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Welcome Back, Jack

By Liam Sweeny

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller

About the Book

When Jack was six years old, his parents were brutally slain by a serial killer. The police later found drifter Clyde Colsen driving a stolen car, his clothes soaked in blood. He was tried, convicted and executed. Jack grew up knowing that they got the guy.

Now, Jack, a decorated homicide detective in New Rhodes, arrives at the third crime scene of the “South End Killer” murders and finds his name. He will soon find out something else: Thirty years ago, they got the wrong guy. And now the right guy’s come back to pay Jack and New Rhodes his bloody respects.

As Jack struggles to stay on the case, his cat-and-mouse with the killer makes him wonder if he’s the cat or the mouse. His family, and everyone in his life is fair game. As the killer escalates and threatens the entire city, Jack has a question he must answer in his desperation; can he stop the monster without becoming one?



The floodlights poured out of the open door, revealing moving shadows, empty bodybags and the vacuum darting in and out of view.

A portly guy, bald on top, wearing a dirt-streaked cardigan and khakis was seated in a recliner facing the wall opposite the front door with his arms on the armrests, calm-looking, serene and posed. Matthew Mason.

He was staring blankly ahead, cloudy eyes glazed over and frozen by the hole in his forehead. Medium caliber, by the look of the entrance wound. Jack donned his gloves and went to roll the head and look at the exit wound.

“He’s patched up back there, Jack,” the M.E. said. “Let me get him off the chair and on the floor, best I can. I’m just guessing a .38, something like that.”

Jack nodded and picked up a framed picture from the stand by the chair. A hiking scene in the mountains, the Adirondacks, maybe. Jagged rock face behind them, flanked by smoother slopes farther off.

They had backpacks and walking sticks, and they must have been high up. Dad had them gathered in his arms, and they were all smiling.

The daughter had an exhilarated look on her face. Her eyes were lit up, her cheeks flushed. Jack flipped the picture over and popped open the frame. On the bottom, “Kyla’s B-Day!—Mt. Marcy” was written in blue ink.

“They looked happy,” Gamble said.

“She’s about Paul’s age in this pic.”

“It’s a damn shame. Come over here, check this out.”

Gamble led him to an office area on the other side of the room, just a desk with a jungle of paper surrounding a laptop.

Gamble rifled through a stack of papers. “Receipts from Second Chance, Helping Hands of New Rhodes, the Red Cross, Salvation Army…”

Jack scanned through other pages, receipts and placed them back on the desk gently.

“I wish this asshole had a ‘type.’”

“I don’t know, but we’d best get into the kitchen. They want to bag the two in there.”

“Sheila and Kyla Mason.”

“What about ’em?” Eddie said.

“In the kitchen.” Jack pointed to the picture. “They have names, Eddie.”

“Jeez, sorry?”

“Nah, forget about it,” Jack said. “Tired, I guess. Had a nightmare, and woke up to


The real nightmare was in the kitchen. They found the two women; he’d have to say “women” because of their hair length and bone structure. At least that’s what he could figure out from what he saw. There were no clothes, no skin below the hair-lines. They looked like pictures of the muscular system he’d seen in doctors’ offices.

Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Welcome Back, Jack from Liam Sweeny in exchange for an honest review.

Let me first apologize to Mr. Sweeny and Sage’s Blog Tours for the lateness of my review. The advent of electronic calendars is not yet my friend.

It was my pleasure to read Welcome Back, Jack by Liam Sweeny and to offer my opinion of his work, although pleasure isn’t a word I would exactly associate with this novel! Welcome Back, Jack is categorized as a mystery, thriller but I would definitely call this one a psychological thriller!

And what a thriller it is! I started reading late in the day and I couldn’t stop until I had read through to the final page! Mr. Sweeny’s riveting storyline caught my attention with action from the first page and kept me ensnared all the way through. Mr. Sweeny developed the story with an abundance detail, which was at times very disturbing, I might add.

The characters in Welcome Back, Jack were written with a great complexity that had me in the novel right along with them. It was difficult to pull myself out of the book and I felt incredibly drained by the end.

I’m quite certain that you have, no doubt, deduced for yourself that I thoroughly enjoyed Welcome Back, Jack by Liam Sweeny. I highly recommend you read this book for yourself and leave your thoughts in the form of a review!

I give Welcome Back, Jack by Liam Sweeny five steaming hot cups of Room With Books coffee!



© October 11, 2015

Patricia, Room With Books


About the Author

LiamLiam Sweeny has worn many hats in his life. In addition to being a writer for ten years, he has been an artist, musician, grassroots campaign staffer and spent four years in disaster response, both in leadership and in the field.

It was in the field in New Orleans that Sweeny got his start as a writer. Hurricane Katrina, and his role in the relief effort, fueled his early writing, where he began in sci-fi/fantasy before transitioning into crime, mystery and noir.

