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Blood Reaction


For the Sake of Revenge

by D.L. Atha

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For the Sake of Revenge

For-The-Sake-Of-RevengeHow far was Tamara willing to go for the sake of revenge? And who would pay the price? She didn’t know as she tipped the bottle of vampire blood up to her lips but she was about to find out.

Stepping off the ferry in Sitka, Alaska was bittersweet for Tamara Semenov. A decade earlier she had abandoned her mother and high school sweetheart, Peter, to marry a man she hardly knew only to find herself in an abusive relationship. Now ten years later, she had escaped with her life but at what cost. Her mother was dead.

Although the police had ruled her mother’s death an accident, Tamara was convinced her estranged husband was to blame and to make matters worse, she knows she is his next target.

While putting her mother’s affairs in order, Tamara finds the blood of a vampire named Adrik, who as a human was falsely accused of raping a wealthy Russian heiress and excommunicated from the Church. For the sake of revenge, he willing condemned himself to vampirism.

Learning that the blood could tie the living to the undead, Tamara seeks out a connection with the long buried vampire in hopes of striking a deal, his freedom for her revenge. Will he be the edge she needs to out maneuver her estranged husband or will she become entangled in a two century old web of revenge?

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Blood-ReactionAnnalice, a single mother and physician, is ready to immerse herself in the mundane chores of her farm as a diversion from her hectic professional life. But she becomes the victim of a home invasion, the supernatural kind. Vindictive and cruel, Asa, a century old vampire, takes brutal control of her life and home.

Forcing her to strike a bargain in exchange for her daughter’s life, Annalice must not only accept his presence but also bow to his depravity. Facing threats to her only child, she relies on her skills as a physician to unravel the clues to the vampire’s existence, attempting to beat him at his own game.

Caught in a race against a genetic timeline, Annalice struggles to survive the Blood Reaction.

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For the Sake of Revenge Excerpt

Chapter 1

“Uppyr.” I breathed the word out between sips of steaming hot tea as I squinted down at the aged label clinging to the ancient bottle I held in my other hand.

Have I read that right? I questioned myself. It had been a few years since I’d read any Russian writings, but as I studied the word again, I was certain of its meaning.

“Vampire,” I spoke aloud this time, translating from Russian to English, hoping it sounded less insane.

I gave it a few seconds to let the syllables sink in, saying it over a few times in my head.

No, it still sounded insane.

A second word was elegantly scrawled onto the label, but in the dim lighting, I couldn’t make it out. Casting a sideways look at the cold fire burning in the hearth, I scooted as far forward on the couch as I could without leaving the coziness of the blanket I’d wrapped up in and focused all my efforts on reading the label; my face screwed up with the effort.

Krov,” I sounded it out, searching my mind for the meaning.

Blood. Grandmother had used the word from time to time, usually in some ancient reference to a curse—or when hunting. Occasionally, these two strangely different subjects had collided in her world.

Uppyr krov. Vampire blood,” I spoke aloud to the empty house. Then I laughed, but only a little. I am of Russian descent after all, and we don’t limit ourselves to the normal thoughts of traditional Americans; hence always keeping a broom visible in the corner of the living room and the horseshoe over the doorway. The horseshoe isn’t an Alaskan custom. Mom had just borrowed the idea from her southern friend Gloria, but in her world, you could never be too careful.

With the exception of a date on the label—January 26, 1808—there were no other markings on the bottle. No serial numbers or expiration dates stamped into the glass to suggest it was modern; the vial was slightly misshapen with an old and withered cork stuffed deep into the neck of the glass.

Despite the date written on the bottle, the contents flowed freely. No dried remnants clung to the sides of the vial; no clots stuck to the bottom.

It looks very fresh for two-hundred-year-old blood,

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It is my pleasure to welcome DL Atha to Room With Books.

DL please tell us about yourself in no more than 15 words.

I’m a doctor turned writer, mother of three, with some crazy stories in my head.

We are promoting your two books on this blog, can you tell us a little about one of them?

Blood Reaction is the story of a single female physician who suffers a supernatural home invasion.  In order to survive, she has to dig deep inside of her self and her medical training to save not only her own life but her only child’s as well.  It’s a story of the love of a mother for her child as well as betrayal and the budding of romance.

Blood reaction is a vampire novel that has a very strong medical theme, what made you decide on that route?

As a physician, I see things first as a scientist and I can certainly see the possibilities of what is “paranormal” now as “science” in the future. Plus it’s easier to write about the familiar.

Blood Reaction is also the first in a series, what can we look forward to next?

Annalice, the main character, has to face her new future in the second installment.  She was somehwat judgemental in some ways of Asa, the vampire. She’s about to find out that this life is not as easy as she thought.  Plus she meets a hot new vampire!!

One of the things I loved most about your writing is how tightly knit the plot is, you introduce just the right amount of detail at just the right time and your characters used sparingly for a specific purpose and the result to me is an uncluttered novel…..I’d like you tell us a bit about your writing style.

With Blood Reaction, I really wanted the reader to feel the isolation of the main character.  To feel as though they were right there in that farmhouse.  I never truly described her physical appearance so that they reader would picture themselves or someone to whom they could relate.

I know that you not only enjoy writing vampire novels but reading them as well, what is it about this genre that appeals has such appeal for you?

The legends of the vampire are deep and have long historical ties.  I find them fascinating on all levels.  I’ve done extensive research and the more I learn about the legends, the more I want to learn.

What other styles do you write in?

I also write some medical non-paranormal thrillers but paranormal is my favorite

How do you deal with writer’s block?

When I have writer’s block, it is essential that I have time to myself.  Just to think and imagine.  I do a lot of verbal role playing out loud with my characters, which I’m sure sounds strange, but it really helps.

Answer the following:

One of my happiest memories is……

My happiest moment was my first horse ride.  Such freedom, such liberation!

My singular eccentricity is……

I have to leave one swallow in my glass of whatever I’m drinking.  I have no idea why.

I am most productive when……

I’m stressed and sleep deprived.

I can’t stand…..

Seeing food go to waste.

Writers who have influenced my life and writing are (and why)….

I have always wanted to have the ability to make a character be so memorable that the reader would feel like they actually knew that person.  Margaret Mitchell only wrote one book but after I read it, I would have sworn Scarlett O’Hara had been my next door neighbour.  That is talent!!

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About DL Atha:

AuthorDL Atha, having the good fortune to have been raised in rural western Arkansas, resides there still with her husband and three children where together they enjoy the farm life.

She earned her MD in 1999, and currently enjoys the practice of hospital medicine and wound care which she performs full time in a nearby town.

She is currently working on the sequel to Blood Reaction.

For the Sake of Revenge was her first venture into non-medical fiction.

A few of her favorite things are chocolate, anything old but especially old houses, gardening, and horses.

Her least favorite things are getting up early, anything that happens before nine a.m. and constricting clothing.

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In Her Own Words

I became a doctor because I loved science and wanted to save the world.  Not because I enjoyed dressing up, was good at public speaking or even had nominal social graces.

I was the geek girl at the front of the class in elementary school, the charter member of the band club in high school, and as nerdy in college as I was in high school.  I’m sure you’ve seen my type and so can understand how I loathed this yearly night of torture.

