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Published:  February 6th, 2012
Publisher:  Champagne Book Group
Genre:  Fantasy
Content Warning:  Minor violence
Recommended Age:  12+

Title: The Dark Lady

Series:  The Dark Lady Series #1

Author:   R.J. Hore

 photo The-Dark-Lady.jpgYoung Princess Nefasti wakes to discover her father, the King, poisoned and her mother near death. As she is the sole heiress to the ancient high kingdom of Vadio, the king’s three brothers begin to plot and quarrel over who will become Regent and control the kingdom until she comes of age, or dies. Their solution is to marry her off. If this trio were not enough of a problem, the greedy surrounding kingdoms all want to gobble Vadio up, and their ambassadors scurry through the castle plotting and scheming.
Princess Nefasti has two main goals: to survive, and to discover who is responsible for the death of her parents.
Title: Dark Days
Series:  The Dark Lady Series #2
Author:   R.J. Hore
 photo Dark-Days.jpgYoung Queen Nefasti’s hold on her throne is tenuous. Her powerful neighbor to the west has declared war, and her other neighbors want something in return for their offered aid, such as her hand in marriage and her kingdom. Assassins lurk in the shadows while handsome suitors try to bribe her with gold and jewels. Her best friend and protector is leaving and one of her favorite ladies-in-waiting is threatening to commit suicide. Could anything else go wrong?
Title: Dark Knights
Series:  The Dark Lady Series #3
Author:   R.J. Hore
 photo Dark-Knights.pngIt has happened at last. Queen Nefasti’s friends are deserting her on all sides, treachery threatens from inside her own castle, and an invasion led by an old and angry acquaintance is knocking at the very gates to the Kingdom of Vadio. Dark Magic has stirred up things best left alone. Nefasti has been given a final choice, marry The Lord High Protector’s son, or suffer dire consequences. All of this threatens to ruin her 16th birthday celebrations, and probably end her life.
About the Author:
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Ron can be found sailing on Lake Winnipeg when he not writing novels or critiquing for an on-line magazine. He won a national short story contest for a ghostly love story but his preference is for longer works. Writing as R.J.Hore his medieval-style fantasy novels include the completed Dark Lady Trilogy, and The Queen’s Pawn, which may also turn into a trilogy. Knights Bridge is a novella in the same style, but a bit darker. Ron also writes a series of novella-length fantasy detective tales, six published so far. These are available in print collections: the Housetrap Chronicles Volume 1 and 2. All his novels and novellas are available as ebooks with most of the novel-length now in print as well.
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Feed Your Imagination with Fantasy


Feed Your Imagination with Fantasy

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Rita Bay

Graeme Brown

L.T. Getty

R.J. Hore

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Finding-EveTitle:  Finding Eve

Author:  Rita Bay

Published:  September 2013

Publisher:   Champagne Book Group

Word Count:  28,000

Genre: Shape-shifter Paranormal

Content Warning:  Adult content

Recommended Age:  18+



Nicholas Lyons, chief physician to the Lyons clan of shape-shifters, has mourned the death of his promised lifemate until a rogue shapeshifter reports having seen her at an exotic animal sale. Accompanied by Marie Lyons who is no stranger to the dark side, her new lifemate Anthony, and the imperious Lady Bat, he embarks on a frantic search for Eve through the dangerous world of exotic animal trafficking.

Eve, whose first memories are of recovering from an injury at an isolated animal refuge, has lived through a succession of owners in a world filled with cages and cruelty. When Eve meets Marie at the exotic animal sale, she begins to have flashes of a different life – a life in which she was something other than feline. Her last sale, however, has landed her as prey to exotic animal hunters and the clock is ticking.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads

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It is my pleasure to interview Rita Bay today. Welcome, Ms. Bay, to Room With Books. Hi, Patricia. Thanks for interviewing me. I usually go by Rita, if you’re comfortable with that.

Rita, would you please describe Finding Eve in 5 (five) words.

Returning home can be difficult.

What inspired the idea of Finding Eve?

Finding Eve is the second story in the Lyons Tales trilogy. While I was writing Into the Lyons Den, I realized I liked the characters too much to say goodbye. I created a common event that disrupted Marie’s and Eve’s lives – an attack on a family by another family inspired by jealousy and greed. Marie wandered off the mountain as an orphaned child with no memory of her family or her ability to shape shift. (Her story is told in Into the Lyons Den.) Eve suffered a head injury in her cat form and ended up in the exotic animals trade (Finding Eve). In the final story which is my current work in progress, Marie and Eve and their lifemate join with the People’s security chief to combat a danger that threatens the existence of the People and humanity.

