A critically-acclaimed mystery author shares her personal story of a miraculous healing in new non-fiction release


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For Immediate Release (Houston, TX) —  According to Pew Research, a healthy majority of Americans —78% under 30 and 79% over 30— said they believe in the miraculous. Even among medical professionals, the rate is high. A survey of 1100 doctors showed that 73% believe miracles happen today. Author Sandra Bretting concurs with those findings, and shares her own miraculous healing in the new book “Shameless Persistence: Lessons from a Modern Miracle.”

“Last year, I was put on life support, and my family was told they needed to say goodbye, because I wasn’t going to make it,” says Bretting. “But a funny thing happened. First, a few people prayed over me, and then more and more as area churches got involved. The ER staff couldn’t explain it, but my condition inexplicably reversed, and my vital signs gradually improved to the point I could be taken off life support. A pulmonologist who studied a scan of my lungs was amazed to find every sign of trauma had vanished.”

Bretting is the author of a critically-acclaimed mystery book series, and says she never anticipated her first foray into non-fiction would be so intensely personal.

“When every medical specialist on your team agrees you should’ve died, then you know God is in charge,” says Bretting. “I had the best hospital, brilliant doctors, and enough medicine to stock a pharmacy (my medical chart ran over a hundred pages), and still no one could cure me. No human, that is.”

In “Shameless Persistence,” Bretting details not only her personal healing from a systematic shutdown of her bodily organs, but she recounts the lessons about prayer she learned through her ordeal.

“The timing of my prayers is different now,” she says. “I used to try to fix problems on my own, and then give them to God as a ‘last resort.’ Now, He’s the first one I turn to. The tone of my prayers also has changed. Instead of asking for God’s help in a way that benefits me, I’ve realized that very little in this life is really about me:  it’s about furthering God’s kingdom in whatever way He sees fit. Even if it makes my life harder.”  

Bretting says she hopes the book encourages people who sometimes get weary in praying for others, as well as answers any doubts of people who are skeptical of prayer. 

“People often doubt whether God still performs miracles, when I’m proof that He does,” says Bretting. “Our society seems to have forgotten who really controls this world, and the devil would like nothing more than for Christians like me to stay silent when God does something amazing.”


About the author:Sandra Bretting is the author of the critically-acclaimed book series, “The Missy DuBois Mystery Series” (Kensington Publishing, New York). A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, she spent two decades writing feature stories for national newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle. She is a long-time member of The Writer’s League of Texas and the national chapter of Sisters in Crime. She lives with her family in a suburb of Houston, Texas. For more information visit www.SandraBretting.com.


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Author addresses adult bullying in new book

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For Immediate Release (Houston, TX) —The 2017 Workplace Bullying Institute survey showed that over 60 million American workers are affected by bullying at their jobs. The survey showed that males bully females 65% of the time while females bully other females 67% of the time. Moreover, less than 30% of employers actively punish bullying or deal with it directly. Author, speaker and counselor Shannon Perry created an anti-bullying programs in one of the largest public school systems in the U.S. during her time as an educator. She tackles the subject of adult bullying directly in her new book, “Grace and Guts: Strategies for Living a Knock-out Life,” set to release January 22, 2019 from Morgan James Publishing.

“Bullying is something I have fought against for many years,” says Perry. “I have personally experienced bullying as a child and as an adult so it is something that I know first-hand. Bullying has become an epidemic, not only among students, but in the workplace as well. A bully is someone who thrives on power and control. In ‘Grace and Guts,’ I felt it necessary to not only identify bullies, but also list eight additional types of difficult people, their traits, and how to counteract them.”

Drawing from her counseling background, Perry includes a specific checklist of do’s and don’ts for those who deal with difficult people at work, at home or even at church.

“We do not have to allow other people’s misery to infect our lives, nor are we responsible for fixing them,” says Perry. “While all of us can be demanding and selfish at times, difficult people maintain a pattern of bad behavior. Jesus was always associating with difficult people, but He always affected them, they never infected Him. We need to learn to do the same.”

Though it has been nearly five years since releasing her last award-winning book for teen girls, “Stand: Staying Balanced with Answers for Real Teen Life,” Perry never meant to take a hiatus from writing. During the past few years, Perry saw her mother diagnosed with cancer, which she subsequently passed away from in 2017. While her mother was fighting for her life, her father was also diagnosed with cancer, requiring immediate surgery. In the midst of her caretaker role as an only child, Perry continued to speak at conferences and events across the country where she asked women of all ages to describe the most difficult challenges they face on a daily basis. She identified twelve issues that were consistent: overcoming fear, people-pleasing, facing uncertainty, mastering anger, exhaustion, betrayal, insecurity, depression, loneliness, finding purpose, addiction, and dealing with difficult people. Perry says writing “Grace and Guts” was cathartic in many ways as she faced her own challenges over the past five years.

“The book cover of me wearing boxing gloves says it all,” says Perry. “Life can often feel like a boxing ring and, in the last few years, I have felt as if I was often fighting for my sanity, my peace and my own sense of purpose. We all have had personal battles with one of these twelve core issues.   I hope that this book offers people tools that will help them gain victory over the things that hold them back from living life to its fullest.” 

