9 December 2014

Unscripted Release Day


By Christy Pastore


Date of Publication: December 9th 2014



About the Book

“His gaze on me was intense, I couldn’t look away. I felt as if I was revealing my entire soul to him in this moment.”

The range of emotions I had experienced with Ronan felt like a topsy-turvy spinning roller coaster. Suddenly I was awake for the first time in what felt like years. Every fiber of my being was filled with heated desire, passion, lust and fear, and all I wanted was more… more of everything, more of him. How had I just lived these past few years only going through the motions? But, as glorious as all of this was, was I kidding myself? Could it be real? Or just a moment in time – a few days of thrilling and scary excitement rolled into one? The moment before you hit that first big drop on your favorite coaster, you fall, and then it’s over.

This isn’t your typical Hollywood fairy tale where the typecast ordinary girl next door meets the famous handsome actor and they fall in love. Despite the emotional and physical scars that serve as reminders of Holliday Prescott’s past, she has evolved into a strong young woman. Ronan Connolly has loved and lost, but he’s never been in love. The weight of Hollywood’s expectations and the scripted games people play have left him bruised but not broken.

He’s always followed everyone else’s script and she wrote her own. That was until fate swept in with other plans.

MATURE CONTENT  – This story contains sexually explicit material and is intended for mature individuals over the age of eighteen.


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From Chapter Nine

The sleek black limo arrived at the gala just in time so that Ronan could walk the red carpet. He asked if I was ready to be photographed on his arm, and I declined. I honestly didn’t think it was a good idea. He understood, but I could tell that a twinge of disappointment rushed over him.

“I have a surprise for you tonight,” he said, smiling warmly at me while twirling the diamond and platinum bracelet he’d bought for me with his long fingers.

“What is it?” I giggled.

“Mr. Connolly, sir, they’re ready to take you to the red carpet now,” Dean’s husky voice said over the intercom.

“Okay, I’m ready. Open the door in ten.” Brushing the back of his hand over my cheek, he kissed me. I gripped his arm as his hands drifted to my neck, deepening our kisses. I gently shoved his shoulder, saying, “You’re going to be late.”

“I’m already late.” He grinned.

He let go of me, and I hurriedly went towards the front of the limo so that no one would see me. Ronan smoothed his tie, the door opened and he stepped out. His PR team quickly ushered him out of the limo and up the steps to the media frenzy. I heard the screams and the chanting of his name which made me anxious and excited all at once. I felt my heart skip a beat when he was swept up in the swarm of photographers, and I could no longer see his gorgeous silhouette.



Q&A with the Author

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

The story for Unscripted was an idea that transpired from a dream. I woke up with this fantastic idea for a story, and I immediately put notes on paper somewhere around two in the morning. The next day I went in to my office, checked my notes and just started typing away. The story flew from my mind so quickly—the whole process was amazing.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

Sometimes getting inspired to write is as simple as talking to one of my fellow author friends or even re-reading some of the story I have written. Music, fashion, pop-culture, film and photography all inspire my writing. Some days, just hovering around Pinterest sparks inspiration. I will see a quote or a picture that sets the wheels of creativity in motion.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

You mean besides staying off social media and just focusing on writing!!?? Sometimes, I think I don’t always let myself go. I have a comfort zone that often times I am afraid to venture out of… then with a few shoves from my most trusted Beta Reader and Editor, I do, and it ends up being great!

What are your current projects? 

So many projects happening! I am in the midst of working on a novella for Fifteen Weekends (my debut novel)… it will be something special for the fans of the series. Earlier this fall, I put together some notes for a sequel to Fifteen Weekends that will be told from Emily’s POV. I know that readers are excited to hear more of her story. I already have five chapters completed for the second book in The Scripted Series.

Tell us about your first book. What would readers find different about the first one and your most recent published work?

My debut novel, Fifteen Weekends was released earlier this year. Simply, it’s a twisty sexy story that follows the lives of three unique women: Ashleigh, Emily and Amanda. Each one is trying to overcome adversity while finding their way. You can expect lots of descriptive details such as fashion, places and spaces. It’s a tale of revenge and forgiveness, of changing and moving on. It’s a real, human romance novel that will make you laugh and keep you guessing.  Fifteen Weekends is told in third person and it is much “tamer” than Unscripted as far as the romance goes—this book is far more erotic.