 The other ladies at the table were all in their evening gown regalia. I had been very careful to not wear the same dress by accident or repeat a dress from a few years before. Such an accident could lead to months of embarrassment. My heels were right and reasonably comfortable and I’d even managed to stay upright as I walked in. My hair was still decent after a long day of call and for once, even my make-up fit in with the evening’s format. And to make the night even smoother, I’d as of yet to make a Star trek joke or snort when I laughed. I was feeling optimistic. And that’s when it happened.

Dr. Stiff, the cardiologist, (the names have been changed for the sake of privacy) leaned slightly in my direction and said. “Dr. Atha, I’ve been told you dabble in writing.” He smiled politely and waited for my response.

I could feel the corners of my mouth lift at his remark. I smiled nervously and excitedly at the same time. I couldn’t help it. The mere mention of writing makes me giddy! But then I realized the inevitable. I started to sweat. I gripped the stem of my wine glass tightly in my fingers. I became mildly tachycardic. My breathing picked up.

“Yes. I write a little in my free time,” I answered but then I broke eye contact and studied the band. I looked over his head and waved to someone I didn’t even know at the back of the room. They raised their eyebrows and smiled hesitantly but politely waved back. The room was loud and I desperately hoped Dr. Stiff would drop it and not disturb the rest of the conversation going on at our table.  I signaled the waiter for another glass of the bubbly.

“What you do you write about? Do you have a pen name?” He asked as I cursed the innate curiosity of cardiologists around the world.

The waiter didn’t come and my glass remained empty. I reached for my husband’s glass. After all, he didn’t need it as bad as I did. The CEO of the hospital was looking at me now and two of the wives were waiting expectantly as well. The nun had leaned forward to listen better. The pit of my stomach dropped to my knees.

Avoidance wasn’t possible. I was trapped.

I took one more sip of the champagne and cleared my throat. “Vampires,” I say. And then my cheeks flamed and all the air conditioning in the world wouldn’t have lessened the deep red that colored my face.

‘Doctors do not write about vampires,’ my mother had told me. ‘This is not a good career decision.’ Her words burned in my ears.

 I was mentally pleading with the band to play louder. I was beseeching the Good Lord for help. Knock the electricity out! I begged. Let some drunken dancer fall! I prayed internally. Desperately, I glanced towards my husband but his mouth was full of salad and he’s a firm believer in the ‘chew each bite 32 times club.’ I could expect no help from him.

My best friend, another vampire lover and doctor but with far more suave than myself, was seated next to the CEO. He had strategically set by her with the hopes of recruiting her to our group. I glanced desperately her way, mentally wishing her to fake a seizure, but her expression looked more like the proverbial deer in the headlights. I was on my own.

“What was that?” Dr. Stiff repeated, his hand to his ear.

I leaned forward and whispered it again. “Vampires.”

The middle-aged cardiologist raised his eyebrows and shook his head at me. He still hadn’t gotten it. Perhaps he was in denial.

“Vampires,” I speak louder this time. “I write vampire novels.”

Just my luck, the band ended their riff at that exact moment and my voice broadcasted across our entire section. Dr. Stiff stared at me wordlessly, shocked clear down to his plaid underpants. I could almost see his brain spinning as he wondered if he’d heard me correctly. Looking quizzically at his wife, she nodded in affirmation and turned her back to the table, finding a sudden and new interest in the band but not before I could see the smirk on her face.

“Like Twilight?” the neurosurgeon next to me questioned. “My twelve year old daughter loved Twilight. I guess there’s probably a lot of that stuff out there right now.”

“Not exactly like Twilight,” I said. “More Stephen King-ish or Anne Rice-ish,” I offered.

“Maybe I’ll buy a copy for my daughter. She loves all this vampire stuff,” he answered back obviously not hearing what I was saying.

The entire table froze, their forks and spoons held eerily in midair. The nun’s hand grazed her Crucifix.“Oh. No. Um. My stuff isn’t really appropriate for twelve year olds.” I choked out a little too loudly. The

“You mean it’s for adults?” he questioned.

Now I really had their attention. Even the next table over was listening in. Everyone including Dr. Stiff’s wife, Ima Stiff, was looking at me incredulously. The band was only a distant buzzing in the background. My head was spinning. My blood pressure was at stroke level and my husband was consuming his salad at a rate of 5 chews per mouthful. His face was crimson with the effort.

“Yeah,” I stammered. “I was looking for realism. What I was really trying to do was to convey the sheer terror of meeting a vampire face to face…”

“Is there a lot of violence?” the good doctor interrupted.

“It’s a horror story, so yeah,” I answered.

“And a LOT of sex,” my progressively inebriated friend across the table piped up. The stress had finally gotten to her. I forgave her instantly knowing she was trying to help.

The occupants of the table were still staring at me as if I had sprouted black wings from my back and was about to begin levitating when my husband pulled me to my feet and motioned to the dance floor. He just had to dance the cha-cha, he explained to the table. “We love the cha-cha,” he said again as I, red-faced and sweaty, smiled nervously to the table. And then we escaped onto the dance floor and put the entire experience to our backs.

I’d like to say we went back to the table after our awkward dance interpretation ended but I’d be lying. Instead, we cha-cha’ed to the other end of the dance floor and escaped out a side entrance. We didn’t even bother to stop and get my wrap. Instead, I texted my friend to grab it for me.

Well okay, I embellished the story a little. We really didn’t cha-cha. It was more like a drunken two step mixed with a waltz that got us out the door but I’m sure you get the picture.

That was a year ago and luckily, I still have a job at the ultra-conservative Catholic hospital where I’m employed. The nuns look awry when I pass them in the hospital but otherwise, I’ve suffered only the occasional laughter behind closing doors and the too large smiles when someone mentions my writing career like its really funny joke.

The point, you ask?

If you’re a struggling writer (like me) and haven’t, as of yet, managed to land a major publishing deal (like me), you are probably still working. And even more likely, you are working in an environment where being a little different (such as being a writer at all) sticks out like a sore thumb. Write paranormal romance or horror? Odds are you might even be considered strange!

And I can nearly promise you that somewhere and at some time, someone is going to bring up your writing when you least expect it.

So you’ve got to learn to coexist in the real world and the writing world. This co-existing is very difficult for emerging authors in part because he or she is dependent at first on the local support that they receive from family and friends. Their first sales are usually from people they know and it is those sales that begin to boost you up in the ratings on sites like Amazon and other e-book sites. So how do you maintain some type of professional distance at work and still manage to engage the people you know?

Here are a few pointers from my own experiences:

  • Get a pen name. 

It really does help and I personally don’t think it’s a cop out. I’m not selling enough books to support myself yet so I still have to work. Most likely you will too. If you have a professional career and you write on taboo subjects, it will help to keep your two worlds separate. Imagine someone being treated for cancer and they Google the doctor’s name only to find links to vampire erotica or horror stories. I think it’s acceptable to want to keep these different parts of your life separate. It doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of your second career or of your writing, only that you respect your current employer enough not to bring any undue criticism onto their business as well.

