Amey loves writing about different places because she grew up moving all around the United States. In her books, she explores the whole world. She is also the author of Baker’s Dozen, a Romantic Suspense Mystery. The Swiss Mishap won a Swoony for 2019’s Best New Adult Contemporary Romance.

She lives with her husband and three children near Austin, TX. Follow her on BookBub @ameyzeigler and sign up for her newsletter at

For the last twelve years, more than half her life, Lainey Peterson has prepared to design, create, and produce quality chocolate bars. But when she discovers her chocolate internship at Switzerland’s prestigious Alpine Foods has been canceled, she vows to do whatever it takes to get to Chocolate. 

Yves Claremont, a young, ambitious department chair, would sacrifice everything to rise to vice president at Alpine Foods and redeem his father’s name. Impressed with Lainey’s resume and charming determination, Yves offers her an internship in his Pet Care department, promising a recommendation for Chocolate if she does well. 

Lainey is drawn to the enigmatic and passionate Yves Claremont. He cannot deny his growing attraction to her. But inter-office relationships are strictly forbidden by Alpine Foods, and a perceptive co-worker, jealous of Yves’ success, will undermine Yves and Lainey any way he can.

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Q&A With the Author:

1.Why do you choose to write romance? Do you write any other genres?
I write romance because I think being in love and falling in love and being loved are the greatest feelings in the world. I love sharing that feeling with others. Romances celebrate love, its complications, its highs and lows. I want to capture it all.

I do write in other genres. I have a romantic suspense/mystery and I’ve submitted a women’s fiction for consideration for publication. But to me there always has to be a relationship. It’s part of life.

2.How long does it take you to write a book, typically?

The first two books I published took me several years to write them because I was still trying to figure out how to tell the story. I have since streamlined my story telling. Now it takes me about a month to write and a few months to revise and edit.

3. Since a lot of romance books show both male and female perspectives, share with us the most difficult thing about writing the perspective of the opposite gender?

I actually prefer to write from the male perspective. (Don’t read too much into that). I like that men are more introspective. I love getting into the minds of my male heroes and find that internal dialogue. I think with men, so much is going on below the surface that they aren’t even aware of, it makes a fun challenge to dig deeper and find those fears, those hidden motives for things.

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I write fast but I revise super slow. 

5. Tell us a bit about a future project you are working on? Do you have any little sneak peeks you can share?

My next publication through The Wild Rose Press will be a novella as part of their Deerbourne Inn series. They chose the setting and each author had to come up with a story. They chose a B&B in Vermont. It’s a sweet story about a writer who meets the literary critic who gave her a scathing review of one of her books.

After that, I have the woman’s fiction about a broken woman, a broken house, a broken neighborhood and a casserole dish to fix them all.

And I’m working on a mystery series set in Monte Carlo.

And ice cream story set in Alaska, A Summer of Sundaes.

And a sequel for my first romantic suspense, called Most Certainly Will Die. A young American woman sleuth, a South African marital artist and a British gambler team up to find a girl who was kidnapped in Scotland.

6. What is the most romantic date you have ever been on? Or, what is your idea of the perfect Valentine Date?

Perfect Valentine’s Date? I’d love to head to the south of France where they grow all the roses for Chanel #5 and breath in the fragrant air. Then stroll hand-in-hand along the Mediterranean Sea. Then munch on a picnic atop of the medieval town of Eze where the cobblestones run up to curved wooden doors. 

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