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The End Is Near…Or Is It?




American Underground Front CoverU.S. Generals and a famous theologian prove that Christ picked them to clear the way for His Glorious Return. So they set in motion a beatific attack that will fulfill End Times prophecy…

A secret international axis of financial elites rig the Federal Reserve to start another, even more massive bailout. And this time around they intend to achieve their century-long goal of world domination…

In Northern California an underground of radicals, healers and entrepreneurial free-thinkers rebel. They establish a gold standard and attempt to seize their wealth before Wall Street drives them into servitude…

Then one of the financial elites reads Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. He deserts the axis in disgust, joins the rebels and brings a former U.S. President with him…

And when a pair of love-struck teenagers find out about the Generals’ plan, they race to the rebels to try and stop it…

Will America plunge into war as the axis takes over?

Or can the rebels strike back?


The world was supposed to end on December 21st, 2012. It was also supposed to end on May 21st, 2011. And on April 17th, 2008. The end of the world has been publicly proclaimed over 200 times throughout history. And yet, here we are. Despite all of these false prophecies Americans are fascinated by the notion that everything we know will soon be shattered. Extreme political divisions, dangerous global conflicts, changing morals and even extraordinary weather have four in ten Americans, according to a recent survey, convinced that the notorious end is near.

Author Tom Lombardo poses that this kind of thinking is inherently dangerous for the American public. With political views becoming increasingly tied to supposed Christian values, End Times beliefs could have disastrous consequences for our political system and, on a larger scale, the world. In his new novel American Underground, Lombardo introduces this idea through the interactions between American generals and a prophecy scholar. Using examples from explicit Bible verses, the scholar convinces the generals that the end of the world is upon us and that drastic measures are in order to ensure being saved. With delusions of being enlisted in God’s Army, they set out to destroy America’s enemies in the name of the Lord.

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“A little less than half of Americans believe we are living in the Biblical End Times right now,” says Lombardo. “They believe this because they believe the Bible is the Word of God, and they believe the preachers who say they can prove that prophecies in the Book of Amos, Timothy, Ezekiel, and Revelations are coming true right now. They think that God talked to a prophet two thousand years ago about political events happening today. This claim is utterly absurd. But people love it because it enchants the world. Everything becomes more urgent and more intense if you are living in the End Times. This would just be a strange belief system if it weren’t for the fact that people who believe it have risen to the highest levels of power in our government and in corporate America. They think they are supposed to be soldiers for Christ before his Glorious Return. They think anyone who opposes them is an agent of Satan. So not only are they powerful, they are dangerous.”

Major themes in the book include:

  • Rising above oppressive belief systems
  • Questioning the ties between zealous religion and politics
  • The demoralizing impact of government bail-outs for big businesses
  • Oligarchy as an increasingly real threat to our constitutional rights
  • The ability of human beings to change and heal
  • Action-packed and enlightening revolution

In American Underground, Lombardo challenges his readers to question the status quo and to stand up for humanity instead of following unfounded religious crusades. The novel gives the reader characters plotting to create global royalty, idealists developing a new form of political resistance, and a simple love story. The result is an entertaining character-driven thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Guest Blog Post

Tom Lombardo, author of American Underground

Written from the point of view of Lily, the main heroine


In American Underground, Lily deals with her manic-depressive mother, turns eighteen, falls in love for the first time, uncovers a diabolical plot, and races across the country with her boyfriend to try to save the world. Here are her thoughts on the current state of affairs in the United States:

Lily’s Post

You know, I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I’ve been with the rebellion in Northern California for several months now, and we’ve managed to combine the best of both parties into our new way of life. I’m not saying that everyone should do what we do, but I believe the rest of America ought to think about more than just the political posturing that has crippled Congress for so many years now.

This time around we have people who want universal health care because it shows compassion for everyone. That’s cool. And on the other side we have people trying to stop the government from creeping into every aspect of life. That’s also cool.

But it’s all politics. We need to take a step back and look a lot deeper.

Ultimately the problem is about justice. Something like one in five children in America is hungry and without health care. It’s because their parents can’t get good-paying jobs. That’s unjust. So one political group tries to create government programs to help them. But government programs are also unjust, because people who have good jobs end up paying for themselves and a lot of other people as well. So another political group shuts down the government in protest.

Congress will just keep arguing back and forth between these two “solutions” because that’s all they can think of.

But we can solve the problem without them. That’s what we’re doing here, and I believe it’s possible for any community to do it, too. If we wait for Congress to pass the perfect set of laws, we’ll never stop waiting. We need to take matters into our own hands and create the culture we want to live in.

Everything flows from that. In the rebellion we’ve seen a phenomenal reduction in poverty, and we’ve seen a phenomenal rise in health. They’re connected. It’s really amazing.

What we’ve found is that injustice causes depression and lethargy and anger. That leads to all sorts of health problems – like the epidemics of obesity and diabetes in America. If injustice is bad for your health, then justice would help you heal, right?

Right. That’s exactly what we’ve seen happen here. People are hopeful. People believe in the future. We’re not gearing up for Armageddon or some horrible government take-over. We’re committed to the future.

And we didn’t pass a single law to make this happen. We just did it on our own. I’m very proud to be a part of it, and I encourage everyone to think about how they can do the same thing in their own community!


American Underground by Tom Lombardo

American Underground by Tom Lombardo

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Tom_Lombardo_2013_finalTom Lombardo has taught elementary school, programmed web applications, started a software company, worked in the financial sector, advocated for the arts, defended the environment, and, above all else, wrote novel after novel. American Underground is his seventh, and twines Lombardo’s hard-won spiritual and political experience into a fuse for an explosive finale. He now resides in Santa Rosa, California.

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