The point of a pen name in today’s world is so that it cannot be traced back to you and in the age of Google that can be very difficult. I’ve relaxed my standards a little these days as I’ve grown accustomed to being connected at work to my writing but if you choose your name correctly, it can be done. Set down at the computer when you’ve chosen a suitable name and Google the name every way you can think of. Google it with the full pen name and then with just the initials. Then try it with the pen name and half of your real name. Type in every combination you can think of and see if you are able to trace it back to yourself.

  • Don’t ask your co-workers to be your beta readers.

It puts them in a difficult position. These men and women have to work with you routinely. It’s not their job to tell you that your latest literary work is not up to your usual par.  Even worse, they may tell you the work is good when, in fact, it is not. That is a travesty!  I can promise you it is much better to find out your writing is only so-so before it hits the press than afterwards. Find true beta readers who do not know you and are impartial. In my experience, there are many such readers on a variety of networking sites who would be willing to help you. Start by setting up an author Facebook page and forming a circle of readers who are interested and willing to help.

  • Find some friends apart from your work environment who can appreciate your outside interests.

As I mentioned before, I work in a Catholic hospital as a physician and most of my fellow doctors have absolutely no interest in the paranormal. I can see their eyes glazing over when I start talking about my research into vampire lore.  Boring them with such details will only widen a gap that I don’t want to exist.  So I save my vampire discussions for the paranormal readers that I’ve met at book signings and other functions.

  • Join some writing groups or a book club in your area.

Try to find a local successful author that you can connect with. If nothing else, their success will inspire you and inspiration is a commodity you can’t live without if you’re going to try to break into the writing world.  If you’re a romance writer, join a romance writing club. Don’t join a horror novel club if you write romance and vice versa.  If you write horror, you will not likely be well received in a romance group. It’s possible that the confounding stares could scar you for life. I made that mistake once and it was ugly!

Writing clubs are a great place to find beta readers who have an interest in your genre. They know what works in that genre and what doesn’t. A few authors are able to cross genres but it’s truly hard to do, especially when you are first starting out.

  • Don’t pimp your books out to your co-workers. 

No one likes high pressured sales and no one enjoys feeling obligated to read a book that they would never normally read just because they know you. If a co-worker asks about your work, happily give them the names of your books and where to find them but then resist the urge to ask them if they got your book and if they liked it. Trust me; you do not want to know if they didn’t!

And when all of the above fail to keep your writing career and the career that actually pays the bills separate and it will fail at times, try the following:

Be confidant in what you wrote and take pride in your accomplishments! Nearly everyone thinks to write a book at some point in their life but most people never take the time to do so.

If someone makes a snarky remark or laughs at your attempts at writing (and they will), just smile politely and walk away. It will only add to your air of mystery! Grow a really thick skin. Remember, you’re a writer. You’re supposed to be a little odd!


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Perkins, Karen: Cursed

CURSED: A Yorkshire Ghost Story

by Karen Perkins


Cursed Banner


Book Description

She’s back. This time no one is safe.

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill – the elderly matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community – in particular her family – realise they are in terrible danger.

Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?


Book Excerpt

Old Ma Ramsgill continued her chanting of, ‘I bind thee, Jennet Scot, to this valley. Thee’ll do no more harm here. I bind thee Jennet Scot—’ She screamed as something knocked her down. Screamed again as her body broke. Then resumed her chant.

The storm above the valley intensified.

‘Got you now, bitch,’ Ma whispered. ‘Got you on the run – too busy celebrating your freedom, forgot what was—’ She screamed again as lightning struck nearby.

‘Missed, bitch!’ She cackled into the sudden dark as the lights went out. ‘That all you got? Terrorise my family, would you? Ha!’

Another scream as her leg was twisted and she felt – and heard – another bone break. ‘Do what you like to me – I’ve lived a long life, more than you ever did. Too late to stop me now!’

The fire flared and sparks leapt out into the room.

‘No!’ Old Ma Ramsgill screamed, louder than she had for sixty years. Sparks landed on the pile of journals and bred flames. As they took hold, Ma forced her broken body along the floor and reached out. She found her own journal, dragged it out of the inferno, beat it against the floor, then rolled on top of it to smother the flames. She passed out.

It is free on Smashwords for EPUB and MOBI

99c on Amazon


About The Author


Karen Perkins lives in Yorkshire, where she spends her time writing and publishing as proprietor of LionheART Publishing House. She has been a keen sailor since childhood, competing nationally and internationally until the day she had both National and European Ladies Champion titles. Although she no longer takes to the water, she continues to enjoy sailing in her imagination and fiction – capsizing far less often!

She has written the novella (Ill Wind) and the full-length novel (Dead Reckoning – long-listed in the Mslexia Novel Competition 2011) both of which are number one bestsellers in Sea Adventures on Amazon.co.uk in the Valkyrie Series. Look Sharpe!, Valkyrie 3, has just been released and will shortly be followed by the short story, Where Away and the novel Ready About!.

Karen Perkins has also written the novel, Thores-Cross and the associated short story Cursed in the Yorkshire Ghost Story Series. Dark, haunting tales set in the North Yorkshire Moors about isolation, superstition and persecution, Thores-Cross follows the stories of Emma, a present day writer, and Jennet, an eighteenth century witch. Thores-Cross is a number one bestseller in British Horror on Amazon.com, and will soon be followed by the next book in the series, Knight of Betrayal. Set in both 1170 and modern day, Knight of Betrayal focuses on the four knights – Hugh de Morville, Reginaldfitz Urse, William de Tracey and Richard le Bret – who broke the sanctuary of Canterbury Cathedral to murder the Archbishop, Thomas Becket. Hiding out in Knaresborough Castle, the extreme level of their medieval sense of guilt anddishonour has horrific repercussions nearly a millennium later.



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Daws, Amy: Chasing Hope


by Amy Daws


Book Synopsis:

At 33 weeks pregnant, Amy is certain something bad will soon happen, it had too many times before. Deep down she fears it’s only a matter of time before the baby she’s carrying will die. Despite the fact that Amy had been repeatedly slapped in the face with multiple miscarriages, she still can’t seem to quiet that tiny voice in the back of her head that’s screaming at her to not give up hope.

Follow Amy’s true story as she stumbles through her journey with humor and warmth, all while dealing with the neuroses that came along with getting her hopes shattered time and time again. All she has to do is close her eyes and she’s lurched back to the memories of her losses; on the floor in her bathroom, in the hospital, and even at her place of work. No one knows what the internal mind of a woman who’d lost five babies and suffered so many let downs goes through.

Can Hope ever truly survive memories such as these?


Puchase Links:

Amazon || Lulu || Barnes & Noble || Kobo


Excerpt from Chapter 14:

You’ll need to take that necklace off before we go too, so don’t forget,” she said as she was typing into the computer next to the bed.

My hands instantly went to touch my five gold rings hanging from an old leather strap around my neck. My five gold rings for my five angel babies. I swallowed and silently prayed I would not make another angel.

