Love, Dianna: Kiss the Enemy



Kiss the Enemy

by Dianna Love



Cover_Kiss the EnemyHer only hope is in the hands of her enemy.

Slye Temp operative Margaux Duke is chasing an international terrorist who murdered the last of her family. But her plans go up in smoke when her agency is in the crosshairs of the dangerous killer, forcing her to turn rogue to protect the only family she has left – her team. This is no time to get involved, especially with an enemy who steps between her and the terrorist she has to stop.

Logan Baklanov has been known by many names in the underbelly of international terrorism and will do whatever it takes to shield those he loves from the treacherous world he lives in. When his brother’s life is in jeopardy, Logan takes on a role that places him at the top of the most-wanted lists of government security agencies in every country. He accepts the no-win situation, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice until a long legged beauty draws the attention of his deadly target and screws Logan’s carefully planned mission.

Margaux and Logan must join forces in a dangerous game to save a major city from a powerful psychopath, but their ruse escalates out of control when the heat smoldering between them threatens to explode.



Margaux gazed around the elegant room, taking in the mundane, wealthy men shopping for an expensive party girl for the night. All of the clients here were middle aged and ordinary.

On the other hand, Dragan’s bodyguard was anything but uninteresting.

He stood off to her right, with Secret-Service-looking eyewear and a coal-black designer suit that had to be custom-tailored to fit shoulders as wide as his.

That was one big man.

Just her flavor, if she had any interest in a taste.

Surprisingly, he still managed to blend into the shadows, motionless as a tiger waiting for his dinner to stroll by. Power rolled off him in silent waves. She couldn’t tell much about his face with that thick, but neat, black beard and his eyes hidden.

Handsome was too simple a word to describe him, too civilized. Like admiring a wolf for its lush coat or a shark for its grace in the water, a woman would find this man attractive in a deadly way.

A woman who enjoyed playing with fire or dancing with lightning.

A woman who was a fool.

Nothing about that man invited sexual banter, which she found even more appealing. No, he was not one to play with and that presented a problem.

Because right now she had to get to Dragan and that bodyguard was her only route.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

AuthorPicNew York Times bestseller Dianna Love once dangled over a hundred feet in the air to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies. She now writes high-octane romantic suspense, thrillers and urban fantasy. Her new Slye Temp romantic suspense series launched its first four books in 2013 to rave reviews and more will follow in 2014. Her books are available in print and ebook.  On the rare days she’s not in her writing cave, Dianna enjoys touring the country on her BMW motorcycle. She lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her motorcycle-instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater critters. Read excerpts of her books at or join her Dianna Love Street Team on Facebook and get in on the fun!

Social Media:


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For other buy links, to read an excerpt, or to purchase an autographed copy, visit the KISS THE ENEMY page on Dianna’s website:—book-4


Giveaway Details:

Dianna will be awarding EITHER the ebook box set of the first 3 Slye Temp OR a signed copy of ONE of the first 4 Slye Temp books. (Print Books are Continental US Only – Amazon/iTunes/Nook ebook equivalent for international) to one randomly drawn commenter at each stop during the tour, and a GRAND PRIZE of Signed copies of all 4 Slye Temp books – LAST CHANCE TO RUN, NOWHERE SAFE, HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR – plus a MONOGRAMMED SLING BACKPACK, and swag pack of surprise goodies. (Continental US only for print books – Amazon/iTunes/Nook 3 ebook box set for international) will be awarded to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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Alexander, Maria K.: Untangle My Heart


NBtM Untangle My Heart Banner copy

Untangle My Heart

by Maria K. Alexander



perf5.000x8.000.inddWhen her marriage ended in tragedy, Kate DiFrancesco rebuilt her life, but has never gotten over the pain of what she lost. Seeking the help of an ex-lover ignites feelings she’s promised never to have again. She’ll need to untangle herself from dangers in her past in order to break the hard shell around her heart.

