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Thank you so much for hosting me so I may share some information impacting every American’s healthcare and quality of life. It’s about government-imposed rules rapidly constricting opioid prescribing, completely negating their use in most cases.

I am angry at this immoral interference in opioid prescribing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  the Veterans Administration (VA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). I can’t stand the iatrogenic suffering inflicted therefrom on the millions rapidly tapered to too-low-doses of opioids, or suddenly cold-turkeyed altogether and even suiciding. I hunkered down to research and write my book to help those suffering millions get their opioids restored and to free hundreds of innocent physicians imprisoned for daring to prescribe the best analgesics known to control pain safely. As an R.N., once sole Charge Nurse in the ICU at New York City’s University Hospital, I intimately dealt with post-op pain as patients recovered from surgical anesthesia. On other wards—Neurology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, and Urology—I cared for hundreds of patients with varied pain conditions who also required narcotics like morphine, codeine, dilaudid, and meperidine. I know pain as a nurse caring for suffering others, and as a seven-year-old suffering burns and subsequent keloid-removal surgeries at age ten.  

Horrendous suffering is inflicted by agencies threatening opioid-prescribing clinicians, ordering one-size-fits-all low 90MME (morphine milligram equivalents)—as if these Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) police and Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors studied medicine at the academy and in law school. I discuss all this in my new book, American AGONY: The Opioid War Against Patients in Pain, published by Fresh Ink Group. To give you a look at the inflictors of such sufferings, those I call “The Victimizers,” here are some excerpts from Section VII Solutions, Chapter 24 Actions, and Part III End the War Against Patients in Pain:


Defective Detectives: DEA police must be stopped from targeting physicians, from spying on their patients’ records—both Electronic Medical Records and PDMPs (Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs)—from seizing MDs’ assets, and from making phone calls threatening doctors if they don’t lower medically indicated opioid dosages.

Imprudent Jurisprudence: DOJ prosecutors are victimizing innocent physicians and other opioid prescribers across the nation. Their modus operandus? Throw everything, including surgical collodion, at the doctors they’ve targeted for imprisonment to see if anything sticks.  But when a physician won’t agree to bogus lesser charges that require a much lower sentence, DOJ prosecutors charge “conspiracy.” 

Empty of Empathy: The misguided 2016 CDC Guideline developers had the nerve to include anti-opioid zealots from an organization rabidly opposed to any opioid paincare medications whatever. My critique of this fatal document comprises Chapter 7 of American AGONY.

As you read the many personal stories of pain patients; their family caretakers; those who’ve chosen suicide; doctors wrongfully imprisoned; and even physicians who are themselves pain patients, you’ll weep as I have for these American Agony victims. It’s why I can’t shut off my anger until America restores medical practice to physicians only, until pain is treated routinely—as it always has been—with appropriate prescription opioids at dosages individualized for suffering patients’ specific needs, by highly educated medical professionals only.

Thank you again for this opportunity to share vital information on this urgent life-threatening subject.

—Helen Borel, RN, MFA, PhD



Dr. Helen Borel wrote poetry and played piano as a child growing up in two orphanages. She became a registered nurse, then earned her master’s in creative writing. After 18 years as a medical, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical copywriter, she published books, literary criticism, satire, and fiction. She became a doctor in psychoanalytical studies with her own website, PsychDocNYC.com. Always outspoken for the underdog, her intense research is the basis for her passionate expose of government wrongs and the legal rights pain victims must assert. Find her at PsychDocNYC.com and on Twitter: @BorelMedWriter or @PsychDocConnect.

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