About Shannon Perry:

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Described by one conference attendee as “a cross between comedian Chonda Pierce and Bible teacher Beth Moore,” Shannon Perry has been named the favorite speaker by numerous women’s conferences and groups. She hosts a weekly TV show, Grace in High Heels, which airs on five television networks into over 100 million homes. She is the author of three books, “Grace in High Heels: Real Life Reflections of Humor, Hope and Healing,” “The Overlooked Generation: Parenting Teens and Tweens in a Complicated Culture”, and the Reader’s Favorite Award-winning book“Stand: Staying Balanced with Answers for Real Teen Life.” She holds a Master’s degree in Education and Counseling and is a Certified Instructor in Parenting Classes and Crisis Counseling. Her articles have appeared in several magazines and websites including Focus on the Family magazine, Brio magazine, Charisma magazine, Crosswalk.comiBelieve.comBeliefnet.com, among many others. As a singer and songwriter, Shannon has teamed with Lifeway’s Songwriter of the Year, Paul Marino, to write and record songs for one full-length CD as well as the song, “Overlooked,” featured on Shannon’s latest CD, In Her Shoes. The music video for “Overlooked” was directed by Telly Award-winning filmmaker Jeff Kubach whose credits include the hit television shows Survivor and Burn Notice.   Shannon has performed with the Houston Symphony, at Carnegie Hall, and sang the National Anthem at a Houston Astros game and Houston Texans NFL game before 70,000 fans.  Visit www.ShannonPerry.com for more information.


Book Details:

Title: Grace and Guts: Strategies for Living a Knock-out Life
Release date: January 22, 2019
Paperback: 145 pages
Publisher: Morgan James Faith
ISBN-10: 1642790451; ISBN-13: 978-1642790450
Categories: Christian Living, Self-help, Personal Growth, Relationships

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Author says a divided, polarized Congress can be fixed by an

Article already present in the U.S. Constitution

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Harrisonburg, VA − In her new book, “Restoring America’s Soul: Advancing Timeless Conservative Principles in a Wayward Culture,” attorney, author and radio personality Rita Dunaway says that when Congress becomes out-of-control, and no longer represents what the American people stand for, there is a solution. And, she says, now may be the time for it, as politics become seemingly more important than legislation with a divided Congress.

“Article V of the Constitution contains a powerful way for the states to ‘check and balance’ the power of the federal government by proposing constitutional amendments,” says Dunaway. “But this process has never been used before. So it’s really no wonder that the balance of power is so out of whack. We see the federal government, which is supposed to be a government of limited, specific, enumerated powers, regulating almost every area of our lives. And we know this is not how it was meant to be. The Article V convention for proposing amendments provides a positive, proactive, constitutional way for us to restore Washington D.C. to its proper, limited role in America.”

With “Restoring America’s Soul,” Dunaway offers those who consider themselves conservatives a way forward that involves better articulating their views on a host of issues including abortion, caring for the poor, traditional marriage and other cultural issues. But she also makes a solid case that a Convention of States is a necessity, and that people should become educated about what it entails.

“The biggest misconception about the Convention of States is that it is some kind of a re-write of the Constitution, where delegates can just go and do whatever they want,” Dunaway explains. “That is absolutely incorrect. America actually has a very rich history of interstate conventions, and this is the history our Founders drew upon when they provided this Article V convention process in the Constitution as a way for the states to bypass Congress to propose needed amendments. The convention delegates are legally bound to the instructions they are given by the state legislatures that send them to the convention, and even then, the only power the state delegations have at this meeting is to ‘propose’ constitutional amendments that comply with the agenda for the convention and with their state’s instructions. Proposals must then be ratified by 38 states in order to be added to the Constitution.”

Dunaway says the biggest obstacle preventing a Convention of States from happening is ignorance or fear of the process.

“People hear rumors of ‘runaway conventions’ and rogue delegates, and they go cower in fear. If they would just look at the actual history that is readily available, if they would just read the cases in which the Supreme Court has interpreted and applied aspects of Article V, they would see that there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s a meeting. A meeting where state delegations make proposals on a defined topic. Opponents to the Convention of States have absolutely nothing but rumor and unsupported allegations to offer. We need people to operate on the basis of facts, logic, and evidence.”

In “Restoring America’s Soul,” Dunaway says that placing value on the rule of law should not be a Republican or Democrat issue. It should be something all Americans embrace.

“America exists because our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to secure for us the blessings of liberty and the right of self-governance. They left us Article V’s convention process to ensure that we would have a final defense against federal tyranny. If our generation is so frozen in fear that we lack the modicum of courage required to hold a meeting, then we are simply unworthy of our heritage. I am not ready to believe that.”

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About Rita Dunaway:

Rita Dunaway is a constitutional attorney and serves as the National Legislative Strategist for the Convention of States Project. She co-hosts the radio show “Crossroads: Where Faith and Culture Meet” which airs in over a dozen counties in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. She is a syndicated columnist whose weekly commentaries appear both online and in print publications. She has also contributed to  TheBlaze.com as well as other news websites. She encourages state legislators to use their constitutional authority to restore the robust federal system designed by the Constitution. Visit  www.RitaMDunaway.com

For more information on “Restoring America’s Soul” click here

“Everyone who calls themselves a ‘conservative’ must read this book. I haven’t read a simpler, clearer description of conservatism or a better indictment of the forces that are trying to destroy the ideas that make America great.”
—Jim DeMint, former U.S. Senator

“The prescriptions outlined in Restoring America’s Soul are just what the doctor ordered for the beleaguered conservative movement.”
—Tom Coburn, former U.S. Senator