I fumbled the clasp behind my neck and suddenly, the clasp broke and all five gold rings fell to the cold linoleum floor, clinking along the bed rail on their way down. “Kevin. My rings, they fell! Oh my God!” Shock and panic washed over me. It’s a sign. A bad sign. My baby isn’t going to make it! My angels are telling me to prepare for the other shoe to drop. Another nightmare headed our way.

I sat on the side of the bed while Kevin and Micaela searched the floor to find all five. Tears threatened my lower eyelids and I whispered, “This is really bad. This can’t be good. I’m losing her Kevin.” My chin trembled and my face twisted in pain as the tears poured down my face and sobs fled from my throat.

Micaela looked up at me seriously, “No, this isn’t a bad sign. This could be a good sign! Your angels are telling you it’s time to let them go and move on! You’re having this baby Amy.”


Book Trailer:




Welcome all. Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Amy Daws author of Chasing Hope: A mother’s story of loss, heartbreak and the miracle of hope. Hi Amy, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

  Please tell us about yourself and your background?

Well, I’m currently a TV commercial producer for a local network affiliate station in South Dakota. So I write, shoot, and edit commercials for a living. Electronic Media and Journalism is what I went to school for, so I’m grateful to have a job in my industry.

What were you like at school?

In school, I was a class clown. My primary goal most days was to laugh and/or make others laugh. And I loved socializing and hanging out with friends. I had a little wild streak in me too and still like to cut loose to this day. But I’ve always been really responsible in life too, so I guess a good motto for me would be work hard and play hard.

Were you good at English?

Yes. Writing always came really easily for me. When I met my husband in college and saw the papers he was submitting for classes, I was appalled. I’d had to rewrite them before he’d submit them! I loved courses in college that were 100% essay and paper graded. Multiple choice is just awful.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I want to write more! Chasing Hope is a memoir and will have a sequel to it called, Chasing Peace that I’ve already started. But my true love, what I enjoy reading the most is contemporary romance. And I’m just about finished with my first contemporary romance novel and I absolutely love it. So I imagine fiction is where my writing career will be heading towards.

Which writers inspire you?

Well I have to first give a shout out to my all time favorite British Chick Lit author, Elizabeth Young. Her book, Asking For Trouble was one of the first chick lit books I read and I haven’t been able to stop reading since! She has a hilarious self-deprecating humor to her heroines that resonates so strongly with me. Love love love her! Also have to give a shout out to Jennifer Lancaster who made memoirs about non-famous people cool! She’s got a great voice on paper. Then of course there’s Samantha Young…love her On Dublin Street series, then Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines. Okay, I have to stop now!

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Well, since Chasing Hope is a memoir, the main character is me. I’m really self-deprecating through all my struggles and I think that resonates strongly with a lot of people. I’m really honest about everything in regards to infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss and how it feels to walk this earth with all that baggage. I even manage to take something very serious and sad and insert a humorous element in there because that’s how I am in real life.

What are you working on at the minute?

My first contemporary romance novel. I am in love!

What’s it about?

I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of contemporary romance novels and I’ve never really read a book that had an infertility storyline in it. Since I’m so experienced in that area due to my history, I thought it could make a really interesting storyline for a heroine of a romance novel to be struggling with something like this. I saw this as a way for me to interest my Chasing Hope readers, but also open up my demographic to romance lovers like me.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?

Oh goodness, I have to pick someone to play me? That’s hard. But I’ve always loved Amanda Pete. First of all, she’s beautiful, but she has a great way of looking natural on camera. Her face truly expresses every emotion and since my story is emotional, I think she would do an incredible job at it.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer. When I was a kid, that was what I wanted to be. Because I was such a goof back then, I wanted to be a sitcom writer. That’s changed as my love for books has grown. I decided to finally sit down and try to start writing after my most recent miscarriage. I needed something else to focus on, something else to drive me. Even though I was writing about the very thing I was trying to get away from, it still felt extremely therapeutic.

What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

After my most recent miscarriage. I thought to myself, holy crap. I’ve been through hell and back. How will I feel about all of this when I’m older and these are distant memories? Will I remember everything vividly? Will I care? I didn’t want to forget all the moments, even the bad ones…so that’s what made me actually get to work.

Where do your ideas come from?

From wherever! I stole my daughters Hello Kitty notebook one day because I realized that if I didn’t start writing these great ideas that popped into my head then I would forget them and lose them forever. So now I have a notebook with me everywhere.

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors.

I read constantly. I almost always have a book I’m in the middle of. And I’m bad too because good books consume me until I finish them. I’ve been known to stay up until 4am reading and then go to work the next day at 9am. One word ~ coffee. Favorite authors right now are: Elizabeth Young, Samantha Young, Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover.

What is your favorite book and why?

A Girls Best Friend, by Elizabeth Young. It’s just hot!

What is your favorite quote?

I used it at the beginning of Chapter 1 in Chasing Hope:

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.”  -Buddha

Are there misconceptions that people have about your book?

I think people hear memoir and cringe. They think it’s going to be boring. My book does not read like a memoir. It’s intense and emotional and reads like a great novel, instead of a factual story.

What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about your genre, that isn’t so?

That you have to be famous for a memoir to sell. And I know what they are saying, but look at all the talk shows that do in depth interviews of families or people that have undergone tragic or heroic things. They are regular, everyday people. Not celebrities. Those video packages are little mini memoirs, so why wouldn’t a memoir from someone who’s not in the spotlight be interesting?

Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

Yes, the working title is A Broken Us. It follows a girl named Finley who just breaks up with her amazing boyfriend, Brody, of five years because she finds out from her doctor that she can’t get pregnant. She is so incredibly distraught by this news that she leaves her boyfriend and flies overseas to London, England to live with her childhood best friend Leslie and her eccentric roommate Frank. Finley goes on a crazy emotional journey of coming to terms with her new infertile title but she’s living this lie that her boyfriend doesn’t even know about.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I love writing a great kiss. An epic kiss. A passionate, earth-shattering kiss. Sigh. Romance.


About The Author:

Amy Daws

Amy Daws is local TV network affiliate commercial producer and lives in South Dakota with her husband, Kevin and their daughter, Lorelei. She graduated with honors from the University of Northern Iowa, despite fiercely executing her wild college-girl phase. Amy received her make-believe medical degree from the school of Google on infertility and miscarriage. On most nights, you can find Amy and her family dancing in their living room to Strawberry Shortcake’s theme song or stuffing themselves inside children sized playhouses and then struggling to get back out because there is nothing they wouldn’t do for their little miracle. She is passionate about sharing her story and connecting with other couples that have suffered infertility and loss and are in search of real-life understanding. Amy held on to hope in her journey because she knew the payoff of a miracle baby would be worth the wait.

Social Media:

Website || Facebook || Twitter

Pinterest || LinkedIn || Amazon Author Page


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Dormaine G: Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess: Soulless (Volume 2)

Madame Lilly Banner Banner 04_1000px

Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess: Soulless (Volume 2)

Book Synopsis

The time is 1890, the place, New Orleans, and Odara is lost to Madame Lilly, her soulless side—and she has not finished what she started. Unleashing two great forces, Theolus and Hearon, with ferocious appetites against her common-law husband, Henry Nicholas, is just the beginning of the end for Lilly—only she doesn’t know it yet.

