The Codex Release Blitz

July 11, 2015

The Codex:

An Angel’s Guide To Seducing A Human

by Joe Duck


No. of pages – Around 410 (118k words)

Release date – July 11th 2015

Genre – High fantasy

Publisher – Self publishing


About the Book

When a Grimoire, a book capable of summoning a demon is stolen from heaven, Narius, a young and naive angel of knowledge, is chosen to find and destroy the Grimoire as a punishment. Aided by the Codex, a sentient book who constantly provides Narius with unwanted and questionable advice to seduce the fairer sex, the angel travels to the world below his. There, he meets Emily, a greedy sorceress who needs a bit of help dealing with a dragon obsessed with cows…


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The Codex is available ** FREE ** on Amazon for 7/11 to 7/12 via the KDP select.




No matter how hard I pushed with my hands or flapped my wings, I couldn’t pull my butt out of the mud. Instead, the wet dirt sucked at my heavy armor, and I sank further into the muck. I twisted and reached for the roots of an ancient oak tree, only to have them tease my fingertips. Panting, I paused to catch my breath and glanced at the Codex. The blue book, attached to the chain of my belt, was already drowning in the ever swallowing mud. I grasped her leather cover and pulled her out from the sludge. How… how did this happen? I asked.

The Codex whispered inside my head, Well, Narius, when an angel descends from the heavens and meets a storm… the angel loses. Badly.

What… what should we do?

Nothing. We’re screwed, but not in the pleasant way.


About the Author

Joe Duck is a fantasy writer, living in the surprisingly warm land of Canada. He wrote his first book at the age of nineteen to win a bet against his friends that he could scribble together a horrific, yet amusing, story based on a children’s tv show. Ever since then he has been writing. He lives with two dogs who sleeps during the day and runs around the house at night to annoy the neighbors.


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