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Fleur de Lis Brides, Book One
by Linda Joyce
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Diana Carlile
Editor: Ally Robertson
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Perfectionistic Branna Lind has found true love with James Newbern, but the winds of Hurricane Katrina have pushed their wedding date into an uncertain future. She can’t wait on Fleur de Lis to be restored to marry James. They need to wed pronto, before she reveals news sure to shock her family.

James is determined to protect Branna. Since their engagement, his gun toting ex-fiancée has been dipping into crazy. He’s certain she’ll settle down after the wedding, but when she steals Branna’s heirloom pearls—her something old for the wedding—James takes matters into his own hands. And despite Branna’s ranting, he’s not agreeing to a quickie Vegas wedding. His fiancée will be a Fleur de Lis bride, just as tradition dictates. Or he’ll die trying.  
The path to “I do” is more challenging than Branna and James ever imagined, but they’re determined to get their happily ever after.

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Linda Joyce is an Amazon Best Selling author and 4-time RONE Award Finalist who writes about assertive females and the men who can’t resist them. She has three series: Fleur de Lis, Fleur de Lis Brides, and the Sunflower series. She’s penned two novellas, Behind the Mask and Christmas Bells, which will be released in December.

Linda’s a big fan of jazz and blues. She attributes her love of those musical genres to her southern roots, which run deep in Louisiana. If you walk-through several New Orleans cemeteries you’ll find many of her people buried there. She’s lived coast to coast curtesy of her father’s Air Force career. She penned her first manuscript while living in Japan, the country where her mother was born and raised. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and General Beauregard, their four-legged boy.
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“Who would do this?” she wailed.

Bed linens, scooped from the bed, were piled in a heap on the floor. The mattress ruined by a large X from corner to corner, looked naked and raw. A bedside lamp had been smashed against the wall. A gaping hole in the drywall sprouted pink insulation.

“Miss Lind. Do you have any enemies? This appears to be a threat or a message rather than a burglary. Can you identify anything taken?”

 “My pearls?”

James stepped away. She raced to her dresser, her heart thudding faster than racecar pistons, she yanked on the top dresser drawer. A moment of hope shot through her as she reached for the dark blue velvet box.

The string of perfectly matched, white pearls were gone. Her wedding would be incomplete without that special something old. The thief had robbed her unborn child of a precious family heirloom. “Oh, God.”

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Her Heart’s Desire

by Linda Joyce

 Artist Amelia Britton battles her older brother for the right to remain on the family farm—their inheritance after their parents’ tragic deaths—she faces a looming mortgage, weather threatens to destroy her crops, and the man she secretly loves only sees her as Craig’s little sister.
After serving his country in Afghanistan, Lucas Dwyer expected to return home to his family’s farm, but the bank foreclosed. Undeterred, he begins combining-for-hire to support his younger sister in college. His best friend convinces him to discourage local guys from dating Amelia. Craig wants her back in the city, farming is too hard for a woman alone. Only one problem—Lucas has fallen in love with Amelia.
With family, the bank, and the weather conspiring against them, can Amelia and Lucas ever hope to grow the love blooming between them?








“If I say, ‘I love your sister and want to marry her,’ he’ll laugh his ass off, or worse yet, when he finds out what just transpired, he’ll want a duel at dawn. How did a man born and raised in the country come to equate vast open spaces, glorious sunsets, and fresh everything with an inferior lifestyle?”
“Are you speaking to me, young man?” An older man approached on the sidewalk. His cane tapped against the pavement as he walked.
“No, sir. Talking to myself.”
“Crazy are you?” the man asked as he continued walking.
“Yep. Crazy about a woman.”
“Continue on, then,” the man said as he passed. “Try telling her about it rather than talking to strangers.”


Our review……
A novel with authentic appeal and  genuine depth, Her Heart’s Desire is the new release from Linda Joyce. Book 1 in her Sunflower Series, it certainly won’t disappoint her many fans, with a thoughtful and sophisticate narrative that has it all.  Love, pain, laughter and tears with a home country feeling that genuinely captures the authenticity of her rural setting, it begins at an almost  languid pace with an overt sense of ordinariness and yet there’s nothing simplified as it quickly gathers momentum. Just as in real life, complexities of the heart prevail and with an acerbic pen Joyce draws her readers into an unfolding drama that feels wholly believable. She knows what her readers want and delivers it without the emotional baggage, underpinning the characters of Lia and Lucas with back stories that play to the romantic tension developing between them. They’re both incredibly likeable and certainly strong enough to carry a new series, but they also remind us that even in the aftermath of loss, life does goes on; sometimes in new and exciting directions.
A genuinely guilty pleasure, Her Heart’s Desire bodes well for the Sunflower Series and is recommended without reservation.
Linda Joyce is an
award-winning contemporary romance author born on Christmas Eve. Her
Louisiana family’s roots run deep, and they’re intertwined with her Japanese
heritage. Her vagabond childhood afforded her a variety of travel
opportunities. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and their
three dogs: General Beauregard, Gentleman Jack, and Masterpiece Renoir.
Linda penned her first
manuscript while living in Japan as a U.S. Air Force dependent. Her classmates
lined up at recess to read her latest pages. During high school in Florida, a
literary magazine published her poetry. In college, she worked on the school’s
newspaper as a reporter and learned layout and design.
A graduate of the University
of Florida, Linda holds a Bachelor of Science in Management. She worked in
corporate America, earned the Senior Claims Law Associate professional
designation, and completed Six Sigma Green Belt training.
Linda is a self-professed
foodie and has the kitchen of her dreams. She enjoys painting when she can fit
it in. She and her husband, Don, love college football. They frequently go
RVing, and at last count, they’ve traveled to twenty-one states with “the


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