For the spirits she raised took what was left of her humanity and left a piece of themselves within her; a piece that craves chaos. Needing to maintain control over them to do her bidding, Lilly must do what is required even if it means becoming more like them.

Tortured, scorned and damned, Lilly has one mission in life: Retribution.

soulless ebook cover

Book Excerpt

“Henry tasted salty, sweet as sweat dripped down his body from the muggy hot weather Louisiana offered deep in the swamps, especially fierce under the brutal sun.

Back here no one cared about a man’s cries. Creatures here only cared about one thing: Survival. There was no one around other than the mosquitoes competing with Hearon, both desiring the splendor of his blood. The bush crickets were too busy singing to their mates to hear Henry’s cries, and the gators were lying in wait to feed on the bodies tossed their way after going missing in the bayou, the reptiles becoming accessories to vicious human crimes. No, there was no mercy back here in the swamps.

She did not pulltoo much skin at once, only enough for it to cause incredible pain. The wounds needed to heal so she could do it again, until they grew tired of him or Madame said it was time to end his existence. It didn’t matter where the flesh came from but she noticed the legs and back seemed to hurt the worst, so that was where she lingered while dancing around him and watching his body tremble in fear every time she laid a finger on him”

About The Author

me6I may be a nurse by profession but I’m an author by heart. I have been writing stories for many years, both in my head and on paper because I’ve always had a love for books ever since spending Saturdays a the library as a young child. Within a book, the mind can travel to worlds of the imagination and the beyond. I finally took the plunge and published my first novel last year, a young adult urban fantasy titled “Connor” and, this year, two adult horror short stories titled “Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess” and “Madame Lilly, Voodoo Priestess: Soulless.” Each are the just the beginning of many to come as I stay locked up in my office in Colorado spinning more tales.


Get In Touch:

Blog: http://dormainegblog.blogspot.com/

Website: DormaineG.com

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/DormaineG./e/B00HNE9GOC/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004470074838

Twitter: DormaineGtwitter.com @dormaineg


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7329928.Dormaine_G_

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/dedeblu/

Book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIZU3H6tdKc


Buy links

Amazon | Good Reads


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Collins, Margo Bond: Legally Undead, Vampirarchy Book One

Legally Undead

By Margo Bond Collins

Fabulosity Reads legally undead




A reluctant vampire hunter, stalking New York City as only a scorned bride can.

Elle Dupree has her life all figured out: first a wedding, then her Ph.D., then swank faculty parties where she’ll serve wine and cheese and introduce people to her husband the lawyer.

But those plans disintegrate when she walks in on a vampire sucking the blood from her fiancé Greg. Horrified, she screams and runs–not away from the vampire, but toward it, brandishing a wooden letter opener.

As she slams the improvised stake into the vampire’s heart, a team of black-clad men bursts into the apartment. Turning around to face them, Elle discovers that Greg’s body is gone—and her perfect life falls apart.



Margo Bond Collins is my new favorite author! I haven’t picked up a vampire slayer book that I liked this much since the Anita Blake novels by Laurell K. Hamilton!

Ms. Collins knows how to write a “keep you coming back” series opener and has truly struck gold with Legally Undead! The combination of characters, living and undead, are a wonderful combination. The plot, a law firm involved with the working of the undead world, is fascinating. The heroine, Elle, walking in as her fiance’ is being turned by a vampire is quite possibly the most unlucky thing a girl could possibly walk in on.

Legally Undead is filled with humor, filled with sarcasm, and leaves this reader wanting more. I can’t wait for the next of the Vampirarchy Series by Margo Bond Collins.

I highly recommend you read Legally Undead and give is a glowing five stars!

3D 5 Gold Stars

~Patricia, Room With Books~ © July 24, 2014


About the Author

margoMargo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including Waking Up Dead, Fairy, Texas, and Legally Undead (forthcoming in 2014). She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. She teaches college-level English courses online, though writing fiction is her first love. She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about vampires, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and other monsters.

Connect with Margo

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/author/margobondcollins

Email: MargoBondCollins@gmail.com

Website: http://www.MargoBondCollins.net

Blog: http://www.MargoBondCollins.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MargoBondCollin  @MargoBondCollin

Google+: https://plus.google.com/116484555448104519902

Goodreads Author Page: http://www.goodreads.com/vampirarchy

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/MargoBondCollins

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mbondcollins/


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Lyn, Rebekah: Jessie, Coastal Chronicles #2

Jessie by Rebekah Lyn

Book Synopsis

The four Cole boys suffer abuse at the hands of an alcoholic father, while largely being left to their own devices by a heartbroken and overworked mother. Their adventures on their island home have become a welcome escape, and one of the only things in life the boys can truly rely on. Jessie, the youngest and a dreamer, becomes enamored with US plans for manned space flight and its race to the moon, stirring his own dreams of one day becoming an astronaut. In a strange twist of fate, it is the space program and the momentum it gains that abruptly brings their beloved island life to an end. The family is forced to move to the city and start anew.

Life in town creates new challenges, financial pressures, news of the Vietnam War and the impending threat of the military draft for Max the eldest of the Cole brothers.

Interview With Rebekah LynImage of Rebekah Lyn

Your last three books were centered on female lead characters. Why did you choose to write a story about teenage boys?
I have no idea! For the most part, the characters choose me; most of my characters or plot ideas come to me at night. As soon as I turn off the light I start getting glimpses of the character or words start rolling around my brain. There is a letter from Virginia in this book that came to me one night and I couldn’t get to sleep until I got up and wrote it all down.

What was your biggest challenge writing about teenage boys? Was it easy or difficult to relate to them? Did you discover something about boys that you had never imagined?
In a lot of ways I think writing about teenage boys was easier than any of my adult female characters. I had a lot of guy friends in high school and college. My mom was so excited when I was chosen to be a Resident Assistant in my college dorm my senior year, thinking it would help me make more female friends. Instead I ended up in the one co-ed dorm and had even more guy friends. Since I spent so much time around these guys I learned what made them tick. I can’t think of anything I discovered that I didn’t already know about boys.

Jessie’s father is an alcoholic and your Beta readers indicated you are spot on in explaining Jessie’s emotions regarding his father. Where did that insight come from?
I was never exposed to drunken behavior as a child, but I’ve always been a keen observer of human nature. As an adult, I’ve seen my share of drunks, but, ultimately, I think the details that have resonated with beta readers who’ve lived with alcoholic parents were divinely inspired.

The race for the moon was initiated by President John F Kennedy. What was the influence or inspiration to entwine the space race in Jessie’s life?

I wanted to tell a story about the town I grew up in, but needed an interesting angle and what could be more interesting than the space program? Many families lived in small communities on Merritt Island when the government chose to base the space program there. The conflict of Jessie’s love for the space program and the loss of their home because of the program was the first spark of inspiration for this book.

This book only goes to the 1969 moon landing. Do you plan a follow up on the lives of the four Cole boys?
I had a hard time deciding where to end this book. I wanted to honor and recognize all of the brave men and women who’ve dedicated themselves to space exploration, but didn’t want the book to be the size of War & Peace. The moon landing was such a tremendous milestone and emotional moment, not only in the United States, but also around the world. The more I researched it and watched a variety of news reports on it, the more it felt like the right spot to end this book. Once I settled on that, a follow up storyline developed, so there will definitely be another book coming, perhaps from a different character’s point of view.

