Pull Up a Chair with Maretha Botha @MarethMBotha

I am pleased to feature author Maretha Botha as my Rave Reviews Book Club “Pay It Forward” club member for Friday!


Pull Up a Chair and get to know Maretha Botha Librarian, Children’s author/illustrator and self-confessed bookworm, chocolate and black coffee addict, animal and bird lover, occasional gardener and hiker on the moors.


Maretha is a South African Italian, born in a small town called Montagu. She grew up in nearby Worcester in the Western Cape – a town reminiscent of living in Switzerland among the snow-capped mountains. Worcester had a small library. Young Maretha’s visits were limited to three times a week, because the librarian told her, “You spend too much time with your nose in a book and neglect your school work.” Nothing much has changed, because she’s still a confirmed bookworm who constantly strives to raise more bookworms who enjoy reading, not just as a pleasant past-time, but as an excellent tool to be used when grown-up. Before immigrating to the UK to settle in Lancashire, Maretha worked as an assistant librarian in a private school in Botswana, where one of her tasks was to encourage children to enjoy reading. That was a labour of love for this bookworm, providing valuable help in carving her own career as a children’s author/illustrator. It brought her face to face with the literary industry’s toughest critics – children and preteens. She saw that many students also enjoyed reading about birds and animals, their care, habitats and general well-being, especially when a few added catchy rhymes here and there made reading sessions interesting and alive. In 2012 her job was localised and as things often happen, this unforeseen occurrence led to a new chapter in her life. To remain motivated, she wrote down everything she could remember about her family’s pets – their little habits and characteristics. For example, the character of the working-dog hero in Fauna Park Tales is based on the different traits of every single dog her family ever owned. Researching habits, habitats and interesting titbits about martial eagles and eagle owls, as well as many smaller birds such as crimson-breasted shrikes and hoopoes, made it easier to illustrate them and tell a believable story. Her illustrations appear throughout Fauna Park Tales. Maretha Botha admits to being a chocoholic and unreformed coffee addict, a keen gardener and bird watcher, who likes to walk on the moors where the stiff breeze coming in from the sea, quickly clears her head, making way for more inspiration.

She may be contacted and followed via the following websites and social media sites:





The first three books of “Fauna Park Tales: An African Adventure” are available as eBooks and black/white illustrated paperbacks.

A 210 page, Gold Band DELUXE COLOUR ILLUSTRATED EDITION – “Tales from Fauna Park, An African Adventure: Flame and Hope” is available and will also be enjoyed by better readers (9-12) who still like seeing illustrations.




Flame and Hope: An African Adventure” is the first book of the series called “Fauna Park Tales” based on “African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends”, a GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, supported by HarperCollins. The following is an excerpt from the HarperCollins Children’s Editor Review:

“A vivid and engaging world of animal characters . . . the use of cleverly animalised verbs is very creative – Dolly Cat’s ‘whispurr’. The exploration of interrelationships between animals is a very successful topic in the children’s literature genre, and you have created some great personalities – the stubborn goat ‘Plump-Grump’ and the conceited ‘His Handsomeness, King Rat’ being some of my favourites . . . “

Life takes strange turns for Flame, a puppy born in the African desert. Adopted by a free-range cattle farmer, the pup faces the challenge of proving himself to more than one of his new family. As Flame grows into a strong and brave dog, he finds friendship with many loyal furry and feathered friends who teach him to keep The Promise – protecting the helpless ones in Fauna Park, a secret sanctuary within the boundaries of the farm. One of his feathered friends is Hope, an elusive bird with strange pink eyelids who tells stories about a tall leader and his gang of villainous poachers, ups and downs of life in the bush and Flame’s ingenious plans to banish foes to the Llokodi Hills.

These stories are perfect to be read before bedtime to younger children. Preteens will enjoy escaping into an imaginary world where many bush creatures always have hope that everything ends well when the sun goes down.




Friends: An African Adventure” is the second book of the series called “Fauna Park Tales” based on “African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends”, a GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, supported by HarperCollins.

