Valson, EJ: The Nostalgia Effect


The Nostalgia Effect

by E.J. Valson



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Jennifer Nielsen awakens one morning to a life that doesn’t belong to her. Thrown back eight years into a past she doesn’t remember and again married to her ex-husband, she struggles to make sense of the situation. Longing to return to her current life with who she believes is her real husband and children, she seeks out answers — and a way “back” — wherever she can find them. Is she losing her mind? Did her other life ever exist? Or did she actually time travel? And if so, how will she get back and what will be sacrificed?



“I want you to know that there is no one else in this world that I will EVER feel for in the way that I feel about you. I know this seems really sudden considering how long we have known each other, but you need to know this,” I explain.

He looks at me in silence. I can see his younger mind trying to process my words. It is a large proclamation on my part, and I imagine it frightens him in some way. But if I don’t make my way back and I drift away, he will at least know how I feel.

“In every part of my soul, I know that we are supposed to be together. I know that we were supposed to find each other, and I believe that I was put on this earth specifically for you….and you for me. We we born separated, by age, time and distance, but managed to find each other anyway. That is miraculous to me.” I swallow hard to choke back my tears.

My jaw is aching with tension, but I force myself to continue. “No matter what happens, no matter where we end up, I just want you to know, Michael, that I love you. And I can’t ever thank you enough for every gift you ever gave me by being a part of my life.” I think of Stella in that moment. I think of the sacrifices he made to be with me. The life he started with me, and how I selfishly took it for granted. I take a deep breath and exhale completely. There is nothing more to be said and I meant every bit of what I said.


It is my pleasure to feature EJ Valson, author of The Nostalgia Effect, on Room With Books today. I know your schedule gets hectic during a book tour, but if I may, I would like to ask one question to help  your readers understand your writing better.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

EJ: Very simply, the love I have for my husband and the life we have created is what inspired The Nostalgia Effect. And then there was also that re-occurring dream where I would wake up married to one of my exes and my current husband and our daughter were nowhere to be found. Coincidentally, I noticed that after I started writing The Nostalgia Effect those dreams stopped and I haven’t had one in over a year. Odd, right?

By the time I was twenty-five I was divorced and a single mother of a three year-old. Over the next couple of years, I did my best to stay afloat while raising my daughter and working full-time. Even though I had some struggles, I was very lucky to have a great support system and a job that allowed me to go new places, meet new people and experience new things. But through it all, I wasn’t sure I would EVER get the life I have now, though it was exactly what I desired.

I was an over-protective mother and I didn’t ever allow anyone I was dating to meet my daughter. Right before I met my husband, I had come to terms with the fact that I might be on my own for a long time – or maybe forever. I had accepted that I might never get married again or have another child. Sad as it was at such a young age, it was what I believed. When I met my “Michael,” it was entirely unexpected and I initially rejected the possibility of a relationship for various reasons (distance, age, timing). And just so my readers know, most of the book in regards to Michael and Jennifer are real occurrences.

Now I often look back, even when I am stressed or irritated with the day-to-day monotony, and I remember where I was then, before I met my husband, and compare it to where I am now. Am I rich? No. Do I have a big house, fancy cars, and designer shoes? No. But I have love for and from a man who more than exceeded my hopes for a partner to share my life with as well as two beautiful daughters who I couldn’t be any more grateful for. The thought of not having this life frightens me to my core and therefore I was inspired to write a book about it.

The Nostalgia Effect is my tribute to my family, my husband, and those I hold dear. It may be just print and paper, but what it contains is pure and real. It is my gift to them.


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Author EJ

With a passion for writing and a love of books and movies, E.J. Valson channeled her personal experiences and emotions into her first book, The Nostalgia Effect. The tale of a mid-thirties woman, who finds herself thrown back into her past still married to her ex-husband and yearning to get back to the life and love she knew before.

E.J. Valson currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, traveling, watching movies, but mostly spending time with her loved ones.

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