11 September 2014

Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper Name Before the Masses Tour

Three Black Boys:

Tomorrow After Supper

by Zangba Thomson

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MEDIA KIT 3_Black_Boys_COVERTeenagers spring into dangerous action to obtain financial aid for a woman who has only a month to live. The setting is Queens, N.Y., home to Babita Harris, an Indian immigrant plagued with the deadly black fever disease. With a couple of months to live, Babita only hope of survival is a costly liver transplant. But with no health insurance, the chance of a surgery is slim. What she needs is a quarter of a million dollars in cash. Barnes, her only son, along with his two friends, Demus and Baker, spring into dangerous action to get the money. Although their road is paved with good intentions, the brothers in arms will experience more than they have ever experienced before.

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Three-Black-Boys-Tomorrow-Supper/dp/0615843603/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1402669283&sr=8-1

Barnes and Nobles: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/three-black-boys-zangba-thomson/1117532544?ean=9780615949062

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Ego, a creative God, sees the gardeners’ departure as an opportunity to do his dirty work. He wind surfs down below the clouds and lands between two rows of cosmic trees. He walks on dried leaves while reading the names of the cosmic trees as he passes by them. “At last,” he says with a giant smile, after finding what he is looking for, “the Melatonin cosmic tree. The main ingredient I need to permanently destroy their human creation.” Out the corner of his eye, he sees a fountain flowing with miracle water. Unable to resist the temptation, he makes his way over to the fountain, and drinks enough water to satisfy his thirst. “Damn, this is good water,” he says before pulling out a small metallic container from his waistband. He fills the container with miracle water, closes the lid, and inserts the container back inside his waistband. He walks back over to the Melatonin cosmic tree and tries to uproot it, but his efforts are in vain. He closes his eyes to mediate, and a short while later, the color of his aura changes from light gray to dark red. Now, much more powerful than before, he tries again to uproot the cosmic tree and succeeds.

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It is my pleasure to welcome Zangba Thomson, author of Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper, to Room With Books.

Please tell me about Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper?

Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper is about three teenagers that spring into dangerous action to obtain financial aid for an uninsured Indian immigrant—who desperately needs a liver transplant to stay alive. The boys go on a dangerous mission to obtain the quarter of a million dollars needed for the woman’s surgery, but subsequently, little do they know that they will encounter huge obstacles and experience more than they have ever experienced before.

What inspired you to write it?

Three Black Boys originally started as a Hip-Hop song, and people who heard the record were always asking me, “What’s the story behind the boys’ robbery attempt?” At that time—I couldn’t give them an answer because there wasn’t any answer to give. One day I decided to record a song about three black boys robbing a grocery store. The story behind why they commit the robbery wasn’t even a thought at that time. But to make a long story short—I answered their intriguing question when I adapted the three-minute-song into the short story—Three Black Boys: The Authorized Version, which later evolved into the novel—Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper. It wasn’t easy adapting a hip-hop song into a full-length novel, because if you really think about it—my starting point would most likely be the ending scene in most writers’ stories. Even Kirkus, who did the review for Three Black Boys: The Authorized Version, was impressed that I was able to write my way out of a bad situation—and they wrote, “But Thomson amazingly manages to tack on a happy ending after the unbridled bloodshed!” If that’s not inspiring—I don’t know what is.

When you start writing a new novel, do you outline the story or do your characters dictate what will happen?

I would say a little bit of both. Initially, I try to envision the entire story—from beginning to end, and while I’m writing, if any new idea surfaces, and that idea reinforces my original thought, then I insert that new idea into the story. But, I try my best to follow the game plan, which is—sticking to my original idea.

Do you ever have arguments with your characters and who usually wins?

I can’t say I remember a time when that has happened because I’m usually the one telling them what to do. LOL

What is something about you that your readers would be surprised to know?

I am a vegetarian and I’ve been a vegan going on 4 years now.

If you could write with any other author—who would it be and why?

