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Anne Rutledge has always played it safe. Responsible. Career-conscious. Lackluster lovers. One stormy night changes everything. Anne meets a man who turns her well-ordered life upside down and inside out. Intense. Passionate. Forceful. Evan Jamison isn’t a man she can ignore. Sparks fly, ignite and spontaneously combust. Anne convinces herself a one night stand is the perfect solution.

Two weeks later and she can’t forget the wild, hot sex or the scarves Evan had tied to his bedposts; the scarves he says he’ll save for next time. She receives a text, an invitation to blindfolds and untold delights. Anne accepts; Evan doesn’t disappoint. Can Anne reconcile her chosen career with the not so proper sex she enjoys with Evan?

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MaggieMaggie lives with her husband in rural Colorado. Her two children and three grandchildren live within 30 miles of her. They love to see the horses and goats when they visit. She works part time for an insurance agent, happy to have left the stress and long commute of the corporate world behind her. When not writing, Maggie enjoys horseback riding and genealogical research.


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