When you start writing, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

I’m a plotter. When I get a “what if” idea for a story, I write it up and put it in a folder. Over a year or so, I allow the story, characters, and conflicts to develop, making notes throughout. When I sit down to write, I already know the story’s plot by chapter and scene. Sometimes the best-laid plots develop a bit differently than I expect. If a character or event becomes more prominent than I planned, I say go for it. Spontaneity definitely has a place in my writing.

And do you ever have arguments with your characters? If you do, who usually wins?

Some characters evolve differently than what I’ve planned, but that’s okay. If something doesn’t work out, I’m willing to reconsider the direction of the plot or story. Usually, however, I follow the plan, though it’s often covered with my scribblings when the story is finished. As for snitty characters who complain, they can behave or write their own story.

What do you dread or enjoy the most about writing?

I love writing. Creating a story from nothing is such a pleasure. I can’t think of anything I dread about it. I wish I had more time to devote to my writing. Submissions, however, are different critters. I don’t do failure well, but I’ve been fortunate so far. I also don’t like those long waits between submitting and receiving a response.

What is something about you, Rita, which your readers would be surprised to know?

Don’t know that it’s a surprise, but I’m a Gemini. Conflicted, if you fight it. Multi-dimensional, if you go with it. Daughter is a Gemini also. YAY! Husband is a Capricorn. OOPS!

What is one of your favorite quotes?

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”  I’m talking Kurgan in Highlander or Queen in Gimme the Prize (a Highlander theme song), not Neil Young or Kurt Kobain’s suicide note. Life is about living, not sitting around existing or polluting your brain. I love adventure and embracing life. So many people say “I’ll do what I really want after I _______________ FILL IN THE BLANK.” A BIG mistake, in my opinion. Just saying. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

What was it that prompted you to begin writing?

I’m from a family of storytellers.  As kids, we would sit and listen to the stories and gossip tales of the adults. I did a lot of technical and grant writing as part of my job. It was an easy – and welcome – shift to combine storytelling and technical writing to create my stories of adventure and romance.

Is there special music that inspires your writing?

Not especially, I actually do my best writing at night surrounded by silence.

What are you working on right now?

My current work in progress, the final story in the Lyons’ Tales trilogy, is tentatively titled The Alpha’s Prey. Cynthia Lyons, chief of security for the Lyons’ Clan, has dedicated her life to protecting the People. She’s watched her fellow warriors find their lifemates, bond, and raise their kits. While rescuing Eve and helping her find her past, she meets Dam who is not of the People and definitely not an acceptable mate. Dam, however, is far more like her than she thinks. Together, the couple must join with their families to confront an enemy from the distant past to protect the People, the Pack, and humanity.

Fun Facts:

What is your favorite breakfast? A pecan waffle from IHop. How often do I have one? Less than once a year. They’re packed with useless carbs.

What is your favorite color? I prefer dark colors. Since black is not a color but the absence of color, I’d have to go with very dark brown.

What is the last thing you Googled? King Tut’s death mask actually belonged to Nefertiti?  I love history and whenever I hear something unusual, I always check it out.

What is your guilty pleasure? Every day, I read about the news in archaeology and paleontology. It takes a chunk of time out of my day, but I’m addicted.

What is the first thing you reach for when you are stressed? Depends on the stressor. Someone breaking into my house, I reach for my pistol or shotgun. Just about everything else, I reach for carbs of the useless sort.

Where can your loyal readers, both old and new, find you on the World Wide Web?

I love maintaining my website/blog, In addition to my books, blurbs, and excerpts, I post random bits of historical and cultural trivia that you won’t find anywhere. I also have a Freebie page for readers and authors. Readers who visit my webpage ( can comment to win ebooks of the Lyons’ Tales that I’m giving away each week of our book tour.

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I have just finished Finding Eve by Rita Bay.  I am incredibly impressed with the writing, the characters and the story. I do wish I had read the first book, Into the Lyon’s Den, before reading this just for the full back  story.

Finding Eve is full of intrigue, mystery and romance. Excellent writing by Rita and I hope this series continues and we can find out more about Cynthia and several of the others in Finding Eve.

I recommend this for lovers of shifter books.  I give this book a roaring

3D 5 Gold Stars

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © April 21, 2014

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About the Author:

Rita-BayRita’s journey began on the Gulf Coast. Over the years, she lived and/or traveled in the eastern US and Western Europe. While juggling family and work, she participated in archaeological digs, earned a black belt in Shotokan karate, prospected for gold and crystals, camped across Europe, and volunteered with the American Red Cross Disaster and Education Services. Rita has worked as a registered nurse, educator and school system administrator. She lives with her family on the Gulf Coast, except when she’s in Atlanta, at least for now.