Life takes strange turns for Flame, a puppy born in the African desert. Adopted by a free-range cattle farmer, the pup faces the challenge of proving himself to more than one of his new family.

As Flame grows into a strong and brave dog, he finds friendship with many loyal furry and feathered friends who teach him to keep The Promise – protecting the helpless ones in Fauna Park, a secret sanctuary within the boundaries of the farm. This ordinary desert dog becomes a hero when, to keep his promise, he saves a zebra foal from a fire.

These stories are perfect to be read before bedtime to younger children. Preteens will enjoy escaping into an imaginary world where many bush creatures always have hope that everything ends well when the sun goes down.




The Orphans’ Plight: An African Adventure is the third book of the series called “Fauna Park Tales” based on the original African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends, a GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, supported by HarperCollins.

“Bad humans are disturbing the peace in Molodi valley, and two small orphans are in danger. One of them, Larita, speaks the bush creatures’ language – Faunalang – a rare and wonderful talent that they want to use. Alone in the desert, who will help them? Young and old will enjoy reading about the furry and feathered friends’ latest thrilling adventures, when Molodi’s bush creatures meet friends and foes in their quest to stick to The Promise to protect helpless ones in Fauna Park. Plump-Grump, the stubborn goat, and his harem do their bit, but what will happen at the farm while Flame and his friends are on a dangerous mission? His Handsomeness, King Rat returns, but is he a friend or foe?”

Fauna Park Tales (3 Book Series)



What a joy to support such a wonderful author as Maretha Botha.

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Single mom with two teens,grandma of a beautiful baby that I adore,christian,SPED and Elementary Ed. certified,substitute teacher,love to read and watch movies,like hanging out with friends and going to the park. Passionate about fighting Human Trafficking,Abuse,Mental Illness,Cancer,and Bullying. I review mostly YA. Due to content I only will review some NA and rarely Adult books.  I will soon be hosting Blog Tour services. If you would like to request a review, spotlight, giveaway, or Blog Tour info,etc. You may contact me at: princesscandy2008@yahoo.com




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Patricia (holding the angel that keeps me smiling)
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“A room without books is like a life without meaning.” ~ Thomas Jefferson ~

Life always existed for me, more real at times, through the books I read and their characters than the life I’ve lived. My dream is to provide a place where you want to sit down, get comfortable with your favorite beverage and select a book from the authors featured here that will help you escape to that place where only you – and your favorite characters – exist.

Room With Books began with my interest in Facebook. I made many Facebook friends and with the help and encouragement of my cousin, Linda Boulanger, a publisher, cover designer, editor, and most importantly, an author, I began sharing posts from many of the authors and tour organizers, and I soon realized I had an avid interest in promoting new and established authors, helping with book cover reveals, book releases and other book publishing events. Thus Room With Books was born. I can be found on  Facebook at https://Facebook.com/roomwithbooks. Please come over for a visit, like the page, and be sure to keep me posted of any new authors or upcoming events you would like to see featured!


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I am a deal lover, shopper, reader and wife. I grew up with my mom reading any book she could get her hands on, and my oldest sister loved to read Harlequin books. I was surrounded by books. There was also a lot of music in my house growing up, which to me are oral books. I started to read Stephen King when I was 8 (The Dead Zone), and since then I have devoured all genres of books. I am a contributor for The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book, under my maiden name.
I was a vegetarian for 15 years, and only started to eat meat because of vitamin b12. I met Rachel Ray, Jamie Walters and Todd Newton. I also got proposed to by Scooby Doo, and the best man at my wedding mentioned that in his toast.
I am a huge gamer, and am competitive, except with my nieces and nephew.
I was the Secretary of my political town committee, and I ran for Board of Education, more than once. I was one of the youngest to ever be Chair on the Commission on Services for Persons with Disabilities. I myself am disabled.  I love all genres of books and music. I love to go on day trips, and be with my family.