Edward Weston has a lot to prove, both to his stuffy upper-crust British family, and to  himself. Working alongside Kate, a woman he had a casual relationship with, stirs unexpected feelings. Helping her family makes him realize what he’s missing. For the first time, he wants more than a one-night stand.

When Kate is threatened, Edward must overcome feeling unworthy to protect the woman he loves and fight for the family he never thought he’d have.



“Privacy is a hard thing to find around here, so you may want to lock the door. Especially when you’re wearing only a towel and my sister is on the prowl.”

“I’ll have to remember that,” Edward said, taking a step toward her. “I knew she was smitten, but didn’t think she would be waiting in the room after my shower. I was struggling with a tactful way of getting her out.”

“I’m sure you’re not accustomed to asking a woman to leave your room.”

He gave her an unapologetic grin. “No, usually not.”

“I guess it’s partly my fault. I told her I don’t have any claims to you. Apparently she took that to mean it was open season to pursue you.”

“Yet you stopped by. Why?”

“I wanted to thank you again for your help today. You dropped everything to come and help my family and that means a lot to me.”

He took another step toward her until he stood directly in front of her. “You mean a lot to me. I’d do anything I could to help you.”

She nodded in acknowledgement, not sure she could trust her voice to speak with him all but touching her.

“And you’re wrong about not having a claim on me.”

His hands found their way to her waist. Her heart thumped and she knew she should pull back, wanted to pull back. But his blue-gray eyes held her in a hypnotic state and she couldn’t move.



It is my pleasure to welcome Maria K. Alexander, author of Untangle My Heart, to Room With Books. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

What do you do when you are not writing?

When not writing, I spend the day as a project manager in the Information Technology field. Not a very glamorous job, right? I have a family and juggle balancing writing with the day job, my husband, my kids, my friends. When find the time, I like to do Jazzercise. I also love spending time at the beach, downhill skiing, and occasionally play the piano.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Danielle Steel. Her books were instrumental in me falling in love with the romance genre. I’ve cried many a tear over her finely crafted stories. I’m also fond of Kristin Higgins, Jill Shalvis, Susan Mallery, Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Marie Force, and many more. As a published author, my goal is to engage my readers as completely as these fabulous authors have done.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

I submitted both blind queries to agents in addition to pitching to editors and agents at conferences. For me, the challenge wasn’t so much the actual rejection because I knew the industry and expected this rite of passage. The frustration was not always understanding the “why” of the rejection or getting reasons that seemed easy to fix (i.e. pacing). Or in some cases, feeling like I was so close, yet unable to have someone take a chance on me. I also entered writing contests, which in some cases provided very helpful feedback. In fact, Untangle My Heart won first place in two contests prior to getting published.

Do you ever write in your PJ’s?

My most productive writing time is early in the morning, before the family is awake. I’m writing this blog post in lounge pants and a T-shirt.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

The ability to clone myself so I could be writing while also working the day job. Or be signing at a book fair while the other “me” was at my daughter’s softball game. Oh, and the ability to eat whatever I want and not gain an ounce!

What was your first job?

My family owned a catering business and I used to waitress there. I’ve attended more receptions and heard more renditions of “Celebration” than I’d have thought possible. The hours were often  long but we always had a lot of fun.

What types of books do you write?

I write contemporary romance. Untangle My Heart also has a light suspense secondary theme. I write relatable characters with real problems. My stories focus on the interactions between family, friends, and lovers. It’s important to establish strong connections with the secondary characters. It brings a smile to my face when I receive comments about the secondary characters and a reader’s desire to read their story.

Who’s your main audience?

Readers who like a sexy romance with a deep emotional pull/conflict resulting in a happily-ever-after.

Out of all of your characters, which is your favorite? Why?

Kate from Untangle My Heart was such a fabulous character to write. She’s a fiery Italian who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s much more outspoken than me, which is why I found it fun to write her. She’s sensitive and hides her emotions behind her words. Part of her journey will be overcoming her trust issues, breaking down the walls she built around her heart, and opening her heart to love.