Rita is published in multiple genres with several publishers including paranormal and erotic novellas (Champagne Book Group – Champagne Books and Carnal Passions), historical novels (Siren BookStrand), and contemporary F/M and M/M novellas (Secret Cravings). She posts random bits of historical trivia about western history and culture on Rita Bay’s Blog at

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Website

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The-PactTitle:  The Pact

Author:  Graeme Brown

Published:  May 2013

Publisher:  Champagne Book Group

Word Count:   17,000

Genre:  Dark Epic Fantasy

Recommended Age:  12+



Enter the world of Will Lesterall, a boy who’s grown up in the safety of his father’s castle.

Tales of the outside world ruled by warring kings and creatures of nightmare have never seemed a threat, yet on the night celebrating two hundred years of the sacred Pact that has kept Fort Lesterall safe, intrigues ripen, and in the course of a few hours Will is confronted with a choice greater than he can comprehend.

Join an unlikely hero as destiny pulls him into the middle of an ancient conflict between fallen gods and ambitious women, one that demands blood, both holy and wicked, and the power of an ancient fire bound in steel. As swords clash below a watching wood, hope and betrayal war as fiercely as fear and valor.

Whether he lives or dies, Will Lesterall will never be the same.

Amazon | GoodReads

About the Author:

Graeme-BrownGraeme Brown has been enchanted by the epic fantasy genre since he was a child, and consequently he started creating his own world with its stories at the age of thirteen. Influenced by writers like J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, and George R. R. Martin, he has finally brought the first of those stories to life with his debut title, a short story called The Pact—48 pages that will whisk you away to a dark, medieval fantasy world with gritty realism. When he’s not writing, he can be found exploring number theory problems or writing computer programs, training for a marathon, or unwinding in a yoga hot room. He has also explored other facets of art, both as a hobby and a profession, including vector graphics, pen and ink, classical piano, and web design. He just finished writing the first of many sequels to The Pact, A Thousand Roads.

Amazon Author Page | Twitter | GoodReads | Website

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Tower-of-ObsidianTitle:   Tower of Obsidian

Author:  L. T. Getty

Published:  February 2013

Publisher:  Champagne Book Group

Word Count:  115,000

Genre:  Epic Fantasy

Content Warning:  Minor Violence

Recommended Age:  13+



When Kale mac Tadhg is betrayed by his Lord’s men, he is sent on an impossible quest: slay a witch in a tower, and end a people’s curse. Both Kale’s best friend and brother-in-arms Aaron Smithson and former betrothed Aoife of Westgate set out to rescue him, but their journey takes them into the uncharted waters and Northwestern Nordic colonies, to a land cursed and all but forgotten. They begin to realize that there is some truth to old legends. Kale’s rescue comes at a price—for by the time Aaron and Aoife know where to search, like so many before him, Kale is bound to the ancient tower’s fate.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads

About the Author:

LT-Getty-PicL.T. Getty started writing her first novel in junior high, and hasn’t really stopped since. She’s studied kendo, is an open water scuba diver, and has recently taken up archery, and hopes to learn to do it horseback some day. When she’s not writing, she works as a paramedic. When she is writing, it tends to be rather cheeky.

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | GoodReads | Blog

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The-Queens-PawnTitle:  The Queen’s Pawn

Author:   R. J. Hore

Published: April 2013

Publisher:  Champagne Book Group

Word Count: 91,000

Genre:  Medieval Fantasy

Recommended Age:  13+



Young Harow just wanted to stay on the farm for the rest of his life, but his mother insisted he go to school in the City to study to be a priest. Now the City is in flames and he is racing across unfamiliar countryside trying to get the mysterious and sensuous Queen Reginee and her extremely annoying and very spoiled daughter Desiree-Rose to safety.

Of course there is a rebel army on their heels, black wizardry afoot, and sundry and dangerous creatures and villains, monstrous and common, seductive and evil, lurking along the way. If this were not enough for the youth to worry about, the Queen’s amorous chambermaid and bodyguard Mathilde, a smallish giantess, just wants to get him alone.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | GoodReads

About the Author:

Ronald-HoreRon can be found sailing on Lake Winnipeg when not writing novels or critiquing for an on-line magazine He won first prize for a Canadian Authors Association short story contest for a ghostly love story, but his preference is for longer works including a recent trio of medieval-style fantasies and the Housetrap Chronicles fantasy detective series through . Supervised by his understanding wife and a large demanding cat, most of his writing efforts continue toward fantasy, with occasional lapses into science fiction and horror.

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | GoodReads | Website

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