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The Inheritance

by Morgan K Wyatt




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About the Book

Melody’s work as a hospice nurse both gives her life purpose and rips her heart out when her patients die. Her latest client left her his lakeside home. After years of living in foster homes, Melody seizes the opportunity for a real home.

Her happy residence comes to an abrupt halt when her benefactor’s missing nephew, Levi, shows up. A bomb shattered his leg and life, which left him in need of a safe place to figure out the rest of his life. The will leaves the house to both of them, but only if they cohabit for a year. Otherwise, the house goes to a third party.

Melody detests Levi for never writing or visiting his dying uncle. Levi considers Melody little more than a gold digger similar to his ex-wife. There’s no way he’ll let her have his inheritance.

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He was an attractive man and a young one too. When was the last time she’d met a man under sixty-five? If she didn’t count her former roommate’s fiancé and jerky friend, it had been months. It could be the reason behind her over reaction to a man who was her nemesis. He’s the enemy. Overlook the nice packaging, the strong jaw, the ripped arms, and the attitude. He’s trouble with a capital T. Don’t even let him get near the front door.

Charmer’s ears went up, hearing something, and he dashed in the direction of Levi. The leash slipped out of Melody’s hands as her canine loped across the yard. Would he welcome the man with a lopsided doggy grin or roll over on his back for a belly rub? With her luck, Charmer would deliver the house key. Then again, maybe the lawyer already had.

Her eyes drifted over to the lawyer, hoping Mr. Douglas would enlighten her about the nature of the visit, although she had her suspicions.

Levi’s voice had her attention whipping back to the man. “Hey, what’s the stupid dog doing?”

Her dog balanced on three legs while he hiked the fourth, thoroughly drenching Levi’s leg. Worried he might hurt her dog, she rushed forward, knelt beside the dog, and wrapped her arms protectively around his body. “Please don’t hurt him. He’s old and already has enough trouble walking with his arthritis.” Her eyes searched Levi’s face. Would he take out his anger on her instead?


About the Author


Morgan K Wyatt believes in happy endings. When things don’t end well, she holds to the familiar Indian saying: If things don’t work out, then it’s not the end because everything works out in the end. She considers herself living proof after escaping an abusive marriage; she found and married her soul mate. While not every day is sunshine and roses, she writes about the possibility of flowers and chance meetings between strangers.

Her reputation as a plant rescuer has people dropping sick and dying plants at her house, and then speeding off in the night. The magic ingredient that brings the plants back to life is love and Miracl-gro. Morgan would love to hear from you. If you have a name for a character, cute dog pics, or gardening info, even better.

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