3d cover Jessie copy

Book Excerpt

Set Back
April 25, 1961

Jessie stood at the edge of the playground with two other boys, anxious for the next space launch. Recess would be over any minute. There would be no time for a hold in the countdown. Two weeks earlier the Russians had announced the successful launch of Yuri Gagarin into space. Once again the Americans had been left behind but today’s launch would hopefully be the last before America put their own man into space.

Jessie held his breath as the rocket appeared above the trees. Then it happened. The plume of white smoke erupted into a fiery ball, debris flying in all directions. Jessie didn’t wait for the teacher’s frantic call to take shelter in the school. He shook his head and turned his back on the carnage. At the door, the teacher gently laid a hand on his shoulder and gave him a sympathetic look. Any other day and Jessie might have resented it, but he knew, today, it had nothing to do with his father and the reputation he’d developed for himself the past couple of years.

When school was out, Jessie dragged his feet along the familiar path home. He kept walking when he came upon his brothers, his head down, watching the sand shift beneath his worn-out sneakers.

“I heard the explosion.” Max draped an arm over Jessie’s shoulders. “Sorry.”

Jessie nodded.

“Maybe we should go out to the beach, see if we can find any pieces,” Ricky suggested.

The thought turned Jessie’s stomach, but then he stopped. “That’s not a bad idea. I’d like to have something to remember we at least tried to get to space.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Sam said. “We’ll get there, it’s just going to take time.”

Jessie knew Sam was trying to be encouraging, and so attempted a smile of thanks before shifting course across the large field of scrub grass.

The boys spread out when they reached the beach. The tide was low but turning. Jessie took the section closest to the water, knowing the rising tide would cover it in another hour. The salty tang of sea spray filled his nostrils and he inhaled, while his eyes and ears locked away every detail of the sand and surf.

He saw a flash of light ten feet ahead and quickened his pace, keeping his eyes on the spot. The ocean foamed up, then slowly retreated. Jessie squatted down to find a silver and black triangle, partially buried in the sand. Another wave rushed toward him, splashing over his feet and soaking the bottom of his shorts. He held onto the metal afraid the undertow would pull it out to sea. When the water receded, Jessie pulled the debris free of the remaining sand. It was five inches tall and three wide. Turning it over in his hands he noted scorch marks and part of what he thought might be the letter U or A from the USA painted on the side of the rocket.

“Guys,” he waved to his brothers.

Max arrived first. “What’d you find?”

Jessie handed him the piece of metal.

“Cool.” Ricky joined them and reached for the newfound treasure.

“Good job, Jess.” Sam clapped his brother on the back. “I didn’t think we’d find anything that big.”

Jessie reached for the metal and traced the rough edges. “You don’t think they will give up do you?”

Sam shook his head. “Since the Russians have gotten into space already, I don’t see how we can give up now.”

“I hope they don’t.” Jessie tore his gaze away from his find and looked at his brothers. “I want to be an astronaut.”

Max laughed. “You can’t be an astronaut.”

“Why not?”

“Cause you gotta have money to be an astronaut. You don’t think Shepard and Grissom and all those other guys are dirt poor do you?”

“Maybe they’re not dirt poor, but they aren’t filthy rich. They were chosen because they were in the military and had good records.”

“So you gonna enlist when you turn eighteen? We’ll probably still be in that dag gum Vietnam and you’ll go and get yourself killed the first day in the jungle.”

“Nuh-huh. I know how to take care of myself. I hide from you in the woods all the time.” Jessie balled his hands into fists and planted his feet.

Sam stepped between them. “Cool it, Max. If Jessie wants to be an astronaut, then maybe he can be. Lots of things are changing.”

Max snorted. “Yeah, and I could be President.”

“If that happens, then I’m moving to Mexico,” Ricky quipped.

Jessie laughed and unclenched his fists. Yet again Sam had brokered peace without anyone coming to blows. Maybe Sam was the one who would become President.

Sam stepped back. “Let’s head home.”

“Did you hear Mom and Pop got another letter from the government yesterday?” Max asked as they walked along the hard packed sand.

“About what?” Jessie asked, turning up the beach, shuffling through the soft sand to a well-worn path across the dunes. Thick saw palmettos, sea grapes, and sea oats grew on either side of the path, slowly thinning as the boys moved farther from the beach.

“About buying our land. They want to expand the missile complex more. They’ve been buying up all the land around here.” Max swatted at a dragonfly buzzing around his head.

“But they already have so much land, what do they need more for?” Jessie ducked under the wispy needles of an Australian Pine tree, his brothers close behind.

“How’m I supposed to know? I didn’t see the letter, I just heard them arguing about it after we went to bed. Mom wants to take their offer, but Pop doesn’t want to move.”

“I don’t want to move either,” Ricky agreed. “I like being close to the beach and huntin‘ in the woods.”

“I don’t think we have much choice. Sounded like the government letter said we take the offer or they’ll just take the land away from us.”

“They can’t do that,” Jessie cried. “We’ve lived here forever.”

“Not forever, you moron,” Max sneered. “Mom and Pop only moved here during the war, when Pop got assigned to the Banana River Naval Air Station.”

“Still, that’s practically forever.” Jessie let his fingers run through the thin pine needles as they emerged from the copse of trees into a clearing.

“There are families that have lived here since the 1800s and they’re being bought out too. I don’t think the government is going to consider our twenty years here more important,” Sam replied.

Jessie rolled his eyes. Leave it to Sam to know the history of the island.

“But they can’t just take our land,” Jessie insisted.

“Yes, they can, it’s called eminent domain. If they can prove to the court that private property is needed for public use and fair compensation has been offered, the court will likely rule in favor of the government.”

“But this isn’t public use,” Ricky interjected.

“Yes and no.” Sam leaned forward, obviously warming to the subject. “A public park isn’t being created, but the research being conducted and the satellites being launched are for the public good. Plus, the government will probably be able to make a pretty good case for public safety. Think about how close this piece of the rocket landed to our house. The government can use this incident and the others before as evidence of danger to the people still living on this end of the island.”

“All right, professor, we get it, but it still doesn’t mean I want to move,” Ricky interrupted.

Up ahead, Jessie could see the orange grove that bordered their land, and glanced back over his shoulder. He couldn’t see the beach through the trees, but it had taken less than five minutes to stroll home. Sam was right. This one had been a little too close for comfort.

About The Author

Another Rebekah Photo

Rebekah is a Christian with a heart for new beginnings. She is a Florida native and a graduate of Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Fl. A love of history, research and journaling led naturally to a passion for writing. She enjoys travel and has traveled extensively across the United States and Canada as well as Europe and the Caribbean. Her reading taste run from the classics to light fiction. When she is not working or writing, she enjoys cooking, baking and sharing recipes on her blog.

Her current works include, Summer Storms and Winter’s End, books one and two in The Seasons of Faith series, and Julianne the first book in The Coastal Chronicle series. She is currently working on Jessie a coming of age novel set in coastal Florida during the early days of the United States manned space flight program. Jessie is the second book in the Coastal Chronicles Series.

