28 October 2014

What Casts the Shadow? Book Tour

What Casts the Shadow?

by Seth Mullins

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About the Book

What Casts the Shadow New

A troubled young rock musician, a mystic mentor, and a generation of lost souls longing for a new voice to emerge from the wilderness…

When an altercation outside of a performance venue nearly proves fatal, Brandon Chane begins to realize how far his life is spinning out of control. His efforts to channel his pain, frustration and thwarted loves into his music may not suffice to save him. Then he meets Saul, a crisis counselor with the soul of an ancient medicine man, and a far-reaching journey of healing – one that may teach him how to steer away from the very edge of the abyss – begins.


An Air of Pilgrimage

Now it was all deepening. We merged with a river born of magic, myth and the dreams of all those who’d gone before us. I turned to my right and saw some violets casting off glints of tiny light like flecks of stardust. All at once, everything in existence was being created in every moment.

“It’s the light that can’t be extinguished!” I shouted. “I understand now!”

It’s easy to say such things when you feel all of Creation communing with you; easy, too, to assume that the other people around you will understand your sense of euphoria. And yet in actual fact Tommy did shout “Yes!” from his place at the vanguard as if he knew exactly what I was talking about.

And just like that, our whole holy pilgrimage south flashed across my inner eyes: the distances, the pockets of heart warmth and of emptiness, the strangers met and the intimacy of the music that we’d ushered in to their stomping grounds. My imagination deified our trusty travelling van, transforming it into an ancient Egyptian Solar Boat that had borne us across the heavens of Vision so that we could spread our gospel of every human being’s Divinity.

About the Author

MEDIA KIT Seth amazonSeth Mullins draws upon the great sweep of human soul-journeying to weave his tales. He’s inspired by music, shamanism, dreams and the mysteries and miracles of our inner life. His greatest love as a writer is for fiction that depicts a journey towards self-awareness in the deepest sense.

“Probably the most valuable thing that I learned throughout my spiritual journey in this life is the importance of trusting in one’s self. Many of our cultural lessons encourage us to ignore or even fear our inner reality. And yet it is this realm that really does hold the answers to all of our questions, and can point the way towards the most fulfilling life experiences possible for us.”

Mr. Mullins has lived in Maine, Connecticut, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont.

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http://www.humanityswayforward.com (Humanity’s Way Forward – my website)

http://frontiersofconsciousness.blogspot.com (The Edge of the Known by Seth Mullins – my blog)

“What Casts the Shadow?”  (The Edge of the Known) on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1rkhffS

My Amazon author page: http://amazon.com/author/sethmullins




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    1. By Seth Mullins on

      Thank you 🙂 This segment is deliberately a bit surreal to reflect the state of mind of the narrator at that moment…

    1. By Seth Mullins on

      It’s a night of reckless adventure in the mountains, the exuberance of a young band out on the road, and moments of mind-expansion. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. By momjane on

    This really sounds like a very sensitive story.

    1. By Seth Mullins on

      Thank you 🙂 It begins in a dark place, and takes a winding road in search of the light, but it’s my hope that this makes the healing journey feel more real. I wanted it to excite people as a dramatic story and yet also be a source of hope and inspiration.

    1. By Seth Mullins on

      Thank you for visiting and commenting! This piece describes part of the band’s night out on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado. It’s a night of wild epiphanies…

    1. By Patricia (Post author) on

      Thank you, Seth. I hope you feel at home and stop by with all your future releases!

      1. By Seth Mullins on

        I did feel very much at home, and would love to come back the next time me and my story “hit the road” 🙂

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