As a crime writer, Sweeny’s work has appeared in many publications, such as Thuglit, All Due Respect, Near to the Knuckle, Shotgun Honey and others. You can find out more at www.liamsweeny.com.

Connect with the Author

Facebook: www.facebook.com/liamsweeny

Twitter: www.twitter.com/LiamSweeny

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1PKiaOs

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1FpWdnj


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Detox Your Soul Book Tour

Detox Your Soul

By Tamar House


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Genre: Christian based self-help


About the Book

Freeing your soul from all the negative stuff in your life is an exhilarating experience. It’s amazing what a positive mindset can do! In your life journey, challenges and mistakes are going to happen, but you need to realize how these issues are simply the stepping stones to the “good life”. This book will not only teach you how to overcome obstacles, but to renovate your soul. When you are finished, you will have the tools to give your mind, body, and spirit a complete overhaul. It’s time to make better choices. It’s time to live that wonderful life you dream of. It’s time you focus on the YOU that God intended you to be. It’s time to DETOX YOUR SOUL!!!

Detox Your Soul - COVER




Book Review

My review of Detox Your Soul by Tamar House will appear here later today.


Patricia, Room With Books



About the Author

Tamar - Blue Author Pic 2013Tamar House grew up on the other side of the tracks.  She was born in Lancaster, California and spent her early life in the slumlords. Straight from the school of hard knocks, she has been through it all.  Abandoned by her biological father, lived in a drug-infested neighborhood, molested as a child, raped as an adolescent, ran with the gangs as a teenager, and divorced in her early twenties, she felt that God was out to punish her.  She was broken and abused and she struggled as a single mom.  She met her current husband, Ryan, in 2010 and he brought her back to the Christian church.  She accepted the Lord back into her life weeks after they met and she began focusing on all of the wonderful blessings she has in her life.  She decided to rid her soul of all the negativity that encompassed every ounce of her being, and started on her journey to true happiness.  She began encouraging her friends and co-workers to live life focused on being caring and loving, instead of anger and resentment.  People started to notice this change in Tamar, and saw that by changing your attitude, it could change your life.  She has created a following on social media and now her friends all look up to the motivational posts she has to offer.  She wants everyone to have the wonderful life God intended for us all.  She is now happily married with four beautiful children, is a successful Realtor, owns a property management company, sells body alkalizing and balancing products, and spent two years writing this book “Detox Your Soul”.  She hopes you enjoy it as much as she did writing it.  This book will renovate your mind, body and spirit.

Connect with the Author

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/detoxyoursoul

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Detox_your_soul

Website:  www.DetoxYourSoul.net

App for iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/soul-detox/id733097087?mt=8

App for Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_souldetox.layout&hl=en

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1FyP3HR

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1QckphX

Overcoming Anxiety Book Blitz

Overcoming Anxiety

By David Berndt, PhD


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Genre: Mental Health, Self-help


About the Book

The good news is that anxiety can be overcome without relying on medication. Psychologist David Berndt, Ph.D., in Overcoming Anxiety outlines several self-help methods for relief for anxiety and worry. In clear simple language and a conversational style. Dr. Berndt shares with the reader powerful step by step proven techniques for anxiety management.

You will learn:

  • A Self-hypnosis grounding technique in the Ericksonian tradition.
  • Box Breathing, Seven Eleven and similar breathing techniques for anxiety relief.
  • How to stop or interrupt toxic thoughts that keep you locked in anxiety.
  • How to harness and utilize your worries, so they work for you.
  • Relief from anxiety through desensitization and exposure therapy.

Designed to be used alone as self-help or in conjunction with professional treatment Dr. Berndt draws upon his experience as a clinician and academic researcher to give accessible help to the reader who wants to understand and manage their anxiety.


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What Others are Saying

“Dr. Berndt is a creative and forward-thinking psychologist who has contributed to advancing psychology both with his research and clinical practice. He has helped countless patients with their depression and anxiety, and his conversational and accessible style of writing makes Overcoming Anxiety a book you would want for your top shelf.” – Charles Kaiser, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the College of Charleston


About the Author


Author pix

David J. Berndt, Ph.D. was an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Chicago where he published or presented over 80 papers and articles before establishing a private practice. Dr Berndt currently lives in Charleston, S.C. where he also teaches in an adjunct capacity at the College of Charleston. He is best known for his psychological tests TheMultiscore Depression Inventory, and the Multiscore Depression Inventory for Children, both from Western Psychological Services. He also contributes to several psychology websites including www.psychologyknowledge.com.