What does your writing schedule look like?

I start early in the morning, usually around 5:30 am, and write until 7:00 or 7:30. I’m not as productive from about 7 on, which is when my daughter comes down to get ready for school. I don’t get back to writing until around 9 at night and try to work until 11. Evening is usually the time when I try and catch up with email and social media. On a good day, I get in 4 hours. On a bad day, it’s only 1 or 2 hours.

Do you use your OWN experiences?

There’s a lot of my family heritage in Untangle My Heart, which I used as the foundation to develop the DiFrancesco family. There are scenes with tender family moments, food, and friendships. One of my favorite scenes is one where Kate is making cookies with a six-year old orphan she’s considering adopting. Lucas is a sweet boy and reminds me of making cookies with my own little guy.

Was it easy to pick the title for your book?

Finding the right title was a challenge. Every title I picked was similar to a title by a well-known author. There was also the added complication since I have multiple books planned in the series. I wanted to create a series name along with the names of the books in the series. Thankfully, I have a wonderful set of women I blog with who were helpful in brainstorming a list until we found one that worked.

Pick one profession you would choose if you were not an author.  Why?

I enjoy being creative. I’ve always thought it would be fun to own a Hallmark store. I enjoy creating displays and opening merchandise. If not that, then I’d like to be a baker and make mouth-watering deserts.

What are you currently working on?

I just completed the sequel to Untangle My Heart, which centers on Kate’s sister, Vicky. Next up will be older brother Nick’s story. I have some plotting to do before I get started but hope to begin over the next couple months.

Any last words?

Thank you for hosting me today. I love to hear from my readers. What’s your favorite story theme (reunion/second chances, secret baby, etc) that you enjoy reading?


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mint chocolate chip

Night owl, or early bird? Early bird

Red, or white wine? White wine

Roller Coasters or Water Rides? Roller Coasters

Swimming in the ocean or a pool? Swimming pool

Candles or spray air fresheners? Candles

Thank you again, Maria, for taking time to stop by Room With Books. I know your readers will appreciate the chance to get to know you!


AUTHOR Bio and Links

MEDIA KIT Headshot - Maria K. Alexander (2)A romantic at heart, Maria K. Alexander spent hours as a young girl getting lost in and wishing to be one of the heroines in the stories she read. Books gave her the ability to go to another world where she loved meeting new characters, learning about their problems, and watching them fall in love.

Maria blogs and shares her writing journey with her critique partners at:

When not writing, Maria loves to read, bake, downhill ski, visit the beach, and watch romantic comedies. Maria lives in New Jersey with her husband and children, and writes in her “spare” time between juggling a full-time job and her kids’ busy schedules.

You can keep in touch with her at:

Web Links


The Violet Femmes Blog:




Amazon Buy Link:


Giveaway Details

Maria will award a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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NBtM Untangle My Heart Book Cover Banner copy

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Carlson, P.M.: Murder is Academic



Murder is Academic

By P.M. Carlson

11497598-vintage-elements-and-borders-set-for-ornate-and-decoration (1)


9781932325232-PerfectMURDER IS ACADEMIC (Maggie Ryan 1968)

An Anthony Award nominee

Vietnam, assassinations and riots. In the spring semester of 1968, a series of brutal attacks draws campus women together to study self-defense and the psychology of rape. Graduate student Mary Beth Nelson struggles to keep the Lords of Death at bay by immersing herself in researching Mayan languages. Her new housemate, Maggie Ryan, has her own secrets. When murder strikes close to home, Maggie investigates with a little help from her friends.