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Hey guys! I’m Danielle Young from the blog Consuming Worlds where I blog about my obsession with… obviously, books! I have been a blogger for a little over two years and have loved every minute of it. I am so excited to be a part of this tour and am thankful for the opportunity to find some new blogs to love!  
I love reading Top Ten’s so here is a little Top Ten about me…
1) Besides a love of books I have a deep love for food.
2) I run a food blog… okay so I haven’t exactly posted since January, but it’s there if you ever want to take a look. Oh, you need the site don’t you? Here ya go… Culinary Brainchild
3) Um… I read mostly indie. Let me clarify a little, I read 99% Indie and I only pick up about 1 mass-market book every year or so.
4) I love paperbacks. Autographed paperbacks are like my crack. I have a nice collection going, of course nowhere near the size I want to have. I’m still working on it. I almost have 1 paperback from each of my favorite Indie authors.
5) I love to wear bookish swag. I have an awesome messenger bag from one of my favorite authors which is my all use bag. I also love buttons. And shirts. And bookmarks. And… and… and…
6) I am a high school Culinary Arts teacher. Best. Job. Ever! Seriously. I get to pass on my passion for food, eat food, and bring out other people’s fashion for food.
7) I love to play video games. First person shooters are my favorite. I like to play a game where I can blow things up and go in shooting. Granted I don’t get to play too much anymore. But I take full advantage every vacation I get.
8) My favorite book series is The Protector Series by M.R. Merrick.
9) I have only met one author. And I completely forgot to take a picture when I met her. Biggest mistake ever. At least I have my memories and man were they awesome.
10) I published my first book in July of 2014, Guided.
BOOK Jo is a descendant from the most powerful Wiccan family the world has ever known and is destined to be more powerful than those before her.
But she doesn’t even know it. As her powers awaken Jo discovers a threat to her family line.
Protected by her best friends, and GUIDED by her Angel protector, Jo must learn to harness her powers and discover her family secrets before time runs out.
More than her life hangs in the balance.
Find It: Goodreads | Amazon

So what about you? I love to chat!

Look me up on Twitter @y311er and we can talk books.

Here’s my Facebook if you want to stop by there too.


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Welcome to my chaotic little corner of the web! In my everyday life I’m a single mom of 3 very outspoken and disturbingly different kids and a fulltime Pharmacy Technician. In my “spare” time I read, review, blog and write under the pen name TM Smith. I was born and raised in Georgia just outside Ft. Benning, yup, military brat here, but I now call Texas home. At TTC Books and more I promote a multi genre book blog as well as my own works as an Author. I’ve been reviewing since 2010 and I started writing in 2012. I am a tour host for several tour groups including Sparkle Book Tours, Jean Book Nerd and Riptide Publishing, but I also host and promote Authors that reach out to me directly. I pride myself in offering a wide variety of books and authors for readers to follow. Perhaps a tour for one of your favorite authors, my thoughts on a book you are on the fence about purchasing, or a Q&A with an author that is new to you. Stop by and take a few minutes going through current and past posts, giveaways, what I’m reading or what’s new for TM Smith! Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope you can find something interesting with me.


