Monster Mash Book Blitz Countdown Event Storm by Kate Palmer @KatePalmer40


by Kate Palmer

 When cattle rustlers steal Storm’s cattle, two different ranchers offer help. Now Storm is in danger of losing more than her ranch.

Kate Palmer believes in wholesome entertainment. Her books explore characters undergoing tough situations without compromising standards or becoming bitter. She likes the rush of emotions romantic suspense creates and strives to keep it clean. Her love of farm and ranch life shines through her Women of the West Series.

Here are some fun author interview questions!
What other hobbies do you enjoy when you are not writing?
I love running and working in my yard and garden and baking.

A lot of authors I have noticed have music as a way to help with their writing. Is this something that you have used as well? If not what are some things you have used?

I like to play instrumental music while I’m writing. It helps me keep my pace up. There is usually a theme song for each book that I listen to when I’m not writing. It helps me remember the feeling of the book I’m working on at the time. For Storm, it’s Wild Montana Skies by John Denver.

Time for a Snippet!

Boots cleared his throat. “Missing one or two steers in the round up is one thing. Even three or four, but eleven? You’ve worked this ranch long enough to know . . .” Boots let his voice trail off.

“You’re right, Boots. I just can’t let Taggert think he’s right.”

“Even when he is?”

“He’s always poking his nose around here wanting to know just how everything is going.”

“Or how a particular red-head is doing anyway.”

I rolled my eyes. “If he were interested, he would have made some changes years ago when we were both a lot younger.”

“Maybe he tried. You’ve never been the easiest person to get close to.” Boots’ eyes twinkled mischievously.

“I’m independent. If he can’t handle that, he can’t handle the rest of me.”

“A man wants to be needed, trusted.”

“Then he should do something worthy of being trusted, not try and steal my ranch hand’s hours every week. Can you get the water going to the corral? Daylight’s burning while we talk about things we can’t change.” I turned Mystic toward the open pasture.


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