Murder Is Academic treats violation of truth in tandem with assault and rape—true violations of person, mind, and body—and presents a cogent case for the inviolability both of persons and truth. . . . Maggie Ryan, statistician, proves that one can alter, but, in the final analysis, not suppress data, and that is the murder-mystery writer’s dictum. P.M. Carlson has spent time in academia, obviously, but has emerged with not only a healthy attitude toward female scholarship but also toward the necessary inviolability of truth.” — Susan L. Clark, The Armchair Detective


MURDER IS ACADEMIC: Near an upstate New York university, June 1968.

She was dead now, no more threat.  The murderer pushed aside the long dark hair and, very carefully, cut the triangle into the young cheek.  Done.  Now, walk to the car calmly, get in.  Back to the highway, driving coolly,  back in control again.

The Christian conquerors teach that days don’t begin until midnight.  The Maya know that it takes longer to hand over the burdens of time, and that the influence of the incoming god may begin at sunset.  The day known as Monday, June 17, to those who count by the Gregorian calendar was pleasantly breezy, as befitted the Ixil 9 Iiq; but shortly after sunset it became one of the most tragic of Mary Beth’s life.  A Mayan traditionalist might have attributed the change to the coming of that doubly unlucky day, 10 Aqbal.

But it had all begun quite cheerfully.

Maggie had borrowed Sue’s backpack in case Nick needed one for the picnic, and had packed her own and Mary Beth’s with the camp stove and the food.  She hummed lightheartedly as she worked.

“You’re happy to see him, aren’t you?” Mary Beth had said, tightening the top of the salad dressing jar.

“Yes, but that’s only part of it,” Maggie had confessed.  “It’s just good to know that’s behind me.  It was a very bad time, and Nick was there.  But I can see him now and just enjoy the friendship.  The bad memories are there, way in the background, but the good ones are too.  It doesn’t hurt anymore.  It hurt quite a lot for a while.”

 11497598-vintage-elements-and-borders-set-for-ornate-and-decoration (1)


P.M. Carlson taught psychology and statistics at Cornell University before deciding that mystery wrMEDIA KIT  PM Carlson Photoiting was more fun.  She has published twelve mystery novels and over a dozen short stories. Her novels have been nominated for an Edgar Award, a Macavity Award, and twice for Anthony Awards. Two short stories were finalists for Agatha Awards. She edited the Mystery Writers Annual for Mystery Writers of America for several years, and served as president of Sisters in Crime.

Author Website:

Publisher Website:

Buy link (print, Kindle, Nook, other e-books):

MURDER IS ACADEMIC: 2-minute video chat

Personal comments on the background of MURDER IS ACADEMIC

 MEDIA KIT Carlson 5Mysteries

Giveaway Details

One randomly chosen commenter will win a $50 Amazon/BN gift card.

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Seton, Cora: The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire, A Chance Creek Novel




by Cora Seton



Cover_TheCowgirlRopesaBillionaire2500Bella Chatham will lose everything – her veterinary practice, her animal shelter, and even her home – if she can’t find another source of income, fast. So when her best friend signs her up for the hot new reality television show, Can You Beat a Billionaire, Bella accepts the challenge and hopes against hope she can win the ten million dollar prize. If she doesn’t, it’s bye-bye pet clinic and shelter, bye-bye Chance Creek, Montana, and hello to marriage to the billionaire for a year!

Evan Mortimer, billionaire, can’t believe he’s reduced to competing in a television contest to win a wife. Unfortunately, it’s the only foolproof way to secure his position as head of Mortimer Innovations. At least he’ll be able to dump his “spouse” at the end of the year; he’s much too busy to be tied down to a country bumpkin cowgirl.

Bella doesn’t expect her adversary to be handsome – or funny, or compassionate – but Evan’s all three, and he’s proving a tough competitor, too. When they end up sharing a tent – and a sleeping-bag – her body betrays her with a longing so deep it cuts her to the core. Still, this cowgirl must stay strong. If Evan uncovers her secret fears, he’ll use them to win the contest – and then he’ll own her for a year. She’ll be out of luck, out of cash, and stuck being Mrs. Mortimer until he kicks her to the curb. Too bad she can’t decide which is worse – winning the show and losing Evan forever, or losing the show and only being his temporary wife.

