatter you, leaving you broken and scrambling to pick up the pieces of who you once were. Of who you were with them.

Love does this—

What happens if that person dies? What happens when the person who holds your beating heart in their hands no longer lives? Do you die with them? Well, that would certainly be easier than trying to continue life without your heart, your smile, your laughter, your joy—and even your sadness.

How can you continue living in a world without the one person that made your life so much more than it was before?

One day at a time?


How can you make it to the next day if there is no tomorrow? If there is no year from now?

If you lose the person that makes you more than you were before you met, life becomes one long drawn-out day. The misery never ends, and there is no moving on.

“The One”. You hear people say it all the time. How they want to find “The One”. Well, what if you found “The One” and they were taken from you. How do you continue to live, sanely, in a world without “The One” person that fit you perfectly?


Quick Answer. You Don’t . . .

That was the conclusion Nathan came to when he slipped into hysterics, Carter lying unconscious in his arms.

“Carter! Carter, wake up, baby!” He gently touched her face. “Wake up, Carter. Please! Let me see your eyes, honey.” Her eyes remained closed. “Carter, I’m begging you! Baby, open your eyes. Carter, please! Carter! Honey, open your eyes! Carter, wake up!”

When Carter’s eyes remained shut, Nathan held her close and did something he hadn’t done since he was a child. He cried. He held her tightly in his arms, begging and praying to God and anyone else who was listening to bring her back to him. He would give everything he possessed just to hear her voice, to see her smile at him, to hear her musical laugh, to have her grow old with him. He begged and pleaded while burying his face in Carter’s neck.


Nathan lifted his head quickly at the sound of Carter’s voice. Her eyelids fluttered open, and she looked up at him through glassy eyes.

Nathan sighed with relief, “Carter, baby, thank God. Look at me, honey, and try to stay awake for me.”

“Nathan, it hurts,” she cried softly.

The doors of the elevator opened, and Nathan rushed in, carrying Carter, while Anastasia quickly pressed the button for the first floor.

“I know, honey. I know. I’ll get you to the hospital as quickly as I can,” Nathan said frantically. He held her close as the elevator began its descent.

Nathan couldn’t think straight while she was in his arms, barely conscious. He would never be able to forgive himself for not keeping her safe from this. He didn’t understand how Mitchell had managed to pull this off, but he’d find out. He knew that Mitchell, Kent, and Patrick couldn’t have pulled this off without allies on the inside helping them get past security and gain control of the elevators. Nathan silently vowed at that moment that he would find every man involved and make him pay—severely.

He focused on Carter. He could see she was struggling to stay awake. When her eyes began to close again, Nathan gave her a light shake. “Carterina, baby, keep your eyes open.” She looked up at him, her eyes glistening with tears. She slowly brought her hand to his face and wiped away his own. “I need you, Carter,” he confessed as more tears fell. “I need you, I can’t live without you, baby. I need you to fight for me. Please,” he pleaded with her desperately.

A sob escaped Carter’s lips, “I’m so sorry, Nathan.” She winced when pain shot through her head, but she didn’t stop talking, “I made a mistake. I’m so sorry,” she cried.

Nathan pressed his face against hers, “No, no, baby. Don’t apologize. This isn’t your fault, its mine. But I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

“No, Nathan. It is my fault. You don’t understand. I made a mistake.” She took a deep shaky breath as the sobs continued to fall from her lips. “I made a mistake. He warned me not to mess up, but I did,” she cried.

“Carter, I don’t understand. Who warned you?”

“My father,” she sobbed. “I turned away from them. I could have killed them, but I turned away. I’m so sorry.” She cried and cried as Nathan held her close, trying his best to calm her.

“Shh . . . Don’t cry, мое красивое Роуз. Please . . . I can’t take it,” he said as he placed soft kisses atop her tears.

“I don’t . . . I don’t know how much longer I can stay awake, Nathan . . . I can’t—”

“Yes, you can, Carter!”

“No, I can’t,” she cried. “I pr-promise I’ll come back to you, Nathan, but I . . . I . . .”

Carter felt herself drifting again. She could faintly hear Nathan yelling her name as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and darkness once again overtook her.

Purchase Links

AMAZON US ~ http://goo.gl/P1k133

AMAZON UK ~ http://goo.gl/S3sNDe

 Dangerous Beauty Pt 2 Taeser 2


About the Author

Born and raised in Missouri, I am a dreamer with an active imagination. I am in my 20’s and have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. My dream is to one day make a mark in this world. I want do something that I will be remembered for, be someone people can respect. I have a big heart, and even bigger smile, and I love to read a good story. A perfect evening for me would include a glass of wine, chocolate, and a romance novel on my kindle. I have an overactive imagination and enjoy putting together a good story with raw emotion and shocking secrets. Dangerous Beauty is the first novel I have ever written and I hope to write many more in the future.

Connect with the Author





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Destiny Blog Tour


Destiny by Clara Fox ~ Blog Tour

Last Moment Series Book 1

Destiny BT Banner.jpg

Sept. 29th- Oct. 8th


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20554558-destiny?from_search=true



Alexandra “Alex” Walton has the life she always wanted for herself. A stable career with plenty of advancement opportunity, Paige, her best friend of a decade as her roommate, and best of all, her amazing boyfriend of three years, attorney Ryan Stewart.

One night Alex and Paige are out having some harmless karaoke fun, when an unreal opportunity presents itself. With her best friend by her side every step of the way, Alex takes on this new experience to see if her dreams could really come true. To be the lead singer of a rock band is not a position you are offered every day. Especially a band that has entered a showcase competition, where the grand prize is the chance to open for a multi-platinum selling group of rockers that is currently on a worldwide tour. That famous band is also fronted by none other than the sinfully sexy, Noah Dreagan, who seems to be drawn to Alex, and emits an energy that could easily pull her in.