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  Jen_BioPic  Hi, I’m Jen, I’m a housewife with 2 children living in Ontario, Canada. Ever since  Christian Gray came into my life I have been obsessed with reading. A one click whore who has way too many unread books. What really gets to me are the sexy, flirty moments between characters where I am completely consumed and caught up with what is happening to them.  I crave those moments in a book that have me sighing out loud because they have touched my soul. I seriously have an addiction to reading m/m, bikers, rockers, tattooed and pierced men so if you have any recommendations I’m more than happy to take them.
Kim_BioPicHi! I’m Kim! I live in New Jersey about 20 mins from NYC. I work full time and am a full time mommy to three beautiful children as well. I’m married to a man I went to pre-k with so if these books have taught me anything it’s that sometimes love really is a fairytale! If it weren’t for the hype over the Fifty Shades series I probably would’ve never read another book as long as I lived. But thanks to Christian Grey my love for books grew something fierce. I read anything from young adult to something completely raw and dark. I love when a book can make me laugh or cry. But I love it even more when a book can make me throw my Kindle across the room! I am 100% an angst whore! I’m so glad that I was introduced to the indie world and met the wonderful women who I started this blog with. The rest is history! Jodie_BioPicMy name is Jodie Stipetich and I live in Pittsburgh, PA, with my husband, two girls, a cat and a dog that I am certain is the devil. I can’t prove this but if you know me you know I am not lying.  I am a stay at home / working mom, I don’t really know how the whole working thing happened but that’s the joy of owning your own business with your husband.  I have loved reading since my mom made me read Gone with the Wind in high school. That book taught me book boys are always going to be better than real ones and yes I learned the book is always better then the movie.  I stopped reading “My Books” when my first daughter was born and started reading “Her Books”.  That is until Fifty happened in the book world.  EL James brought this whole new Indie Community into my life that I knew nothing about.   She reminded me where a book can take you and she started a relationship with my kindle I wouldn’t trade for the world.  In some ways she changed my life.  I have met some of my best friends through the love of a good book, I have worked with some amazing authors and I have had some moments that have literally left me feeling better than any roller coaster ride.  I am a hopeless romantic and I completely believe that fairy tales can come true.  I also live for the messages that say Jodie because of you I didn’t sleep last night!!
Beth_BioPicHi my name is Beth (or “Bethy”) I am 37 years old and live in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and 22 years later we have a handsome little 6 year old who has his Mommy wrapped quite well.  I am a reformed TV-aholic now turned Kindle-aholic.  I was never a really big reader, but picked up FSOG on my hubby’s suggestion almost two years ago and have not looked back since, I kissed TV long goodbye.  I am a true romantic at heart so my favorite choice to read is a sweet contemporary romance but have really stepped outside the sappy romance box and have come to love so many other types.  I love any hot sexy man but my preferred BBF is definitely the business / CEO type or a hot athlete, any sport will do but I love me some hot hockey players.    I like my books hot and panty wetting but I also love an amazing story that will take you on an emotional roller coaster, and leaving you with that dreaded book hangover. Now if I could find a way to read them as fast as I can add them to my TBR I would be all set. 
Josie_BioPic  Hi my name is Josie Melendez. I am a 43 years old Clifton, New Jersey resident. I love to read! Ok let me clarify, I love to read really steamy, hot, tear jerking, angst filled books (OK OK I LOVE BOOK PORN TOO)! You can find me in a corner with my Kindle plugged into the wall. I am always on my husband‘s raft (WRATH but he says raft) because I am a one-click whore and I am PROUD OF IT!!!! I am not afraid to read a book that is deemed edgy, different or dark, I welcome them. I have two full time jobs. My 9:00 am to 5:00 pm job that pays and then my 24 hour book reading job. I DO NOT SLEEP! That is what my girls tell me anyways. Why should I when there are so many books out there that need to be read and reviewed?! I am also a mother of 3 wonderful children. My 22 year old son, Jesus, who works on Wall Street. I do not see him a lot. He has a girlfriend and I might turn his girl in to a book whore too! My 19 year old son, Ruben, who is a US Marine. And my 10 year old daughter, Analycia, who shares my love of books as well.Debbie_BioPicMy name is Debbie Leitao, born and raised a Jersey girl. I am 41 and a mother of 3 and still live in New Jersey. I am a fitness fanatic and have taken 1-click book whoring to a whole new level.  If you can’t find me at the gym teaching a class I am home with my kindle in my hand.  Give me a dirty talking Rockstar, Biker, MMA Fighter or any other Hot Alpha male to read about and I am game!!!! Nothing better than a Hottie who is sporting a little Bling Bling on his jewels!!!! I love a good panty dropping, drool wiping, kindle throwing read!!! Books are my obsessions and I am not ashamed to admit it!!!
Shanyn_BioPic My name is Shanyn, and I am a “work from home mom” of three girls. I live in Northern New Jersey, with my husband, three daughters, and our dog. I love reading, when I have the time, and especially love any kind of love story with angst, that will give me those horrible butterflies in my stomach and throat. When I was younger I read all the time. Unfortunately, I stopped for a few years, until my cousin introduced me to “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and suddenly I couldn’t stop reading again! Thanks Kim for reminding of the joys of reading.Megan_BioPicI am a wife, a mother and not to be taken lightly, obsessed with BEARDS and READING!  I love to fall with the characters as they fall for each other. I look for the cute, sweet, swoony reads and when the day calls for it give me a suited hotty; give him a beard and I’m putty in your hands. I read at anytime during the day… or night that I can squeeze it in. Don’t ask me about what’s on the TV because I wouldn’t know… SOA is over so now I read!! Megan


