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About Mark Herndon

Legendary Country Music Hall of Fame drummer Mark Herndon yearned to fly jets as a military brat, then discovered the dream of playing drums, vowing to come back one day and perform at the very place where he once had to stand outside just to hear. Along the way, he loved and lost and made plenty of mistakes, persevering to achieve all that he imagined before having so much taken away. After decades with one of the most celebrated bands of all time, he still lives his dreams, playing, producing, flying, and now writing with keen observations about life and living in the spotlight.

Mark’s Backstory

Mark spent nearly three decades behind the drum kit for country-music band Alabama. He’s enshrined in the Country Music Hall of Fame along with the other three members of the legendary group. But despite the celebrity such a position affords, Mark maintains that common-man element that makes him a likeable soul.

In The High Road: Memories of a Long Trip, Herndon invites readers to follow him on a jaunt through his past, beginning with his childhood as the son of a respected military man and a devoted mother, through his years in country music’s biggest band, and into his post-Alabama days as a private commercial pilot and doting father to his own daughter.

A rebellious and free spirit, Herndon lets readers in on the fun, games, and pranks—some of which go awry—of his youth. He shares what it was like watching the band blow up into bona fide superstars. He also sheds some light on the politics that go on behind the scenes in the music industry. But this memoir isn’t a dirt-dishing tell-all sort of story. That’s why it’s titled The High Road, as that’s the route Herndon has chosen to travel. Mark was there for all of those great Alabama moments—meeting President and Mrs. Reagan, the successful tours, and induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame—but it’s the quieter moments that show he’s no different from any worker in the factories or waiters working tables at the local diner. Mark Herndon is an ordinary man who has lived an extraordinary life.

The High Road is now available in keepsake dust-jacketed hardcover edition, as well as softcover and all major ebook formats at retailers everywhere, worldwide. Find Mark at FreshInkGroup.com. However, at MarkHerndon.com—for a limited time—you can order signed, personalized copies for you and all the Mark Herndon / Alabama / country-music fans on your list.

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