Connect with the Author

Website: http://psychologyknowledge.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/authorfriendly

Facebook: https://facebook.com/DavidJohnBerndt

Blog: http://authorfriendly.wordpress.com


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Eyes of Payne Book Tour

Eyes of Payne

By Anthony D. Flores


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Genre: Alternative History

Pub Date: March 26th, 2015

Publisher: John Galt Publishing


Eyes of Payne-ebook


About the Book

Jack Payne discovers who he really is through the painful events of 9/11.

September 11th, 2001, chaos and confusion were ignited shortly after the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Three thousand miles away Jack Payne went about his day as usual. Jack was unaware of the horrific events taking place in New York City, unaware of how these acts of terror would change his life. Unaware that his wife, Catherine, was a passenger on United Airline flight 175.

Once Jack learns about the attacks, his world is turned upside down. Secrets are exposed, a threatening bomb plot is uncovered, and Jack begins to understand his true calling. But his biggest concern is his six-year-old daughter.

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He sat down on the couch and watched the coverage of the attacks on 9/11. Sitting in his living room, on the other side of the country New York and Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania seemed a world away. But the people, the idea that his wife was out there somewhere, the nightmare of families from every corner of the United States, was sitting right next to him.

It was just past nine in the morning on September 11th, 2001, and Jack’s heart stopped when he heard there was breaking news. United Airlines Flight 175 was the plane that hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. It hadn’t been announced yet, but he knew Catherine Payne was on it.


Book Review

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy Eyes of Payne from Anthony D. Flores in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

It is my privilege to read Eyes of Payne by Anthony D. Flores.  Though a very short story, Eyes of Payne is filled with an almost incomparable measure of emotion.

Mr. Flores took me back to that atrocious day with his vivid writing and the raging emotions of Jack Payne as he tried to grasp the reality of losing his wife in the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings by the cowards that hit us without warning that day. I felt Jack’s need for revenge as it flowed through his mind much as the whispers of the wind.

Eyes of Payne ended rather brusquely and that left my emotions somewhat afloat, but I am looking forward to reading Lazarus Rising and confirming once again that Mr. Flores is able to reach inside and pull feelings from deep inside me.

I highly recommend Eyes of Payne by Anthony D. Flores and give it five scalding hot cups of Room With Books coffee.



© July 24, 2015

Patricia, Room With Books



About the Author



Anthony D. Flores lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife, youngest daughter, and two dogs. Born and raised in California, he moved to the beautiful Black Hills in 2004. He dreamed as a kid about becoming a teacher and writer. In 2006, he went back to college to make those dreams come true. Anthony earned his degree in Writing and Literature from Union Institute & University before attending Black Hills State University to achieve his teaching credentials. Currently he teaches 8th grade Social Studies and Writing at St. Thomas More Middle School. Lazarus Rising fulfills the other half of his dream and is his debut novel. In March of 2015, he released a prequel short story to Lazarus Rising titled, “Eyes of Payne.” He spends his down time in the summer studying American history, reading historical and science fiction, and writing his next book.

Connect with the Author

Author page on Amazon

Facebook ~~ Twitter


Also by this Author


Lazarus Rising

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The Frailty of Things Book Tour

The Frailty of Things

By Tamsen Schultz

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Genre: Romantic Suspense


About the Book

TFOT Final Cover

Independence. Kit Forrester is a woman who wears her independence like armor. Despite keeping secrets and hiding her past, she’s built a life she loves and is accountable to no one. Until, that is, one of the world’s most wanted war criminals sets his sights on her and she must weigh the risk to one against the chance of justice and closure for many—a decision Kit couldn’t make on her own even if she wanted to.

Certainty. As a man who makes his living in the shadows of governments and wars, certainty isn’t a part of Garret Cantona’s vocabulary, and he’s just fine with that. But when Kit walks into his life, he realizes he’s never before been so sure about anything or anyone. Suddenly, he finds he’s looking at the world, his world, in a different light. And now that he is, he’s determined to protect it, and her, in whatever ways he can.

Frailty. No one knows better than Kit and Garret that an appreciation for what is, or what was, or what might be, can be born from the uncertainty and fragility of life. But when a hunt for a killer leaves Garret no choice but to throw Kit back into her broken and damaged past, even his unshakable faith in what they have together might not be enough to keep it from shattering into a million pieces.


About the Author

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Tamsen Schultz is the author of several romantic suspense novels and  American Kin (a short story published in Line Zero Magazine).  In addition to being a writer, she has a background in the field of international conflict resolution,  has co-founded a non-profit, and currently works in corporate America. Like most lawyers, she spends a  disproportionate amount of time thinking (and writing) about what it might be like to do  something else. She lives in Northern California in a house full of males including her husband, two sons, four cats, a dog, and a gender-neutral, but well-stocked, wine rack.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamsenSchultz

Twitter: @tamsenschultz

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Tamsen-Schultz/e/B009NVIEGO

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/tamsens

Website: www.tamsenschultz.com



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