Buy Rebekah Lyn’s Books


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Connect with Rebekah through:

Independent Authors Network

Email: authorrebekahlyn@icloud.com

Rebekah Lyn Books
379 Cheney Highway #230 Titusville, Fl 32780

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Rossis, Nicholas C.: Mad Water, Pearseus Series, Book 3


Yesterday’s crimes. Tomorrow’s retribution.

Amazon is http://amzn.to/1wbajhP

Book Synopsis:

In the third book of the best-selling Pearseus series, the incessant scheming of the various players and their nebulous puppet-masters has brought about major change. Cyrus is now the new ruler of the Capital, struggling to fight Jonia’s revolt along with his own demons. Gella strives to keep abreast of Teo’s devious plans in order to end the war with Jonia. David returns to the First in an effort to overcome his loss of the Voice. Lehmor’s struggle to reunite with Moirah brings him to uncharted territories, where the enigmatic Iota play with minds, senses and the future of the entire planet.

Old foes and unlikely new friends appear as invisible forces continue to pry humanity apart. Masks drop to reveal the ultimate truth: on Pearseus, everyone has their own agenda. And they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.


Nicholas 2 (2)

What people say about Pearseus:

“He simply tells a story of corruption, people struggling as pioneers seeking to do with what they have… The measure of this book is that the triumph is not a textbook description, but a sense of a living struggle.”

“A cross between Game of Thrones and Dune”

“Astonishing, intriguing, thoughtful”

“It will be hard to put this book down long enough to eat and sleep, never mind doing responsible things like going to work and taking care of the kids”

“[It] hits on those big archetypal themes of invasion, loss, leadership, death… and high tech. It gives the reader plenty of material for discussion.”

“Warning: May cause loss of sleep, lowered work productivity, and missed meals”



Nicholas C. Rossis bio:book-photo-NR

Author. Avid reader. Web developer. Architect by training, holder of a PhD in Digital Architecture from the University of Edinburgh.

Nicholas loves to write. Mad Water, the third book in his epic fantasy series, Pearseus, was just published, while his first children’s book, Runaway Smile, is currently being illustrated. He has also published The Power of Six, a collection of short sci-fi stories.

He lives in Athens, Greece, in the middle of a forest, with his wife, dog and two very silly cats, one of whom is always sitting on his lap, so please excuse any typos in his blog posts: typing with one hand can be hard…


Book links:

The Power of Six: 6+1 Science Fiction Short Stories can be found on http://amzn.to/1kKVduI
Pearseus: Schism, Book 1 in his epic fantasy series is available on http://amzn.to/1aDgXDA
Pearseus: Rise of the Prince, Book 2 in his epic fantasy series is available on http://amzn.to/1jlXLj6
Pearseus: Rise of the Prince, Book 2 in his epic fantasy series is available on http://amzn.to/1jlXLj6
You can also read Books 1 & 2 (special edition) on http://amzn.to/RqjNbU and
Also available: Tao Te Ching (translated into Greek) on http://amzn.to/1ovrc4n

Web presence:



Jade, Meredith: Never Upon a Time

Never Upon A Time

Book Description

Youve always hated her, but you might not know the whole story. . .

Edith may not be brazen and enchanted like her twin sister, Ember, but in a world of dying magic, perhaps her simple desires are enough.

After a Selection Banquet gone awry, Edith is left without a suitor or a plan. Befriending a little white fox and occupying herself with a philanthropic project outside castle walls, Edith soon rebuilds morale and musters enough courage to reach out to her estranged twin sister.

But Ember’s been harboring an evil secret – and thwarted love and jealous can turn acts of merit into classic tales of wickedness in this new twist on an old tale.

Never Upon A Time1000(6x9)2

Book Excerpt

The twins were ushered to their places alongside their father at the head of the table. Suspicion and unease distracted Edith as she watched her sister’s boisterous entrance, and she completely forgot to tidy herself. She had gotten ready and gone down to the kitchens at sunrise, so whatever primping she had done was most likely melted away, brushed off or wrinkled up. As was life sometimes. Her appearance may have been untended, but every meringue was torched, every cake iced and all glasses and hearts brimming. Regardless of how prepared the dinner was, though, being prepared for blind marriage at a moment’s notice was mortifying, especially for a quiet girl. Because, for pity’s sake, who wouldn’t be a little unnerved by such an orchestrated union as was about to happen? Edith was beginning to be glad she wasn’t a sorceress or soothsayer. Who could possibly face each sunrise with any amount of morale when they knew the exact affliction awaiting them?

The dinner was a whirling blur of meaningless, superficial conversation. Then, unexpectedly in a most expectant of times, three resounding knocks echoed through the hall. It was the deep, guttural sound that makes a heart quiver behind its cage. The guests, having dropped their utensils and ceased their chewing, slid to the edges of their seats.

Ember, confidently unruffled, continued cutting her elk steak into dainty, bite-sized pieces. Edith, on the other hand, could have vomited at the sound. An overwhelming feeling of dread suddenly overcame her, its tidal wave effect nearly driving her to run away from the ridiculous scene to the refuge of her garden or her mixing bowls.

Buy Links

Formal: Amazon Paperback

Format: Kindle

Meredith Jade at Fabulosity ReadsAbout the Author

Meredith Jade was raised in a small town by parents who taught her to love reading. From the moment she could hold pencil to paper, she wrote. After graduating college and traveling abroad teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand for a year, she came home. Writing was that home. Her writing has a range of inspirations, all a result of her voracious reading as a child and young adult. Anything from Victorian Literature to bird watching guides to NY Times best sellers have served as an agent for her imagination. Never Upon a Time is her first novel.

Connect with Meredith

Email: meredith.jade7@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Meredith-Jade/648465681892404?ref_type=bookmark

Blog: http://thereaderproject.wordpress.com

Twitter: @meredithjade

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Dunlap, Nicole: Shattered Imperfections, Shaw Family Saga



Shattered Imperfections

by Nicole Dunlap


vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)



Nobody is perfect. Through the scandalous family lies that bind them all together the Shaw women have survived. Four generations of women have tackled ups and downs: now, Annette is perfectly comfortable wither life. Charlene has tasted the bittersweet notes of success. Raven is preparing for the wedding of a century, and a life rich in love afterward. Beautiful, young Royael has all the pleasures of a princess…

While Dallas is in uproar over a gruesome rape-homicide, a lead Detective transforms into the ultimate stalker. A hitman lurks nearby. And death will surely come. The list of those wanting vengeance has reached its peak, but the Bible says that “God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.”

Take one last roller coaster ride with the Shaw and Devereux families. Will there be rest for these souls?

 vector-colored-pencils-913-1856 (4)


“I’m going to kill myself…” The words pulled Raven in and shook her to the core. She closed her eyes momentarily and rubbed her face with the back of her hand.

Why of all times?

Her mind, her body, her soul warned her to hurry to the jaded teen, but the ease of the Marcielago engine indicated that she might not make it down the hill if she sped too fast. Less than fifteen minutes later, Raven slowed down in Sadie’s neighborhood of three-story mini mansions. She parked on the driveway of Sybille’s Spanish-style villa and hopped out of the car.