Battling nerves and insecurities, Alex digs deep inside to find a confidence she had long forgotten, and embarks on a journey that leaves her questioning whether she still believes that everything happens for a reason.

“What happens when ‘Destiny’ comes along and changes everything?



‘Destiny’ is on sale for 99¢ until Oct 8th

Get your copy today!


Buy Links:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1xm0ovT

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1AfFGtT

B&N: http://bit.ly/1uoU5De

iTunes: http://bit.ly/WpcUtz

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1oNpyJH

Scribd: http://bit.ly/1qlAF1N

Page Foundry/inktera: http://bit.ly/YilTOU

Destiny Teaser- 4.jpg




About the Author

Clara Fox lives in the Washington, D.C. area, affectionately known as Northern Virginia (or NoVA). She’s a married to a man who loves hockey and sports as
much as she does. She reads close to 3 books a week, even when writing (it’s the only way she can escape and get quiet with two young kids at home). She
joins the normal full time working force during the day and plays writer on her laptop at night. Dual life…she isn’t a Gemini for nothing.

Follow her on:

Facebook: @AuthorClaraFox

Twitter: @ClaraFoxAuthor

and #teamlastmoment



As I am stepping off the stage, a man approaches me and asks to speak with me about a singing opportunity. A bit skeptical, I invite him to sit down with Paige and me. He gives us both his card, which has his name and title:

Matthew Crench—Music Producer/Promoter

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass Records

He informs us that he’s hosting an upcoming showcase called Stella NoVA, and is looking for some local talent. He needs a vocalist to front a band that will play in the show, which is actually a contest. The prize is the opportunity to open for a band whose tour is coming into town in the near future. However, he does not disclose which band or what venue. He tells us he has been to a few other places and has seen me sing a few other times as well.

I look over at Paige and she just shrugs because that could be true. I know a place to sing karaoke every night of the week. Luckily for me, each of those places are in decent locations that Paige feels are nice enough so she doesn’t mind tagging along when I want to go, which is pretty often.

I have no idea how many times he has heard me sing or, more specifically, what he has heard me sing.

Just as I start to wonder what expectations he may or may not have of me, Matthew’s voice brings me back to the moment. “Listen, if I didn’t think there was talent here, I never would’ve come over to talk to you, Alex. By the way, is your name just Alex?”

My cheeks warm and I’m immediately annoyed with myself because I never blush over things like my name. “My name is Alexandra, but I prefer everyone just call me Alex,” I say with as much confidence in my voice as possible.

“That’s very pretty,” Matthew offers with a smile before he continues what he was saying, his gaze shifting between Paige and me. “I really think you have what it takes, Alex, to pull this group together that we’ve created and win Stella. Possibly to go even further. Only time will tell with that, but I really think you’ve got it.”

I must be smiling because as he finishes, his eyes are full of hope.

“Okay, I’m going to have a woman named Amber Wesley give you a call in the next day or so. She’s the manager of this group, so she will arrange everything for you to meet them, and then get rehearsals started right away. Stella NoVA is this coming Friday night.”

Still unable to speak, I must be looking at him like he has more than a few heads because he starts to laugh. “Hey, don’t worry, you only have to perform one song at the show. It will be just fine; I know you will be a perfect fit.” His gaze drifts to Paige as if for backup. He won’t get it from her; she’s on my side.

Paige puts her hand on my leg, giving a reassuring squeeze, and says, “Hey, I’ll be there with you every step of the way if you decide to do this.” She stresses the word ‘if’ so Matthew hears it loud and clear. I nod and exhale before finally speaking.

“Wow, that’s a pretty amazing offer. And I think I’d be crazy to turn something like this down.” His smile is wide but I square my shoulders and it soon falters a bit as he realizes I’m about to get serious. “But Matthew, please let me make this very clear. If I don’t like any part of this, I’m out. You

He starts nodding right away. “Absolutely, Alex, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re uncomfortable with anything, just let either Amber or me know immediately. We’ll make it right or you can walk away. But I would hope you would at least give us the opportunity to make it right first.”

“Okay, Matthew. I’ll give this a shot,” I agree on an exhale, almost as if I had been holding my breath.

“Great, Alex! That’s fantastic news. I’m so happy you’re going to do this. Let me get your number so I can pass it along to Amber. I’ll also give you my personal cellphone number so that you can contact me directly if there’s any problems along the way, okay?” I nod, and quickly jot down my information, the pen shaky in my hand from the excitement coursing through my veins.

Matthew sits with us for another thirty minutes during which I’m called up again to sing another

song. For the first time in years of singing karaoke, I actually feel nervous, even though it’s a song I’ve sang so many times before. I know it’s because of the gentleman sitting at our table watching me.

When I return, Paige does her usual cheerleading thing and such, telling me how good I am, and this time Matthew joins in the praise with her. He tells us more about Stella and the location where it will be held, and a little about what to expect.

When Matthew gets up to leave, I immediately shoot out of my chair, hand extended and goofy smile straining my cheeks. “I can’t thank you enough for offering me this opportunity. I’ll do my best not to let you down.”

“Alex, I think there’s something very special about you, and I think it’s time that everyone discovers that, too. Don’t worry, you won’t let me down. I’m sure of it,” he says, shaking my hand a moment longer than necessary and flashing us an amazing grin.

He starts to gather his things to leave and for the first time since he introduced himself, I notice Matthew Crench has teal blue eyes that set off his light brown hair which is slightly longer on the top but nice and short on the sides. Paige surely noticed his attractiveness right away, and now with all of the business over and done with, she offers to walk him out with her own signature smile. He of course agrees and we say our goodbyes.