Tara_BioPicHi!!! I’m Tara.  I’m a quick witted firecracker who has become quite obsessed with reading SMUT! There I said it, the truth is out.  I currently reside in northern South Carolina, but I am a Jersey girl through and through.  Within the next few months, we are planning on moving back north so we can be back closer to friends and family.  When I am not reading, I can be found hanging out with my amazing 4 legged 60lb little fur-ball Isabel, or doting on my amazing husband of almost 15 years.  Until about 6 months ago, I strictly read mystery/suspense, but then my girl Shanyn introduced me to the world of Indie Authors and smutty books, and well the rest is history.


Here’s a list of *some* of our favorite authors:

Olivia Cunning

Colleen Hoover

Abbi Glines

Gail McHugh

S.C. Stephens

Georgia Cates

Tillie Cole


Katy Evans

K.A Linde

Sarah Ann Walker

B.A. Wolfe

Caisey Quinn

Kristen Proby

Molly McAdams

Penny Reid

Nicole Edwards

BN Toler

Aly Martinez

A list of *some* of our books that have moved us,

stayed with us and made us want to share them

with anyone that would listen:

Fifty Shades of Grey Series by EL James

Thoughtless Series by SC Stephens

Beauty Series by Georgia Cates

Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig

Fallen Crest Series by Tijan

Collide by Gail McHugh

Bang by EK Blair

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Real/Mine by Katy Evans

I am HER/THIS is Me by Sarah Ann Walker

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Reapers Property by Joanna Wylde

It Ain’t Me Babe by Tillie Cole

Blind Obsession by Ella Frank

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Away by B.A. Wolfe

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Shark Bait by Jenn Cooksey

The Lonely/Lost Boy by Tara Brown

The Original Sinners by Tiffany Reisz

Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

Try/Take by Ella Frank

Always by Kindle Alexander

Double Full by Kindle Alexander

Bright Side by Kim Holden

Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan

Making Faces by Amy Harmon

Rock and Roll Never Forgets by Barbara Stewart

The Deal by Elle Kennedy
An honorable mention to an ARC a couple of us have read and will be release this month…Manwhore by Katy Evans!! This just might be out favorite book in 2015!!

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Picture 015 (600x800)Ever since I was small girl, I loved to read. Being sent to my room was no great hardship, because I could curl up on my bed and read the Famous Five. My love of reading stayed with me, throughout primary and secondary education. I even became a school librarian. The books I read have been wonderful friends. They’ve made me laugh, cry and even snort in surprise. I’ve almost thrown books across rooms because of a character’s death and I’ve dreamed endless ways to bring them back.
As an indie author myself, I know the pain of waiting on reviews or on agents. I’ve opened rejection letter after rejection letter until I decided to do it for myself. I know how much it costs and hurts when my books sits unsold.
So this is where Literary Musings was born. I love to read and some of the best books I’ve read recently, I didn’t know about until someone asked me to review for them. I promote other authors and review when I can. I dislike giving one star reviews, but I do promise to be honest with the authors who approach me.
In other parts of my life, I sew, love anime and manga, roleplay and board game with friends and I nurse a love of puzzles. 
My Favourite Books:

Sabriel: Garth Nix

Lirael: Garth Nix

Haunted: Kelley Armstrong

These Old Shades: Georgette Heyer

The Masqueraders: Georgett Heyer

The Silver Kiss: Annette Curtis Klause

The Forbidden Game: L J Smith

This Time of Darkness: HM Hoover

Soundtrack of Choice
30 seconds to Mars: Closer to the Edge
Paramore: Decode

Muse: Time is Running Out

Nena and Kim Wilde: Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime

Disturbed: Prayer
Within Temptation: What have you done?