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It’s finally here!  It’s November and we are embarking on an awesome journey…a 30 day, multi-book trailer tour!  We have a total of 42 book trailers participating this month and we ask that each day, as a new link opens up on a new tour stop, that you go by and pay that book trailer a visit.  While you’re there, take a moment and actually view the trailers, leave comments, hit the “THUMBS UP” button and then share the trailer all over social media!  If the trailer entices you to do so, then hey, run over to Amazon and buy the book or gift it!!!  After all, it is the season for giving, you know! Each stop that you leave a comment on, you will be entered into the random drawing for that author’s DAILY GIVEAWAYS!  At the end of the 30 day tour, if you have left a comment anywhere along the way, your name will be entered into a drawing for our grand prizes below:

-1st/Grand Prize: $50.00 Amazon Gift Card

-2nd/Grand Prize: “SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR” slot along with1 FREE 60-second commercial ad on one of our RAVE WAVESBlogTalkRadio Shows;

-3rd/Grand Prize: #PUSHTUESDAY win & 2Books of your choice from the Kathryn C. Treat Book Giveaway Treasure Chest;

-4th/Grand Prize: A *LIVE* interview on an upcoming segment of a RAVE WAVES BlogTalk Radio Show promoting your book of choice.

Now, let me explain this very important part of the tour once more:

*How do YouTube visitors enter to win prizes?

*Each time a Block Party Participant or visitor leaves a comment on a YouTube trailer stop, his/her name will be entered into the drawing for our Grand Prizes at the end of the tour; 

*Each time a visitor or Participant leaves a comment on a YouTube trailer stop, his/her name will be entered into the drawings for DAILY PRIZES at each stop

Comments will be collected at each trailer stop by 12 midnight, CST, (at the close of each day) and winners will be announced the very next day!  Winners of the GRAND PRIZES will be announced at on December 15, 2016.   (Daily Giveaways are open to the general public).



(Click the link above to see the live links to each author’s trailer)

11/1 –  Author, Kim Cox

11/1 – Author, Lizzie Chantree

11/2 – Author, Wendy Scott

11/3 –  Author, Mary Schmidt

11/4 – Author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

11/5 – Author,  Jenny Hinsman

11/5 – Author, Jan Sikes

11/6 – Author, Jan Hawke

11/7 – Author, Lizzie Chantree

11/8 – Author, Michelle Abbott

11/9 – Author, Stephanie Collins

11/9 – Author, Nonnie Jules

11/10 – Author, John Howell 

11/11 – Author, Gwen Plano

11/12 – Author, Richie Gerber

11/13 – Author, Karen Ingalls

11/13 – Author, Lizzie Chantree

11/14 – Author, Jan Hawke 

11/14 – Author, John Fioravanti

11/15 – Author, Beem Weeks

11/15 – Author, Kim Cox

11/16 – Author, Suzie Burke

11/17 –  Author, Yvette Calleiro

11/17 – Author, Lisa Mackay

11/18 – Author, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

11/18 – Author, Nonnie Jules

11/19 – Author, Peter Wendt

11/20 – Author, Karen Ingalls

11/21 – Author, Nonnie Jules

11/21 – Author, John Fioravanti

11/22 – Author, Suzie Burke

11/23 – Author, Maggie Thom

11/23 – Author,  Jan Sikes

11/24 – Author, Pamela Canepa

11/25 – Author, Jan Hawke

11/26 – Hosted by Author, Marlena Smith

11/27 – Author, Maggie Thom

11/28 – Author, Janelle Jalbert

11/28 – Author, Linda Mims

11/29 – Author, Natalie Ducey 

11/30 – Author, Kim Cox




Each day, you will find a new link or links open.  Please visit every BOOK TRAILER and do the following:

  1.  Watch the book trailers on display that day;
  2.   Leave an engaging comment;
  3.  Tweet the page out, and share it on social media;
  4. LIKE or give the book trailer a THUMBS UP before you leave;
  5. If the block party has stopped at more than 1 book trailer on any given day, be sure to visit ALL book trailers for that day for your chance at great DAILY GIVEAWAYS! There is a max of only 3 trailers each day.

DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!  You can only be eligible to win the Daily Giveaways and the Grand Prizes by leaving comments ON THE TRAILERS! (COMMENTS LEFT ON BLOG POSTS WILL NOT BE COUNTED).  The more trailer stops you visit and leave comments, the more chances you have to win!!!!

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