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More than anything, Jonah wanted off this island and back to his turf in the city. He’d already tried to swim the distance more than once. But he was forced to turn around or drown.

Despite the hardships, he still wanted to live.

He was familiar with physical strength. It was what he prided himself on. He knew how to use his wits, and fists. Because of that, he was the king of his turf. Everyone who crossed him learned to fear the “Wrath of Jonah.”

Never did he imagine that his ticket off this godforsaken island had nothing to do with brutal strength or agility.

Inside the first care package that was dropped from an unseen source, Jonah found two books and a note.

Here’s the scene:

In the bottom of the bag lay two books and a pencil, along with a handwritten note. He unfolded the parchment paper.

There is only one way off this island. You must examine yourself, face your truths and make peace with your demons.

Jonah folded the note back and lay it next to the bag. Biting off another piece of jerky, then carefully resealing the package, he opened the first book, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

“Be impeccable with your word,” he read aloud. He tossed the book into the far corner of the hut. He didn’t need any philosophy BS.

He opened the second book. Finding only blank pages, he tossed it into the corner, as well. 

He’d heard the psychological and philosophical jargon his entire life and none of it had helped him survive on the streets. None of it had helped when the leather strap landed repeatedly across his back, and none of it had put food in his belly when he was starving.

No. He’d made his way with his own strength, grit, and determination, and that wasn’t about to change now.

Running the brush through his hair, he pulled it back, then ducked out of the shelter into the early morning dawn. The most important thing he could do was keep his body strong and ready to fight. After all, it was what he did best. He stretched his taut muscles and began a series of Tai Chi maneuvers. Twirling and kicking, he landed in fighting stance. Yes, this was what worked for him, not religion, not psychobabble, and certainly not philosophy.

One thing is crystal clear ― Jonah has a lot to learn.   

Fantasy meets reality when a young man is forced to choose his punishment for crimes committed. Jonah must decide between imprisonment in a concrete box beneath the earth or be exiled to a deserted, barren island. He chooses the island, but nothing can prepare him for the deadly creatures, and poisonous plants at every turn. Then there’s the maddening isolation that drives him to the brink of insanity. There is only one way off this island and it’s more difficult than anything he’s ever imagined. It’s much easier to face mortal danger than the demons within. Will Jonah find redemption, or another unexpected offer?

Jan Sikes openly admits that she never set out in life to be an author. But she had a story to tell. Not just any story, but a true story that rivals any fiction creation. You simply can’t make this stuff up. It all happened. She chose to create fictitious characters to tell the story through, and they bring the intricately woven tale to life in an entertaining way.

She released a series of music CDs to accompany the four biographical fiction books and then published a book of poetry and art to bring the story full circle.

And now that the story is told, this author can’t find a way to put down the pen. She continues to write fiction and has published many short stories with a series of novels waiting in the wings. She is a member of Authors Marketing Guild, The Writer’s League of Texas, the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (RRBC), the RAVE WRITER’S INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS (RWISA), sits on the RWISA Executive Council and hosts a monthly RAVE WAVES blog talk radio show, ASPIRE TO INSPIRE.





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Jonah Book Tour


by Vince Lane

Vince Lane

Category: Supernatural, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Release Date: January 2015
Available In: ebook, 280 Pages

About the Book

“Jonah” by Vince Lane is a work of literary fiction, a period piece written in accented vernacular. The story is staged in small town Louisiana in the 1930’s during the great depression.

An elderly black hobo “Jonah” shows up begging at the door of two ladies humble shotgun shack. Though they are poor, they feed him. So he returns the kindness doing a couple of odd jobs to repay them. They take a somewhat mystical trusting, and immediate liking to Jonah and offer him a job.

Throughout their time together many amazingly good outcomes happen for the ladies and their families as they are touched by turmoil after turmoil. The story unfolds a murder and cover up involving a prominent Judge who turns out to be responsible for the hit and run death of one of the ladies husbands.