If Donald Goines was still alive—I believe he and I would have been the dynamic writing duo. He was a brilliant author; the way he painted pictures with words—simply amazing!

When you were little, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up and why?

Growing up, I wanted to be a songwriter, so I wrote everywhere I went, and when I ran out of paper—I wrote my lyrical ideas down on anything I could find or get my hands on. Writing rhymes was my hobby—before I even knew what I wanted to become.

When did you decide to write and what prompted you to start?

At an early age, I would say around 10 or 11, I use to draw a lot and write poetry. And going into my teenage years—when Hip-Hop was on the rise, I took a very special liking to the music of Boogie Down Production, a Hip-Hop group that was originally composed of KRS-One, D-Nice, and DJ Scott La Rock. KRS-One’s lyrical ability impressed me so much that I started writing my own rap lyrics, which eventually evolved into songs. And shortly after that, a rapper named Kool G Rap rhymed about a Street Lit author named Donald Goines—who in my humble opinion is one of the greatest storytellers in literary fiction, and after reading my first Donald Goines’ book—which was Black Gangster, a whole new literary world opened up to me, and I knew from that point moving forward—I wanted to become a professional writer, and ever since then—I’ve been honing my craft.

What music inspires your writing?

I would definitely say Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B Soul, African and Blues music sung or played by conscious geniuses.

Fun Facts:

What is your favorite breakfast? Usually I drink my breakfast, and my favorite juicer recipe is ¼ of a papaya, mixed with strawberries, pieces of mango and Kale greens. That vibrant mixture usually gets my brain up and running, and then I go jogging.  

What is your favorite color? Blue, and all the different shades of blue—from (A) Air Force Blue all the way down to (Z) Zaffre Blue.

What is your favorite movie? I would definitely say Coming To America. I am a huge fan of Eddie Murphy; he’s a really dope actor and I can relate to his character—Prince Akeem, who was an African prince that went to Queens, New York, to find a wife that he could respect for her intelligence and will. I feel Prince Akeem and I are brothers from another mother.

What is your dream car? Around 2850 B.C., there was an intergalactic aircraft used by the GODS called—The Divine Storm Bird, which had a wingspan of about seventy-five feet. I would love to own a Range Rover compatible version of that aircraft. Imagine its extraterrestrial technology—solar powered by the sun in the daytime, and lunar powered by the moon at night; and if I wanted to—at the press of a button, the vehicle can transform into an aircraft and I can travel at the speed of light throughout the galaxies.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes! I want to end this Q&A session with Mel Blanc’s famous catchphrase, “That’s All Folks!” And I want to thank Patricia & Room With Books for hosting this wonderful event. I want to give thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions for organizing this magnificent “Virtual Name Before the Masses Tour” for Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper.

PEACE and always remember that (P) Positive, (E) Energy, (A) Always, (C) Creates, (E) Elevation.

Thank you, Zangba, for taking time to chat with us at Room With Books and for allowing me to take part in your tour.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

MEDIA KIT ZangbaThomson

Zangba Thomson is the Creative Director at BME LLC, the author of Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper, co-author of Do Right Do Good (a self-help guide book towards vision fulfillment and entrepreneurship), a recording artist, and New York Life Coach Examiner. Zangba balances his career and family time on the scale of hard work and dedication, and his main areas of focus include his real life experiences, metaphysics, and spirituality. Zangba’s work reinforces the basic idea that goals are fulfilled when right decisions are made.

Please visit his website at www.zangbathomson.com.

Social Media:

Blog: http://www.examiner.com/user/5407421/1792266/subscribe

Twitter: http://twitter.com/zangbathomson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iLikeZangba

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1903880.Zangba_Thomson

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Zangba will be awarding a print copy of Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper or a Bong Mines Clothing T-shirt (winner’s choice) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. (US ONLY)

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Room With Books encourages readers to follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found by clicking on the tour banner below.

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