In distressed jeans and a long tee, Sadie loomed on the wrought iron banister from her bedroom balcony. The sun had been cast out by the willow trees, the day already misty–a muggy wet summer indeed–Sadie’s Converses could slip from the banister and down she’d go. All because she couldn’t take Raven’s breakup. Jon wanted Raven to rid herself of Tyriq, and knowing that brother and sister were so close, she’d called Sadie over to tell her the same.

“Please!” Raven held up her hands, eyes wet with worry.

“Come up, Sis. Come see me.”

“Okay, oh-kay…” Raven hurried to the front door, her hands went to the knobs and she yanked them both open. Mud on her feet trekked over the white carpet as she took the stairs two at a time. Inside Sadie’s room, with its mellow yellow walls, butterfly and smiley face stickers, scattered makeup. It was a room for… a confused soul who knew not if she wanted to transform from child to adult, a mixture of confused adolescence. When Raven stepped out onto the deck, there was no trace of Sadie.

“Sis…” Sadie called.

Raven turned around. She hadn’t seen this area before. There should’ve been just a wall with posters of young rap groups and pictures but no, the wall was gone. Within the folds was an opened stainless steel door.

“Sadie,” Raven hurried to her. She could’ve slapped the teen, but hugged Sadie instead. “Don’t ever do that again. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. That was stupid of me, but don’t…” her voice broke as Sadie let her go. The apology for abandoning a friend lay dormant within the bristling of her belly. She knew disregarding Sadie because of her brother, Tyriq was–

“Raven.” Tyriq spoke her name in multisyllabic, as if years apart had torn his heart into pieces and just this mere sight of her, slowly intertwined the meat of it back together.

She glared at him.

The steel door slammed shut. Raven looked around. His sister was out of sight, except for a few monitors linked to the panic room. Sadie stood just on the other side of the partition, looking into the camera.

“I need you and Tyriq to talk things out.” Sadie smiled, wiping away tears.

The five-by-five safe room decreased in size. Raven refused to look at him. Refused to acknowledge his presence, even though he tried. Too angry to retort, she glared at Sadie’s innocent eyes. A few minutes later Sadie asked how it was going.

Tyriq pressed the intercom, “Not well.”

“Have you lost your mind?” Raven asked.

He let go of the button. He looked at her with eyes that bore right through her soul. “Do you know how much you hurt Sadie?”

Forget that, she asked, “Was this your idea?”


“How could you let your little sister stand on the ledge like that!”

“Sadie can tightrope walk. Look,” he began with a seedy breath. “This is not you–the breaking up of friends? That’s ridiculous. Even if we have a falling out, Sadie has nothing to do with it.”

“Well, you just brought her in to this!”

“I didn’t know what she planned. She just told me you’d be here today.”

“Okay, Detective,” she smirked in disbelief.

“You didn’t grow up putting friends aside. You’ve always been very loyal to the point of being at fault. Remember the time you picked up Sadie from that town at the tippy top of Texas! She’d shoplifted with her rich friends. You wouldn’t just stop being friends with her…”

Raven batted back tears. He was right. Though she wouldn’t admit, she hummed within the confines of her brain trying not to hear the things she’d done for Jon. Whatever her husband wanted, he got, and would always get.

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Website: NicoleDunlap.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Nicole-Dunlap/e/B009BTPPWY/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

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Marts, Jennie: Just Another Maniac Monday

Just Another Manic Monday

Book Synopsis

Is finding your long-lost love worth losing your life?

Edna Allen’s Monday goes from mundane to murderous when she opens the front door to find the love of her life standing there. A man she thought had died years ago… after being accused of murder.

John Collins is back, bringing with him a charming smile, a dog named Havoc, a second chance at loveand a threat of death. Danger surrounds this former bad-boy, and even after a lifetime apart, he still ignites a spark in Edna. A spark she thought she’d buried decades earlier.

As Edna relives their summer romance, where more than the weather was hot and steamy, she falls in love all over again and evokes memories filled with drama, passion, action, and murder. Now these soul-mates must face the truth about what happened in the past and find the killer hunting them in the present. And Edna, with her sarcastic wit, a pocket stun-gun, and a few hare-brained schemes, is ready to fight for the man who still makes her pulse race.

But does she dare risk her heart again to now protect the man whom she couldn’t save back then?

Purchase Link: Amazon

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A Word From The Author

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog today! I am excited to introduce you to the Page Turners Book Club.
I write romantic comedy and my series is set in the small town of Pleasant Valley, Colorado. It’s centered around a wonderful group of women in a book club. The women range from their teen years to their eighties and each book features a different woman and her story.
Every book has romance, friendship and mystery because in Pleasant Valley, dating can be deadly. These women are easy to fall in love with as they search for romance and clues while eating really great desserts!
Just Another Maniac Monday- Book 3 in the Page Turners series released this week. It’s Edna’s story and this character is a funny, sassy eighty-year-old who considers herself an expert on murder due to her extensive knowledge of CSI and crime-show television episodes. She gets the surprise of her life when her Monday morning game shows are interrupted by the arrival of John Collins, the love of her lifea man she thought had died years ago after being accused of murder.
John Collins is back, bringing with him a charming smile, a dog named Havoc, a second chance at loveand a threat of death. Danger surrounds this former bad-boy, and even after a lifetime apart, he still ignites a spark in Edna. A spark she thought she’d buried decades earlier.
This book flashes back to the sultry summer of 1955 as Edna tells the love story of her and Johnny and more than the weather gets hot and steamy. But the past has a way of catching up to you and a deadly threat has followed John to Edna’s door. Edna, with her sarcastic wit, a pocket stun-gun, and a few hare-brained schemes, is ready to fight for the man who still makes her pulse race.
Falling in love all over again, Edna must choose to risk it all to save the man she loves. But is finding your long lost love worth losing your life?
You can find Just Another Maniac Monday and all of the Page Turners books on Amazon:

I am so excited to share an Edna’s story with you.

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Profile Pic Reading book -cropped

Jennie Marts loves to make readers laugh as she weaves stories filled with love, friendship and intrigue. She writes for Entangled Publishing and is the Kindle Bestselling author of the Page Turners series, which includes the romantic comedies: Another Saturday Night & I Ain’t Got No Body, Easy Like Sunday Mourning, and Just Another Maniac Monday. Reviewers call her books “laugh out loud” funny and full of great characters that are “endearing and relatable.” She writes from the mountains of Colorado where she lives with her husband, two sons, a golden retriever named Cooper and a Sheltie puppy named Maggie. Jennie enjoys being a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), Colorado Indie Authors, and Pikes Peak Writers. Jennie is addicted to Diet Coke and adores Cheetos. She loves playing volleyball and believes you can’t have too many books, shoes or friends. Jennie loves to hear from readers.

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Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions is a book touring website that promotes authors and their precious works to an extensive audience using blogs, twitter, Facebook and other Social Media, with the aim of introducing them to an appreciative readership.

They offer a diverse range of both complimentary and affordable products to help the reach of your book go that much further.