Evan can’t believe he’s falling for the one woman who doesn’t want him. This cowgirl’s not impressed by his money, his name, or his inability to sleep in a tent with her for an entire night, but every look and touch she gives him sends his desire through the roof. With a director determined to use his claustrophobia to make him look like a fool, and an adversary so sexy he can hardly see straight, he’ll need all his savvy to come out on top. Too bad he’s going to lose no matter how this show turns out. If he beats Bella, he’ll destroy the first woman he’s ever loved. If he doesn’t beat her, it’s bye-bye Mortimer Innovations.

Will either of them remember in time that it’s not who wins or who loses – it’s how they play the game that really counts?



“We’ll all help out while you’re gone,” Morgan said.

Rob nodded and put an arm around his wife’s waist. “Don’t you worry about a thing. We’ve got your back, Bella.”

“The show’s coordinator is coming in twenty minutes,” Hannah said. “She’ll ask you a lot of questions, go over the paperwork and you’ll have to sign a bunch of forms. Your flight to Canada leaves tonight at seven.”

“Tonight?” Bella squeaked. This was all happening way too fast. “I haven’t even agreed I’ll do the show! And why Canada?”

Hannah bent forward and gripped her face in her hands. “Five million dollars, Bella. Focus on the five million dollars. All you have to do is win a couple of contests. It’s in Canada because it’s located in Jasper National Park—you know they use a new exotic location for each show. Just be grateful you don’t have to fly to Australia.”

“Although Australia would be pretty cool,” Morgan put in. “But Jasper’s great, too. I’ve been there a bunch of times.”

Fine, she was grateful. Not. She couldn’t believe Hannah and Morgan were ganging up on her, and just because Morgan—a  Canadian by birth—vacationed in Jasper, didn’t mean it would be any fun at all to film a reality television show there. In fact, it sounded downright cold. “What if I lose?”

“Uh… you’ll have to…” Hannah held the clipboard in front of her face and mumbled something unintelligible.

“I’ll have to what?” Bella demanded.

Hannah’s face grew red again. “I already agreed to that part—there’s no way to change it now,” she said, lowering the clipboard slowly. “If you lose, you have to marry the billionaire for a year.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links

Cora Seton PhotoCora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle nine years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia.

Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a neglected one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini. Visit to read about new releases, contests and other cool events!

Social Media




Purchase Links


Barnes and Noble:



Giveaway Details

Cora will award a $100 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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Kasak, Melanie: Lady MacBeth


Lady Macbeth Banner

Lady Macbeth: Wyrd Queen of Scotland

by Melanie Karsak

Genre: Fantasy/Alternative History

Release Date: Summer/Fall 2014

Reveal Host: Lady Amber’s Tours

set-of-borders-for-design-913-1483 - Copy (3)

Novel blurb

Lady Macbeth

Something wicked this way comes . . .

Gruoch was born to rule, but long before she becomes Lady Macbeth, ancient forces claim her soul.

Marked by the old gods of Pagan Scotland, Gruoch learns arcane wizardry from the Wyrd Sisters and meets her true love, a druid named Banquo. But when powerful forces play with her fate, Gruoch finds herself married to Macbeth and the reigning Queen of Scotland, for better or worse. Can she fulfill her destiny without blood on her hands?

In this retelling of Shakespeare’s classic work, Lady Macbeth leads readers through an unforgettable tale of magic, love, and inescapable destiny.

set-of-borders-for-design-913-1483 - Copy (3)

Novel Trailer:

set-of-borders-for-design-913-1483 - Copy (3)

About the Author:

MelanieMelanie Karsak grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania and earned a Master’s degree in English from Gannon University. A steampunk connoisseur, white elephant collector, and zombie whisperer, the author currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children. She is an Instructor of English at Eastern Florida State College.










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