There is tragedy and death involved, but in the end, the human spirit is triumphant when they realize, only after Jonah has left their midst, that he had been an angel sent to help them through some otherwise horrible times.

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Book Review

It’s true  that not every book is suited to every person’s taste, but Jonah has many different elements that it should appeal to a wide audience.

I enjoyed reading Jonah and caught myself falling back into a time of great distress in America’s history but it was such a simpler time and when I read a period piece from the Great Depression I often wonder if I wasn’t born in the wrong era. Mr. Lane’s writing is very conducive to wandering back in time. His writing style is very fluid and his characters are written with great depth. My only challenge was reading the vernacular of the time. I do prefer to develop the characters’ voices in my own way in my head.

The story itself, although historical in it’s setting, is filled with mystery and hints of the supernatural. It is a great book to read and I recommend you pick it up.

I give Jonah by Vince Lane four steaming hot cups of Room With Books coffee and I am looking forward to reading the next novel by Mr. Lane!


© March 31, 2015

Patricia, Room With Books

Author Interview

It is my pleasure to welcome Vince Lane, author of Jonah, to Room With Books!

What do you do when you are not writing? 

Inasmuch as I have not yet hit the best sellers list I have not had the luxury of quitting the day job.  I am a building engineer living and working in the Austin Texas area.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? 

JD Salinger, John Grisham, Steven King

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published? 

The major challenge after writing the book and self-editing is of course to sell the book.  I had many… like over 100 rejections before I got a bite.  The infamous query letter is key.  It is a one or 2 page howdy letter that introduces you, the story, your influences, what authorizes you to write such a story, what other stories it may be likened to; all accompanied by a stellar bio, and all written flawlessly.  Once you achieve that it’s a piece of cake.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose? 

The super power to make mountains of money for my grandkid, because she deserves everything!

What was your first job? 

Delivering TV sets.

Out of all of your characters, which is your favorite?

Why, Jonah of course.  By the time you find out his secret and realize all the wonderful things he did for you, he’s gone no thanks expected.  What’s greater than that?

What does your writing schedule look like? 

Any stolen moments of time I can muster when I can shut out the world, sit down at the keyboard, open the floodgates, and let it flow.

Do you use your OWN experiences?

No, but I intertwine my own philosophies and beliefs into my properties.

Was it easy to pick the title for your book? 

Titles for me just happen amidst the work, so yes.

If you could pick one profession other than author, what would it be? Why does it appeal to you? 

A professional singer song writer…because I’m really good at it, just ask!

What are you currently working on? 

The life of a serial killer from birth to the gas chamber entitled “Basti-Ani-mal / A Kind Cruelty”


Fun Facts

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Jamocha almond fudge.

Night owl, or early bird? Night owl.

Coffee or tea? Tea.

Roller Coasters or Water Rides? Water rides.

Swimming in the ocean or a pool? Definitely pool.

Walking or fitness club?  Walking.

Any last words? 

Only to thank you for the opportunity to be here.  It was quite enjoyable J

Thanks you for chatting with our readers and for allowing Room With Books to be part of your success!


About the Author

Vince LaneVince Lane has been writing most of his life, he first began seriously writing literary material around 1980. At the time he was a musician, singer/songwriter, poet, and professional entertainer living and working in Los Angeles, California.

As a writer Vince Lane has always maintained an unabashed style, paying little if any attention to convention. Unlike many writers, he has never settled down into any particular genre having written sci-fi, horror, supernatural, literary, mystery, action adventure, justice, and experimental fiction in iambic pentameter.

“I have enjoyed writing what I like, what I want, the way I want, and I stay true to that artistic freedom to this day.”- Vince Lane

Connect with the Author

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VinceLaneBooks
FB: https://www.facebook.com/VinceLaneBooks
Google +: https://plus.google.com/115586990110647359289/about

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