The Salty Dog Book Review

The Salty Dog

By Debbie White

The Salty Dog_Debbie White


About the book

Libby and Luke give up the city life to move to a small fishing village along the California coast, where he buys a commercial fishing boat and she runs a café the locals love. The two of them are determined to live out Luke’s dream when an event even Libby couldn’t have prepared for leaves her funding both businesses.  The Salty Dog is about a strong, independent woman, who when faced with hard times, never gives up – even in love.

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Jackson turned the truck into a circular driveway that ended in front of a beautiful ranch-style home. Libby couldn’t help but be in awe of the majestic home. Jackson came around to the passenger side of the truck and opened the door. He reached his hand out to her, and she took it. As she stood staring at the beautiful structure before her, Jackson retrieved her bag and Harley from the back. “Come on, I can’t wait for you to see the inside and meet my staff,” he said.



The Salty Dog is a beautiful story of love and life, then how bad things can happen and how to grab onto life when a new opportunity presents itself.

It’s a wonderful, quick read that lead my emotions all over. Libby and Luke are charming and warm characters. It’s easy to fall in love with their love. It was just a quick to fall in love with the quaint seaside town of Bodega and all it offered that wasn’t part of city life.

Debbie White draws upon the charming seaside life, finding enjoyable friends and building upon a dream.  She writes with such feeling that I stepped into Libby’s world. I was able to feel her pain, her confusion, and ultimately her joy.

The Salty Dog is a marvelously sweet story that reminds us all the blush of love can happen any time, and anywhere.

I highly recommend it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Debbie White is an extraordinary writer and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work.

3D 5 Gold Stars

~ Patricia, Room With Books ~ © Sep 26, 2014


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About the author


I write easy to read romance novellas that are great for taking to the beach, reading while traveling, or to help relax after a long busy day. My books feature independent, strong women who in the midst of finding themselves sometimes endure tragedy, but always strive to enjoy life to the fullest. I avidly support animal rescue, and happily donate a percentage of my book sales to local shelters and animal rescue organizations. I have two adorable rescue dachshunds, Dash and Brair – you’ll see pictures of them on my website.


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    1. Thank you. I hope if you read it, you’ll enjoy it. I wanted to write about strong women. So many books have them weak at the knees and falling into bed with the first guy they meet.

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