The Life and Times of Richard Musto: The True Life Story of a Survival Artist

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Publisher: Roll Your Own Press (April 8, 2014)

Category: Biography, Photography, Literary

Available in: Print, 210 Pages


“Not just your typical biography, it’s a feat for the eyes.”  Told in words and stunning photographs, shot by the famous photographer Michel Delsol!

One third of the proceeds go toward housing for 88 year old Richard Musto.  I hope you can join this tour and help us get the book profitable so Mr. Musto doesn’t have to live on the street again.


Kirkus Reviews – The Best Books of 2013 – Indie

“A winsome character sketch that celebrates a homeless man’s quirky personality and picaresque life story…The result is a heartening lesson on “How to live life in extremis / yet to the fullest.  A romanticized but beguiling saga of one man’s life on the streets.”

“In a city known for its larger-than-life characters, perhaps none boasts a personality as outsized and eccentric as Musto’s”- The New York Daily News

The biography of an 89-year-old man who lives on the streets of New York City, offering a journalistic investigation into the art of survival in America today. Told through an extended narrative poem and more than 50 photographs and original artwork, the book reveals surprising truths about realities of life on the street.

This book would be rated R if it were a movie for profanity and some cross dressing.



To tell the story of Richard Musto through prose and photography is an incredible undertaking. It is told with a great deal of heart and beauty while following Mr. Musto through the gritty streets of New York City.

The Life and Times of Richard Musto: The True Life Story of a Survival Artist is not a book to be undertaken lightly, or to read while distracted. I enjoyed the challenge of learning about Mr. Musto’s life.

I recommend The Life and Times of Richard Musto: The True Life Story of a Survival Artist and give this biography


~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © June 10, 2014


 Joe Lamport met Richard Musto completely by accident. The old man had built a campsite on the street corner down the block from where Joe lives in New York City.

Joe had never seen anyone quite like him, a man of that age living on the streets in a cardboard shack of his own construction. He seemed to be about the age of Joe’s own father, so Joe and his photographer friend Michel Delsol stopped and spoke with him to hear his story.

Two years and countless conversations later, The Life and Times of Richard Musto: The True Life Story of a Survival Artist is the result. This biography of an anonymous man – Lamport explains that Richard literally calls himself “Anmomas” – tells in blank verse and photographs the true life story of a now nearly ninety-year old man who makes his home on the streets of New York City.

Richard is currently in a rooming house in Atlantic City where his rent is paid up through March 1st. If nothing else, we hope sales from the book will be sufficient to cover the cost of his rent for the following months.

A free download of the first two chapters of The Life and Times of Richard Musto is available at


About Author, Joe Lamport:

Joe Lamport is a translator and poet who lives in New York City. His translations of classic Chinese poetry have been published extensively online by The Epoch Times and Brooklyn Rail. He is also the co-founder of the website and newsletter Tang Spirit Network. He has published a chap book of his own poems online and maintains a blog for other work. He is also the author of a novel called Dinkelmann’s Rules.

About Photographer, Michel Delsol:

Michel Delsol’s photography has been shown in solo exhibits at galleries such as the Japanese Information and Cultural Center, of the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC, Kinokuniya in New York and La Gaia Scienza in Venice, Italy as well in many group exhibits in New York. His work has been selected for ‘Le Journal de la Photographie’ and F-Stop magazine.  His portrait work has been commissioned by leading magazines, book and music publishers and major advertisement agencies.  His work has received awards and nominations from the Society of Publication designers, the International B + W Spider awards, PX3 and One Life International photography. Several additional collections of his photographs are available on his web site.



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