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Xavier Neal

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A classic story of good vs. evil and two couples, generations apart, with ties closer than any of them realize. Can Shep and Lilly right the wrongs of a lifetime of obsessions and mistakes before an entire world wilts away or will the lies and secretes tear them apart?

Includes bonus stories, Serephina, Jax, and Denali as well as bonus “behind the scenes” content!

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Marital Blissaster Release

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Marital Blissaster

Marital Blissaster

by Brooklyn Taylor

~How far would you go to save your marriage?~

Synopsis(Adult Content)
Callie Hartley has everything she has ever asked for. She married the one man she knew she couldn’t live without after losing him once and vowing to never let him go again. Her life is exactly what she had hoped for.
Madison Reid pretended she had everything but inside she was a lost soul. She had an unhappy marriage, spent her days resenting her life. She was lonely and underappreciated. She strived for a life of happiness and to make her forget what she passed up years ago, her dreams.
One woman will fight for her marriage that starts to crumble before her eyes while the other throws it away carelessly.
A friendship between them that they thought would last a life time is changed forever by decisions that can’t be reversed.
Opportunities enter their lives and they have to determine if the risks are worth the rewards. Can doubt or guilt eat a person alive?
How far would you go to save your marriage?
If you had never truly been loved would you risk it all when you thought you could?

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Cinderfella New Release

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Cinderfella 1


Xavier Neal has done it again with her newest novel! Cinderfella is a story of love, acceptance and truly believing that there can be a happy ending if you just believe! Get your copy of this NA novel today, and fall in love with Cinderfella!

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“Perfect body. Perfect car. Perfect life. So, what could a girl like that ever want from a guy like me? The guy with holes in his sneakers. The guy who can barely afford to eat. The guy with an unexpected secret. What could a princess like that want from me? After all fairy tales don’t exist in real life…do they?”


Never Say Goodbye Flash Sale

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Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goobye

by Angie Merriam

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Friday – 99¢ & Saturday – $1.99

Sex legend. Rock God. Addict. Elijah Briston may have grown up the sweetheart next door but he was morphed into a music deity through a tragic turn of events. When he finally hits rock bottom of a soulless existence, the very thing that threw him into the pit will be the only thing worth climbing out for. What happens to a rock star when the ghosts of his past become the saviors of his future?


Collapse Pre-Order Sale

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by Xavier Neal

Special Forces Horn Unit Member, Michael Love, is best known for his smart mouth and sexual conquests. However, when a mission forces him to revisit his painful past, he is turned inside out. If the pressure from that wasn’t enough, he’s asked for a favor by the only girl who he could never tell no. Between the two missions will this Special Forces member survive or will the weight of it all force him to Collapse?

(Can be read as a Standalone, but is a novel in the Havoc Series)


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Under His Discretion Release

Under His Discretion

by Stacy Von Haegert

Stacy Von Haegert

Their legends have haunted the history books for hundreds of years, dating back to when the White Rose ruled majestically over England. On Nov 23, 1499 a country, divided in secret, watched as King Henry sat from atop his red velvet throne. They watched with baited breath as the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, nodded his regal head and smiled towards his beautiful Irish wife. No cheers rang out it was said when the scaffolding was kicked out from under his feet. Not a word was muttered when the body of who most of the world believe to be Richard, the only living son of Edward of York was cut down. The last of the passionate, mysterious and chivalrous Plantagenet’s bloodline fell to the ground with a thousand dropped white roses from loyalist hands on that cold winter’s day. It was then said, the carriage carrying the young widow on her way home was called to a stop by a stream. The beautiful raven-haired woman exited the rig, bowed her head and dropped a single white rose into the babbling brook. As the delicate petals drifted down and into their watery grave she recited a poem, her palm laid to rest on her abdomen.
It fell with no thought at all… It landed with a graceful, yet deliberate nod. So accepting was its fate. So brilliant its sacrifice. Trusting with knowledge that its loss would be felt and eventually its death, avenged…It fell with no thought at all, save one…My son…

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