Does music play any type of role in your writing?

Absolutely! Music is a huge part of my writing. I have playlists for each of the books I have written. Music for me just adds another layer to the story. Most of the songs remind me of a certain scene or just happened to be playing while I wrote the book. Sometimes I will listen to a song over and over for inspiration. Songs from Coldplay, U2, Snow Patrol, The Fray and Blake Shelton all made their way to the playlist for Unscripted.

What books have influenced your life most?

Captivating storytelling is one reason I am big fan of the romantic suspense genre. Sidney Sheldon’s books have stayed with me over the years. There is something hypnotic about his writing. Michael Crichton is an ingenious storyteller, and there is no better example of that than his book, Disclosure.  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn –  what can I say – I loved this book from beginning to end. Gone Girl was such a mind trip, it actually inspired me to write the suspenseful parts in my first book. When an Author can surprise me in more ways that I ever thought, you have found a fan girl for life.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

As a matter of fact, I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with a group of newbie Indie Authors, like myself whom are all trying to navigate through this crazy emotional business. We all support one another—professionally and personally. The bonus is that I’ve developed wonderful friendships with these women— Rachel Blaufeld, TC Matson, Fabiola Francisco, KL Shandwick, Terrie Lyndie, Salem Archer, Susan Ward, Nicky D. White and C J Wells {Christa Gibbs and Jill Syed}.

What is for you the perfect book hero?

I love a man in a suit or one who dresses well…he’ll have a white collar job {that whole commands both the boardroom and bedroom is sexy} or he will be famous… he’ll have a naughty yet playful side… he will be passionate about life and love, most likely he will have an accent, but not always.

When you start a book, do you already have the whole story in your head or is it built progressively?

I usually have the whole story in my head. I definitely have a beginning, middle and end planned out—for Unscripted there were three scenes that ended up making the final cut that were not part of my original script.  And they are good ones.

Tell us something that people would be surprised you know how to do.

The first “vehicle” I learned to drive was a backhoe… haven’t operated one in years, but I’m fairly certain I could still drive one with ease.

Will you write more about these characters?

Absolutely! I love Ronan and Holliday, and I know readers will too!

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kindness and support, you all mean the world to me.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Social media – I am always on Facebook {https://www.facebook.com/ChristyPastoreAuthor}, Instagram {http://instagram.com/christypastore} and Twitter (https://twitter.com/christypastore} . It’s kind of a ridiculous obsession—pretty sure I may need rehab one day. Readers can always chat with me or ask questions. Most likely you’ll find me talking about the hotness that is, Richard Madden or Chris Pine. You can find me on Pinterest too, I’ve created boards for both of my books, complete with character inspiration, items you might find in Holliday’s closet and Ronan’s favorite whiskey brand.



About the Author

Christy PastoreWriter Christy Pastore grew up in the lakeside community of Syracuse, Indiana writing short stories that usually involved characters who loved to travel, had a passion for fashion and were often times swept up in boy crazy crushes. Many of her first stores also dealt with coming of age situations with their best girlfriends.

Christy gave up reading books for several years, disillusioned with the annoying characters and predictable plot lines. Upon the recommendation of a friend, Christy picked up a much buzzed about popular romance novel which reminded her of why reading was such an enjoyable guilty pleasure.

Writing has been a constant in Christy’s life, leading her to create a popular fashion blog, Fashion Wrap Up. This endeavor allowed Christy to have the wonderful experience of working and collaborating with many talented models, designers, makeup artists and photographers in the Fashion Industry. While Pastore still writes about fashion and celebrity style in her spare time, her passion for story development, more specifically creative writing, publishing and content creation has taken her on a new journey and career path: Author.

Her debut novel, Fifteen Weekends will be out May 2014 just in time for you to add it to your summer reading list.

Additionally, Christy enjoys a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a warm cup of coffee, Gummi Bears, traveling and tweeting her thoughts on her favorite TV shows.

Christy and her husband Kevin currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri in the popular Italian Neighborhood, The Hill, with their two lovable dogs and cooler than cool cat.

Connect with the Author

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